Classics This 1939 Chevy Dirt-Track Racer Was Reborn As A Street Car!

22:06  01 december  2017
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F-Body Madness – Super Chevy checks out the 2017 Classic Industries F-Body Nationals – Huge Gallery!

  F-Body Madness – Super Chevy checks out the 2017 Classic Industries F-Body Nationals – Huge Gallery! F-bodies (that would be Camaros and Firebirds for those not hip to the nomenclature) are arguably one of the most iconic cars ever churned out by General Motors. It was Chevrolet's answer to the Mustang and even though we are pretty biased we're convinced it won the pony car wars. Give the car's huge popularity it's no wonder so many clubs and organizations are loyal to the nameplate. But, what was really needed was a venue for likeminded Camaro fanatics to come together. That was the idea behind the Classic Industries F-Body Nationals held this year in Memphis, TN. Yep, an entire event dedicated to all things F-Body.

So when he came across a neglected 1939 Chevy Coupe that had been bobbed and turned into an open-wheel modified dirt track car at some point in its past he just knew he had to have it. Nevertheless, the car needed a lot of work to make it safe to drive on the street .

This is being listed/sold as an antique nostalgia race car . IT Probably could be titled depending on where you live and how much you wanted to change the 1947 2DR Chevy BARN FIND,HOT ROD, RAT ROD , STREET ROD , DIRT TRACK RACER , PARTS.

Many of us have gazed thoughtfully at purpose-built racecars and pondered what it would be like to drive one on the street, but Michael Hunt took it one step further and actually followed through on that crazy idea. Hunt and the guys down at TredWear Tire Letters have always loved racecars and the idea that you could possibly terrorize the streets in one seemed like the ultimate driving experience to them. So when he came across a neglected 1939 Chevy Coupe that had been bobbed and turned into an open-wheel modified dirt track car at some point in its past he just knew he had to have it.

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  This Is What a Century of Chevy Trucks Looks Like <p>Check out a gallery of the Bow Tie's defining models and designs</p>Since then, the Bow Tie has sold 85 million trucks in the last one hundred years, and just launched the Centennial Edition Silverado and Colorado to celebrate that history.

Keith Larson’s dirt track racer on the street , fully licensed and completely legal. Engine bay is all business and the Camaro has complete race car suspension including adjustable corners. Just over 400 hp Chevy easily pushes this lightweight.

RacingJunk Classifieds features & sells race ready 1939 & earlier Chevrolet hot rods. Browse our inventory of Chevrolet street rods today, while they still last! Dirt Track Racing . Huge price reduction 500 firm. 37 Chevy 2 Dr Sedan, steel car with glass fenders and running boards, 350 ..



That was November of 2016, and upon getting the car back home Michael realized the thing was a bit of a basket case just like so many old race cars. Not only was it set up strictly for left-handers, but it had also been cut apart and welded back together countless times. So off the car went to Ozan Chassis Shop—owned by John Alexander—to get it sorted out and ready for street driving. The car already had some pretty good parts on board including tri-five Chevy boxed framerails (a go-to choice for racers at the time the car was first built), Wilwood wide-five hubs on all four corners, a Winters quick-change rearend with a wildly offset center section, a M22 "rock crusher" Muncie four-speed manual, a Woodward power rack and pinion, and a warmed over 283ci small-block Chevy that at least ran half decent. Nevertheless, the car needed a lot of work to make it safe to drive on the street.

The Chevy Camaro Track concept is a 1LE by another name

  The Chevy Camaro Track concept is a 1LE by another name Basically it's a 1LE with an automatic transmission.For the 2017 Geneva auto show, Chevrolet has trotted out a big, green, track-ready Camaro that isn't called a 1LE. It's called the Camaro Track concept. It also has a different graphics package consisting of unique black stripes on the hood and roof. They're paired with a custom "satin green" paint job.

Modern Cars /Trucks/SUVs (1991-present) Motorcycles Mud Racing Muscle and Pony Cars Off-Road Other Racing Items Parts and Dirt Track Racing . 1939 business coupe, it has a chevy 350 / 350 with a 700 R 4 transmission, ford 9" with new 4:11 posi trac rear, front and rear disc power brakes

Chevy coupe dirt track modified one piece body with hood. This resin model / body would require a Hot Rod model kit or Race Car kit for donor parts to finish. Information and kit is available at: Big Donkey Resins.

In order to covert the car from a circle tracker to a well-mannered street machine, the custom multi-link suspension in the rear was ditched for a simpler trailing arm setup, a roomier cage was built on the existing frame to allow for a co-driver, the longer axle tube was exchanged for a Franklin unit that matched the other side, the spool in the differential was exchanged for a limited slip, and the front shock mounts were completely redesigned with a beefy trellis for extra strength. Another major hurdle in getting this car onto the road came from the wide-five hubs and the odd wheel sizes available that made finding the right street tire incredibly difficult, so Michael got creative and designed his own vintage-inspired wheel center sections, had the pieces cut out of 3/16ths plate on a water jet, then welded them into a 20x11 agricultural steel barrels.

003-tarantula-front-end-hella-lights.jpg© Brandan Gillogly 003-tarantula-front-end-hella-lights.jpg

Once the car was on the ground with the top of the tires clearing the engine and front trellis, their fabricator looked at it and jokingly said "It looks like a big spider." And thus the "Tarantula" was born. At that point, it was all about the aesthetics, and to keep from ruining the look of the front end they mounted an aluminum radiator in the rear, added holes in the deck lid with dual electric fans, and ran coolant lines down the length of the frame to the engine. Hella put together a lighting package that fit nicely in the speed holes of the front trellis, which was then wired up with a harness provided by Ron Francis. The interior was left as basic as possible with absolutely no upholstery other than what little was on the racing buckets, some mechanical gauges mounted to the cages front crossbar, and zero additional luxuries.

This Just May be the Baddest 1966 Chevy Nova on the Planet

  This Just May be the Baddest 1966 Chevy Nova on the Planet Not only does Jarod Wenrick’s 1966 Nova make about 1,800 horsepower, but his attention to detail makes this one killer-looking Chevy.Jarod Wenrick's storyline is familiar. His dad was a hot rodder who loved street rods and Jarod helped him build them. That routine was anything but routine. He learned. He saw his dream unfold before him like a map. Unlike so many other kids, he was able to interact with a caring father on a level field, working right alongside him and being consulted, offering his opinion without fear of being rebuffed. Jarod picked a 1951 Ford, personalized it, and finally took it to the dragstrip. What a great way to live.

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Over the years the steel of the body had acquired a good bit of texture as it rusted, but rather than smoothing the sheetmetal to perfection, it was simply painted a two-tone red and white over its rough state. Michael, a graphic designer by trade, then got his brushes out and started painting it by hand. Drawing inspiration from one of his favorite Hot Wheels as a kid, he slapped some arrows on the side, painted the number 3 on the doors, put a giant tarantula on the roof accompanied by the names of the main characters from the movie Cannonball Run, and meticulously painted his sponsor's logos as well as the name of the car on the rear. It looked cool with the fresh paint, but the feeling wasn't quite right so they bravely spray painted over the whole car with different colors. Taking into account where the water would have run down the hood, where the driver's arm might have rested, and where the years of sun could have faded the paint, they hand-rubbed the whole car with Scotchbright, leaving paint from the spray cans in all the dimples of the body and resulting in an incredibly convincing appearance of age.

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  Haularado: Colorado ZR2 Makes Fast Friends With Chevrolet Performance The in-house performance parts unit at Chevrolet turns the Colorado ZR2 into the HAULARADOResearch Chevy's latest models on MSN Autos

Dirt Cars . New to racing ? Racers Guide is dedicated to promoting the sport so it continues to grow and build a stronger and larger fan base. Winged sprint cars have the highest power to weight ratio of any dirt track race car .

Dirt Track Racer . If you want to be a car racer then you need to be as fit as you can be . Though, it is not a requirement, a fit body would ensure that you can last long in the race track.

016-hand-painted-car-name.jpg© Brandan Gillogly 016-hand-painted-car-name.jpg

Michael Hunt and his friends built this one-of-a -kind car in a six-month window and debuted it on the 2017 HOT ROD Power Tour, actually driving it most of the trip with only minor issues. Hunt told us he was absolutely blown away by how well-mannered it was on the street, especially when driving on the interstate for the first time with no issues. The old small-block gave them no trouble on the trip, and even with just 250 horsepower in a 2,200-pound car like this it turned out to be an absolute riot. We've always thought that one of the best parts about old cars is being able to see history and past experience in the imperfections, and while they may not know much about the past of this particular old racecar, they've given it a bright future on the streets beyond the fences it used to race behind.

The Hippy Drag Racer: One Life of a Drag Racer's Collection of Cars .
A few years ago, a friend mentioned a collection of cars he’d heard about sitting in a guy’s yard, south of where I reside.&nbsp;Searching Instagram for cool "Barn Find" pictures, we ran across a picture of the same 1970 Super Bird my friend showed me years ago. After inquiring about it with the young lady named Faith, she confirmed it was indeed the same gentleman's collection. The unfortunate thing was that he'd been battling cancer. I asked her if it would be possible to ask the gentlemen if I could document his collection and hear his story. She did, and, ecstatic that I was interested, he invited me down.

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