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How to Buy a Giulia Sprint Speciale, The Most Beautiful Alfa Romeo of All

Monday  23:40,   22 may 2017
Road & Track

Rare, gorgeous, and delightful to drive, the Sprint Speciale is the most elegant way to enjoy about 113 horsepower.It was magnificent: A flying saucer of a body over everything good about Alfas. The SS seemed like something from another world. It[...]

This Matching Porsche 934/5 and VW Bus Make a Perfect Two-Car Garage

Monday  23:35,   22 may 2017
Road & Track

A Porsche vintage racer and a Porsche-powered VW support truck will be the envy of any paddock.Each car is being sold separately, but it'd be a shame to split them up. That said, it seems these two cars weren't paired up at birth, only being painted [...]

Making Tracks: A Land Rover Defender That Glides Over Snow-Covered Backroads

Monday  23:35,   22 may 2017

A Land Rover Defender that glides over snow-covered backroadsMost of the year Paul’s ’02 Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon Country runs on 33-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2s. But when the heavy snows start piling up in the Cascades near his [...]

These Wild Car Mashups Will Mess with Your Taste and Sensibilities

Monday  21:26,   22 may 2017

<p>We’ll take the McLaren/Prius mixup</p>McLaren[...]

International A26; The Lightest I-6 in the Class 8 Truck Market

Monday  19:06,   22 may 2017
Truck Trend

“The Alpha Project” Delivers the Lightest Big-Bore Diesel Engine in the Class 8 Truck MarketInternational’s “Project Alpha” initiative was created to give powertrain engineers a clean slate to work from in an effort to advance the company’s[...]

The Volkswagen Americans Were Never Supposed to Have

Friday  20:42,   19 may 2017
Road & Track

The Type 34 Karmann Ghia wasn't officially sold in the US, yet rumor has it that today, Americans have more of them than any other nation.Luckily, both servicemen and dealers brought thousands of them into the country unofficially (something[...]

Lamborghini Centenario Delivered to First U.S. Customer

Friday  20:09,   19 may 2017
Motor Trend

<p>Limited edition supercar is one of 40</p>Inside, there's black leather and Alcantara upholstery accented by blue stitching and embroidery, as well as a blue center console. Despite the car being extremely exclusive, buyers areable to[...]

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Police Concept Is a Cop's Dream Car

Friday  15:51,   19 may 2017

<p>Catching up to speeders would never be an issue..but the fleet's tire supply would be.</p>Equipped with all the normal patrol car gear like lights, a push bar, steel wheels, decaling, etc, this Dodge Challenger is ready to hit the mean[...]

One family named Speed, one passion, eight Mustangs

Friday  15:06,   19 may 2017

One-trick pony: They only like MustangsFord this morning introduced us to the Speed family - yes, that's their name - and their current stable of eight Mustangs. Here's how the family went all-in on pony cars, and it started with an actual[...]

A 3,000HP Coyote Engine? Find All the Details Here!

Thursday  21:55,   18 may 2017

The performance world changed drastically in 2011 when Ford released its latest Mustang powerplant, the Coyote 5.0.&nbsp;The group at MMR, led by Mark Luton, is not shy in pushing 4.6/5.4 Modular engines with their in-house race cars, so it was[...]

Oshkosh JLTV First Drive Review

Thursday  21:10,   18 may 2017
Motor Trend

<p>Behind the Wheel of America's New Baja-Tuned, Duramax-Powered Humvee Replacement</p>The Oshkosh JLTV, or Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, is currently in low-rate initial production and is designed to replace all Army and Marine Humvees in [...]

Highlights From the 14th Annual Culver City Car Show

Thursday  17:46,   18 may 2017

CULVER CITY, California — Hundreds of classic cars, trucks, hot rods, and a handful of tasty food trucks invaded Veteran’s Memorial Park this past weekend for the 14th Annual Culver City Car Show. The show is organized by the Culver City Exchange[...]

John Cena Wants to Tell You About His 2006 Ford GT

Thursday  17:45,   18 may 2017

It's always fun for car enthusiasts when a celebrity comes out as a gearhead, and the most recent star to call himself a car nut is no different. The latest video by The Bella Twins features WWE champion and actor John Cena, who wants us to[...]

What Happens When You Run an Engine Out of Oil? It Explodes! Wheel of Death, Vol. 1 is Here.

Thursday  17:41,   18 may 2017

Welcome to Wheel of Death, the exciting, new automotive web show where we cover not only when things go well on the dyno, but what happens when they don’t-all in the name of science! Each episode, we give the wheel a spin. The wheel lands on 1 of 4[...]

This 1970s Toyota Corolla Reminds Us Why Old Cars Are Worth Saving

Thursday  17:41,   18 may 2017
Road & Track

When you fix a classic car, you become part of its story.In its day, the third-generation Toyota Corolla wasn't a particularly interesting car. Sure, we now see it as a cool rear-wheel drive coupe, but then, it was simply an economy car. And not[...]