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The Importance of the World's Only 1983 Corvette

Wednesday  20:05,   11 july 2018

All C4 Corvettes built in 1983 were preproduction models, used for testing and then destroyed. But this one slipped through the cracks.One important aspect of that enthusiasm is that the NCM, unlike similar museums in Stuttgart and elsewhere, is not [...]

Torque Converters Explained

Wednesday  19:02,   11 july 2018

<p>A torque converter is one of those parts where most mechanically minded people know what they do, but may not know how they work.&nbsp;<br></p>One of the more complicated systems of a car with an automatic transmission is the torque[...]

Lister Shows The Massive Brakes Of World’s Fastest SUV

Tuesday  21:20,   10 july 2018

This carbon ceramic brake disc should be able to stop the vehicle from more than 190 mph. Long forgotten exotic automaker Lister returned to the automotive scene with the Jaguar F-Type-based Thunder, revealed in January this year, and the[...]

The Yagalet Sports Car Can Hover On Water When You Run Out Of Road

Tuesday  21:20,   10 july 2018

It works as a traditional car, too. The Russian startup Yagalet has a bizarre, new idea about how to make an amphibious car – turn it into a hovercraft. If a floating sports car isn't odd enough, then Yagalet has some even weirder goals because if[...]

Wild Pro Mod Drag Racing Photo Gallery From the Early 2000s

Tuesday  21:18,   10 july 2018

The photos in this gallery were taken in the first three years of the new millennium at NHRA Pro Mod races within national events at Indianapolis, Englishtown, Atlanta, St. Louis, Dallas, and Gainesville. From 1993-2000, the time period that I did[...]

Rare Grabber Green 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Continues to Race Today, but Its Trans-Am History Is Hazy

Tuesday  21:18,   10 july 2018

Ah, there's nothing like a good mystery to get the investigative juices flowing. Listings New Used New & Used Make Acura Alfa Romeo AMC Aston Martin Audi Avanti Bentley BMW Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Daewoo Daihatsu[...]

The Mid-Engine Ferrari Is Now 50 Years Old

Tuesday  21:17,   10 july 2018

In 1968, a legend hit the road for the first time—the Dino 206 GT.Looking at the Dino today gives us a good reminder of how far the mid-engine Ferrari has come in the last 50 years. Well, 51 years, sort of—the Dino 206 GT debuted in 1967, but it[...]

Icon Launches Classic Bronco Old School Series

Tuesday  21:16,   10 july 2018

Something old + something new = something coolIf you are a big fan of the first-generation Ford Bronco that was made from 1966 to 1977, we have some great news. Icon 4x4 now offers the new Classic Bronco Old School Series, which delivers vintage[...]

Scania DC16; The Evolving V-8 Diesel

Tuesday  21:15,   10 july 2018

Evolving the 16.4L DC16 V-8 to Meet Stringent Emissions StandardsIn the modern-diesel space, simply adding more emissions equipment to an engine to comply with standards is a temporary fix at best. In order to truly meet emissions requirements head[...]

Toyota Supra Race Car First Look: Slowly Rolling out the Supra

Tuesday  21:14,   10 july 2018

Kyle Busch will race this Supra next seasonFor a closer look at the Supra Race Car, we traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, where we gathered around the car inside a wind tunnel. It's essentially a race car with a sticker on it, but we're warned[...]

This 1947 Cadillac Sets The Standard For Excellence

Tuesday  21:13,   10 july 2018

Even before Cadillac was purchased by General Motors to become the company's top-shelf marque, the name symbolized superiority.&nbsp;Even before Cadillac was purchased by General Motors to become the company's top-shelf marque, the name[...]

Drag Racing Photo Gallery from Down Under

Tuesday  21:11,   10 july 2018

Here's a gallery that gives a taste of the thriving drag racing scene in the southern hemisphere.&nbsp;During the month of May, Chevy High Performance was once again privileged to have had the opportunity to venture back to Australia to get[...]

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Spark Plugs

Tuesday  21:02,   10 july 2018

Spark plugs encompass all the technology of more than a ­century of internal-combustion-engine ­development, and many can be bought for about $2 each. Even Nikola Tesla would marvel at[...]

This Warehouse in South Africa Hides a Heaven for Gearheads

Tuesday  20:57,   10 july 2018

Crossley &amp; Webb is a dealership, service shop, detailing center, and hangout spot where enthusiasts can enjoy the one thing they all love: Cars.Founded by Gareth Crossley and Bryan Webb, the business is part car dealership, part storage[...]

Junkyard Gem: 1968 Opel GT

Tuesday  20:56,   10 july 2018

GM's mini-Corvette for Europe, now at the end of its road in Colorado.The layers of body filler, sun-bleached paint, and rust go deep with this[...]