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Rare Find: 1968 X-Code Fastback Found

Thursday  23:21,   14 june 2018

"They know I like Mustangs and Fords, so they called me," Shane Fowler said. "They know I like Mustangs and Fords, so they called me," Shane Fowler[...]
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Barn Find: 'As New' 49-Mile Buick Grand National

Friday  22:25,   08 june 2018

The seats and steering wheel are still wrapped in plastic, and the paint, in three decades of dust.During this past week, a Buick Grand National with a mere 49 miles logged on its odometer found its way onto Ebay, where bidding has nudged it eerily[...]

Rare Find: Original 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Rally Sport Not Driven Since 1980

Wednesday  09:25,   06 june 2018

The garage door to the suburban home in northern Ohio opened, and we could see a 1969 Z/28 plainly in the double-car garage. "Karl is the guy who owns the car," Michael Lightbourn said. "It was his father's, and he's got the power of[...]

This 1969 Camaro Combines Pro Touring With Supercar Style

Monday  21:10,   04 june 2018

There's more than one way to skin a cat and even more ways to build a '69 Camaro. "I have a [Nissan] GT-R and I wanted kind of the opposite in the Camaro," said Yoder. "I never had a dire urge to have one as a kid, but I started[...]

Full Custom Trans-Am-Powered 1965 Ford Mustang

Sunday  10:50,   03 june 2018

Every shop has that one great customer—that one person who truly enjoys the process of the build and keeps coming back again and again for the next car. Some of the builds stay in the collection, and sometimes they move along to allow room/finances [...]

Abandoned 300SL Gullwing Barn Find Is Worth $1M

Sunday  10:50,   03 june 2018

This Gullwing is the 43rd example built. It hasn't run in over 60 years. It's worth almost seven figures.Bill Warner, founder and chairman of the Amelia Island Concours in Florida, is a close friend to this 300SL's owner, and invited[...]

Just Listed: 1981 BMW M1 #420

Thursday  22:30,   31 may 2018

A Bavarian legend in SwitzerlandWhile the Internet has made it much easier to find desirable classics, many remain hard to find simply because there weren't that many of them in the first place and the current proprietors of the limited supply[...]

Badges and Hood Ornaments from the Fallbrook Car Show

Thursday  19:31,   31 may 2018

Tucked away in Socal wine country, otherwise known as Temecula, is the town of Fallbrook. Every year they have a local car show on the golf course that draws a wide variety of cars from many decades and regions of the world. Domestic muscle cars,[...]

Wagons, Four Doors, and People Movers – Oh My! Huge Gallery from the West Coast Kustoms Cruisin’ Nationals

Thursday  18:30,   31 may 2018

<p>We can't remember the last time we've seen this many sedans turned into true kustoms in one place at one time.</p>We recently put together a gallery about all the wagons, crew cabs, and campers from Viva Las Vegas and you guys[...]

This 1973 Trans Am might just be the Perfect Pontiac

Thursday  02:05,   31 may 2018

Talk to enough car enthusiasts, and there's one common theme that always presents itself: the car they've built holds some sort of strong emotional attachment.Powered[...]

This 1958 Chevy Bel Air is the Best of Both Worlds

Thursday  02:05,   31 may 2018

Looking good while getting the job done makes it the best of both worlds.&nbsp;Creating a purpose-built car is satisfying on many levels because from the outset the vehicle is designed to be driven. Looking good while getting the job done makes[...]

All the Gassers from the Greer Dragway Hot Rod Revival

Wednesday  19:07,   30 may 2018

There are gassers tucked away all over the Carolinas and all it takes to get them out into the sunshine is an excuse. Mike Greer clapped his hands and shook out all the locals with his Southeast Gasser Association Hotrod Revival at the Greer[...]

Buried Bee stuck in an old barn

Friday  19:56,   25 may 2018

Most of our finds come from talking with people at garage sales or small-town parts stores.&nbsp;Such was the case when a friend told us about a Dodge Travco motorhome in a farmer's yard. We got lost on the way to the Travco and stumbled upon a[...]

American Classics at the 2018 Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance

Friday  19:10,   25 may 2018

This Father's Day, treat your dad to a car show that is truly unique, the Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance on June 17th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is the show's 25th year, and takes place right on iconic Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles[...]

Unforgettable 1971 Plymouth Satellite GTX

Friday  08:31,   25 may 2018

A dream motivates many to build a classic hot rod, while for others it's the opportunity to own a car they lusted after earlier in life but couldn't afford at the time.In 1972 Anna Brook was a teenager living in Northwest Indiana. She saved[...]