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Just Listed: 1963 International Harvester Travelall C-1000

Friday  23:21,   22 december 2017

Get in the holiday[...]

1966 Corvette 427/425 Big-Block Without all the Frills

Friday  23:20,   22 december 2017

Have you ever made a decision you should regret but don't?Have you ever made a decision you should regret but don't? That's a rhetorical question obviously, because whatever decision you are thinking of we probably don't want to hear it. In[...]

Porsche Museum Debuts Its Oldest 911, An Original 901

Tuesday  17:36,   19 december 2017

It will be on display beginning this month until April 2018.Porsche will display the candy apple red 911 coupe as part of the special exhibition dubbed "911 (901 No. 57) – A Legend Takes Off." As its numerical designation suggests, it’s one of the[...]

A 1970 Camaro That Was Built To Go Fast And Look Good Doing It

Monday  23:01,   18 december 2017

<p>If he was going to be competitive he needed a whole new plan of action.</p>If he was going to be competitive he needed a whole new plan of action. "I went to the first event in Laguna Seca and was really impressed that there was an event[...]

Neil Young's 1953 Buick Roadmaster Skylark brings $400,000 at auction

Sunday  16:01,   17 december 2017

<p>Old Buicks and little trains. Big money in them it seems.</p>Young, a model train enthusiast for decades, offered more than 230 pieces at Julien's Auctions in Los Angeles from his collection of Lionel trains, including a custom-painted[...]

The tenth Shelby G.T. 350 built was an advanced prototype

Friday  19:24,   15 december 2017

"It came to us in 2014 from a private collector," Dale Spahr tells us. Dale and business partner Tony Conover sell their share of primo Shelbys through their business, Performance Motors of Hanover, Pennsylvania. With 35 years of Shelby[...]

Getting Familiar With The Ford F-150

Friday  19:23,   15 december 2017

Two Ford F-150s are sold in the U.S every minute. Can you beat that, Corolla?More about the history of the F-Series: Ford Pops Champagne To Celebrate 100 Years Of Truck[...]

Junkyard Crawl: Neat Stuff Discovered at the Boneyard

Wednesday  20:23,   13 december 2017

If you're over 50, you'll remember seeing Road Runners, like this 1968 hardtop, in high school parking lots.The beauty of the Road Runner recipe came from its baked-in, standard-issue, heavy duty parts. While comparable GM and Ford muscle[...]

1955 Chevy 210 Sleeper with an Angry Small-Block

Tuesday  23:35,   12 december 2017

Drake Kelley’s old-school 1955 Chevy 210 sleeper is armed with nice custom touches and a healthy small-block.Regular CHP readers might realize this is the third time one of Drake Kelley's old-school tantrums has appeared on these pulpy pages. Two of [...]

The Bug That’s Actually A Buick!

Tuesday  17:01,   12 december 2017

Robert Freeman’s 1959 Beetle takes “buggin-out” to new heights.&nbsp;The diminutive 215 Buick has been a go-to engine for tight engine conversions since the 1960s. Introduced in 1961, it's light weight and 4.24-inch bore spacing combined with 3[...]

The $7,000,000 Mustang

Tuesday  17:01,   12 december 2017

<p>The version before you is an unrestored 1968 Mustang California Special marketed as a GT/CS</p>The version before you is an unrestored 1968 Mustang California Special marketed as a GT/CS. This Lime Gold model was purchased new that year in[...]

Hagerty names classic cars to buy now, before it’s too late

Monday  20:07,   11 december 2017
Motoring Research

Jump on these hot classic cars nowThe company used data from the 2,000-2,500 auto insurance quotes requests it receives daily to identify which cars are the most in demand. “Seventy-two percent of the quotes that are requested from Hagerty come from [...]

Hundreds of ‘Vettes Gather for the Fall 2017 Corvette Expo

Monday  16:38,   11 december 2017

Whether it's a simple wave of the hand, or chatting at the gas station, Corvette owners appreciate each other's cherished machines.The location at the Loudon Municipal Park offers a spacious layout for the car show, swap meet, car corral,[...]

Rarest of the Rare Muscle Cars Unite Under One Roof

Monday  12:07,   11 december 2017

The rarest muscle cars in the world on display at the 2017 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, including the first 1967 Camaro Z/28 ever built.Being the 50th anniversary of the muscle cars from 1967, 13 of the rarest and most significant first-gen[...]

Cruising in Her 1959 Chevy Corvette

Thursday  05:30,   07 december 2017

She wanted a 1959 Chevy Corvette she could drive and enjoy. After a two-year search, followed by a four-year build that’s exactly what she got.She wanted a Corvette, but not just any Corvette, a C1 Corvette. But not just any year C1 Corvette, a 1959 [...]