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Highlights from the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals!

Thursday  22:43,   23 november 2017

On the final approach of Chicago’s massive O’Hare Airport sits the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. The massive building is host to what many consider the gathering place for the biggest and coolest indoor shows dedicated[...]

Day Tripper: Paul McCartney’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Heads to Auction

Wednesday  21:07,   22 november 2017
Car and Driver

<p>A rolling testament to Sir Paul’s good taste and to the Fab Four's meteoric rise to fame and fortune.</p>Research Aston Martin's latest models on MSN[...]

1965 Ford-The Boss’s Truck: A Rare Work Truck Turned Rad

Tuesday  22:51,   21 november 2017

A rare work truck turned[...]

The first 1966 Shelby GT350 prototype will be sold at Barrett-Jackson

Monday  22:06,   20 november 2017

It's a piece of Mustang history.The upcoming Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction will feature a number of rare and historic automobiles, not least of which is this 1966 Shelby GT350 Ford Mustang prototype. According to Barrett-Jackson, it's the[...]

This 1952 Chevy Five-Window Got Our Attention Quick

Monday  18:21,   20 november 2017

What is your idea of a sleeper vehicle? For most people, it’s something with impressive performance behind a lowkey façade.What is your idea of a sleeper vehicle? For most people, it's something with impressive performance behind a lowkey faade.[...]

Big-Block C3 Corvette was Rescued from a Long-Term Sleep

Sunday  20:50,   19 november 2017

<p>1971 Big-Block C3 Revives a Dream</p>Growing up in the small, rural farming community of Wantage, New Jersey, Agrafojo was attracted to anything mechanical since he was a youngster. His earliest memories revolve around his dad buying him[...]

By Design: 1929 Mercedes-Benz S Barker Tourer

Friday  00:21,   17 november 2017

<p>Elegance is in the eye of the beholder</p>In this 70th year of Ferrari's existence as an automobile manufacturer, one of the many truly elegant models present surely could have won, but one can never predict what will happen at Pebble[...]

1965 Corvette Coupe Goes From to 250hp/Powerglide to 757hp Rat

Tuesday  19:51,   14 november 2017

This 1965 Corvette Sport Coupe was an unmolested cherry when Randy Collier found it. After a complete rework, the ’65 now has over 757 horsepower.Collier located the low-mile '65 coupe through an ad that had been lingering on the Internet for[...]

Rescue: Basic Carb and Ignition Tweaks Tame a Bucking Shelby Cobra

Monday  21:41,   13 november 2017

Bill Stockdale’s 1967 Cobra Bucks and Jerks at Part Throttle. We’re Gonna Fix It. The Combo Bill Stockdale’s 1967 Shelby Cobra replica is powered by a built Ford 351 Windsor–based motor stroked out to 418 ci. The 10.2:1 engine is equipped with[...]

1974 Ford F-100: The Family Truckster

Monday  21:40,   13 november 2017

This F-100 Had High Expectations To MeetUltimately, what they all wanted was a street-legal, race-capable vehicle that wouldn’t blend in with the rest of them. One in which they could go chase and prerun with the best of them, and then be able to[...]

Driving the Most Perfect '65 Mustang Shelby GT350R

Monday  17:38,   13 november 2017
Road & Track

In 1965, Shelby experimented with an independent rear suspension Mustang GT350R. Now, a group of original Shelby employees have finished the job.There's a famous photo. February 12, 1965, the world's first Shelby Mustang GT350R at Green Valley[...]

The Unlikely Wonders Hiding in a Hungarian Garage

Monday  17:35,   13 november 2017
Road & Track

From a Buick the communist government used in the fifties to an Isuzu pickup from California that somebody labeled a "Shevy," this garage has it all.Of course it helps if you know where to[...]

Meet the DIY mechanics retrofitting classic cars with electric motors

Monday  17:25,   13 november 2017

EV West, a car shop in California, built the world's first electric Ferrari."What sound does daddy's car make?" Michael Bream asked his son, Eli. The two-year-old paused for a moment. "Vroom," he[...]

1956 & 1959 Corvettes Found in Barn … Wait There’s More!

Saturday  02:59,   11 november 2017

1956 and 1959 Corvettes and much more were found in a barn.Bernie, who is 85, requested his last name and address be left out for privacy reasons, has been building cars, as an enthusiast (not a dealer), since he was a teenager back in the[...]

Behind Barn Doors for 50 Years … 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

Thursday  21:52,   09 november 2017

The 1962 fuelie and all the car parts and the neon Chevrolet sign are gone now.&nbsp;Readers contact me about barn finds, but most tips come after a car's purchase and extraction. This one was a "before" tip, the best[...]