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Subaru XV And Impreza Get Rugged, Sporty Makeovers For Tokyo

Friday  22:25,   06 october 2017

The two concept cars will join four other special edition and concept vehicles in Tokyo.The XV will bear the designation "Fun Adventure Concept," and will gain a number of exterior features to beef up its off-road capabilities. The yellow exterior[...]

5 Obscure Supercars From the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Friday  22:21,   06 october 2017

And updates on 3 more rare hypercars.Vanda Electrics[...]

The Chevy Camaro Track concept is a 1LE by another name

Friday  22:21,   06 october 2017

Basically it's a 1LE with an automatic transmission.For the 2017 Geneva auto show, Chevrolet has trotted out a big, green, track-ready Camaro that isn't called a 1LE. It's called the Camaro Track concept. It also has a different graphics package [...]

1964 Dodge Polara Rat Rod Hides Biturbo Hemi Underneath Its Rust

Friday  17:10,   06 october 2017

Garrett and Jesse James have teamed up for the SEMA build.Garrett together with Jame’s Roadster Shop will debut a biturbocharged 1964 Dodge Polara. The short-lived Polara was produced for just 14 years between 1959 and 1973. The build will feature[...]

Toyota Corolla GTI Concept Rumored For Tokyo Debut

Friday  17:01,   06 october 2017

It would join the concept for the new Supra and possibly the an updated version of the S-FR roadster.Not only would the Corolla GTI pack a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with around 250 horsepower (186 kilowatts), but this would also be our[...]

2018 Toyota Century: Meet Japan's new king of old school luxury

Friday  17:00,   06 october 2017

Practically aristocracy in Toyota's home market, this new-generation Century will be shown at this month's Tokyo Motor Show.Set to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, this latest Century limousine may have a certain[...]

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Back From The Future In Revealing Teasers

Thursday  17:10,   05 october 2017

The Evo is going through a drastic transformationIt is a sight to behold, but not necessarily in a good way as seeing a zero-emissions crossover baptized “Evo” is a reality not many people are willing to accept, much like the idea the Eclipse is now [...]

Hyundai Prepares Extreme Santa Fe Sport for 2017 SEMA Show

Thursday  17:10,   05 october 2017

<p>Automaker gives the Santa Fe Sport an off-road-ready makeover</p>Modifications made to the Santa Fe Sport include R1 Concepts six-piston front and four-piston rear big break kit, King coil-over suspension and 2.5-inch Bypass shocks with[...]

Mo’ Leaf: Nissan Reveals More Details about the Leaf NISMO Concept

Wednesday  19:21,   04 october 2017

<p>The hot-looking electric hatch previews a sportier Leaf variant that, rumors say, will reach production before the end of the decade.</p>Notably, the Leaf NISMO concept features a host of handsome exterior additions that spice up the 2018[...]

Chevy Builds Beautiful 1967 Restomod C-10 Pickup For SEMA

Wednesday  16:21,   04 october 2017

It's part of the manufacturer's 100th anniversary truck celebration.Read[...]

Mysterious Lexus Concept To Debut in Tokyo

Tuesday  18:12,   03 october 2017

Color us[...]

Honda Bringing a Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycle to Tokyo Motor Show

Tuesday  18:02,   03 october 2017

<p>No burning gas, and no embarrassing yourself at stop lights.</p>You might remember the self-balancing motorcycle Honda brought to CES earlier this year, but Big Red is apparently taking that idea to the next level. According to[...]

Nissan Prepares Leaf Nismo Concept

Monday  19:23,   02 october 2017

<p>Model will feature red accents, lower ride height</p>The automaker teased the special Nismo concept at the European unveiling of the next-generation Leaf. Although this isn't the first hotted-up Leaf we've seen, the model hints Nissan will[...]

Honda's awesome Urban EV Concept gets sporty follow-up in Tokyo

Monday  17:30,   02 october 2017

Or, how Honda got its groove back.At the Tokyo Motor Show in late October, Honda will unveil the Sports EV Concept, for which it's issued a teaser. The teaser only gives off a little bit of the car's shape. The taillights are pretty similar to the[...]

Suzuki Bringing Pint-Sized Concepts to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Saturday  02:06,   30 september 2017

<p>Small and tall is the game plan for this e-Survivor</p>Here's a bunch of Suzukis we won't see in the U.S. anytime soon—if ever. These new rides are bound for the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, which opens late next[...]