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18:26  18 july  2017
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This Beautiful Mexico Blue Porsche Hides An Ugly Past

  This Beautiful Mexico Blue Porsche Hides An Ugly Past When it comes to modifying a Porsche to your particular tastes there is a factor I like to refer to as "while I'm at it syndrome", wherein the affected Porsche owner commits to one project, which brings up half a dozen other projects, each of which instigate further projects, and so on, and so on. In the case of Salomon and Jackie, their 9-month Porsche project headache all began with the seats. It was a pretty standard 911 of the era, and the interior hadn't survived particularly well, so they decided to have the front seats recovered to make it a nicer place to sit. Unfortunately, the seats were now too nice to share interior space with the rest of the car, and the tip of the iceberg had been found. Since then the car has been repainted in Mexicoblau, and had a complete re-trim with all new German leather and vinyl. They'd picked up their 911 from a friend for a bargain, it just meant getting rid of Jackie's BMW. The car was a lackluster black on black Carrera that didn't really stand apart from the crowd, it was a little on the ugly side, so they named it "Helga", which they say is an ugly kind of name (Sorry to any readers named Helga). Sal wanted to do something to help the car look its best, however, and when he saw a modern 911 in Mexico Blue (More likely Riviera Blue, actually, as Porsche hasn't used Mexico since the 1990s) he knew that this was the color he wanted for Helga. If you're in a long-term relationship with your significant other and your Porsche, you'll probably get a kick out of Sal and Jackie, and their story. The way they interact with each other in this video seems instantly familiar, but I couldn't possibly begin to tell you why. This article was originally published on TheDrive.

The Tao of Porsche repair – MultiBriefs Exclusive (blog). 2017.07.10. Porsche Design Selling ,000 Watch Only to Porsche 911 Turbo … Watch This Porsche Cayman GT4 Almost Wreck Trying to Keep Up With a Tesla P90D – The.

This Porsche is getting a new lease on life with a whole lot of rust removal. What Does It Take To Completely Restore A Porsche 964 ? Months of strip down, rust repair , and repaint have been whittled down to this 5-minute recap video, and it's stunning.

You'll never believe how much work is required to revive this old 964 from what could have been career-ending rust cancer. From the beginning, this car looked relatively clean with just a few bubbles in the paint around the windshield, a common rust area for Porsche's famed 900 series. Wanting to get some of that cancer cured, the car's owner took it in for a round of wire-brush-wheel chemotherapy. When the surgeons got in there, it turned out to be much worse than originally thought, and required some serious surgery, including a roof transplant (which they'll discuss more in the future). Dig in and check this video out. The car looks pretty rough, but it's since been completely renovated.

Porsche builds its millionth 911, and it's a beautiful thing

  Porsche builds its millionth 911, and it's a beautiful thing It took 54 years, but it's been worth it.It took Porsche 54 years to produce one million 911 models. It is highly likely that a large number of those are still in one piece, as Porsche says over 70 percent of all 911s made are still "ready to drive today.

Stripe rust spread slowing down, researcher says. Why you should, actually, rewrite it in Rust . On the Road with Rick Holmes: The Rust Belt’s shiny buckle: How Pittsburgh bounced back. Watch This Porsche 964 Get A Proper Rust Repair .

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If your own Porsche is starting to exhibit signs of rust, it's probably a good idea to get it taken care of before it becomes a bigger problem than you really want to deal with. Luckily, our beloved 912E is based in the high deserts of the American west, and doesn't really see wet or snowy weather. In this case, this 964 lives in the northeast and has had a couple decades of driving in that snowy, salty, humid climate, which is why the rust is as bad as it is here. There are a number of ways to help prevent rust from occurring in the first place, or getting worse, including rust prevention sprays and frequent washes, but it's an inevitability in that area of the country. Having grown up in Michigan, we've even seen some cars begin rusting on dealership lots.

If you're particularly sensitive about your Porsche's rust-free nature, perhaps don't watch this video, it'll have you wondering what lurks beneath.

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Watch A Porsche 911 Flat-Six Get Dissected In High Definition .
The Porsche 911 flat-six is an iconic engine. This rear-mounted engine is the heart of probably the most talked about and praised sports car of all time. Let’s watch it get dissected! The people at 911 Magazine produced a video showing what exactly makes the German monster tick. This stop motion video shows a comprehensive teardown of a 911 flat-six in high definition. It’s undoubtedly pretty cool-looking. The attention to detail that engineers at Porsche put into this 3.2 liter version is, plainly, impressive.

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