Enthusiasts Watching an 18-Speed Manual Transmission at Work is Intimidating

18:45  04 may  2018
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California Pony Cars’ T5 conversion kit makes light work of a five- speed swap. But stuff a stick through the floorpan and watch your driving pleasure blossom. Changing from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission is intimidating , but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Manual transmissions work on the simple principle of gear ratio. As shown in Fig.3 a different output speed can be achieved by meshing gears of different size.

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Have you ever wondered how 18-wheelers are able to carry 60, 70, and even 80 thousand pounds of cargo somewhat effortlessly down the highway, and sometimes even up steep mountain-side roads? The big and powerful diesel engines hiding under their massive hoods play a big role, but in reality, it's the transmissions that work the real magic.

There are nine different classes of trucks rolling on the road today, but most of the ones you see cruising down the highway with a big rectangular box attached to the back of them are categorized as class eight. Also, depending on their trailer configuration, they usually have a total of 18 tires making contact on the ground, with 10 of them being attached to the actual truck—eight rear and two front.

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Since most Americans don't drive a car with a standard transmission , and driving a car with a manual transmission at slow speeds is more difficult than it is at high speeds , driving a tractor with a manual transmission slowly around your lawn and garden can be pretty intimidating .

Schematic Of Manual Transmission . Explanation of how IT works / is used: Engines provide varying amounts of power at different efficiencies, depending on the speed at which they are turning. The diagram above depicts a five- speed manual transmission .

Class eight trucks are typically equipped with 10-, 13-, and 18-speed manual transmissions. Now, I say manual because they do require a clutch and manual shifting, but much like high-performance racing engines, the clutch is only used to get rolling from a standing start. From that moment on, the shifting is done through a pneumatic system that engages and disengages the clutch based on throttle positioning.

This perfectly narrated and explained video by a professional truck driver shows, operating one of these modern 18-speed transmissions isn't all that difficult, but it surely and positively is very complicated. I won't get into the nitty-gritty of the operation as the actual instructions are better left to the professional on camera, but I'm sure that you will find the level of engineering behind it truly mesmerizing.


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