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Deceptively stock, this 1967 Chevelle makes for one sweet sleeper

Saturday  19:59,   21 april 2018

Great works of automotive art typically require two major ingredients. The first is a talented build team. The second is an enthusiastic owner who provides general guidance, trusts his builder's talents, and can afford to see the project through to [...]

Seven Standouts from Barrett-Jackson’s 2018 Palm Beach Sale

Saturday  03:35,   21 april 2018

Some great buys, some head-scratchers.Just like that, the South Florida Fairgrounds are quiet once again. Barrett-Jackson's trademark automotive chaos has subsided for now, leaving a host of lighter wallets and adopted cars now living with happy[...]

This Cute Little East German Truck Has A Higher Payload Rating Than A Ford F-250

Saturday  02:30,   21 april 2018

Ever since spotting a strange, single-passenger pickup with the engine on right side of its cab in Prague, I have been having dreams. Ever since spotting a strange, single-passenger pickup with the engine on right side of its cab in Prague, [...]

This Amazing 1940 Ford Coupe is the New Black

Friday  20:30,   20 april 2018

Larry Cloninger is a full-fledged Ford fan. But despite his dedication to Fords, Larry had never owned a 1940. That all changed a few years ago when he decided to remedy the situation with the street rod you see here. You may have already seen[...]

Finally! A Performance Cylinder Head for Ford Six-Cylinders

Thursday  23:20,   19 april 2018

Since the first Mustangs and Falcons were purchased secondhand, gearheads have been pondering whether to build up the straight-six workhorse economy engines or swap out the six in favor of a V-8. While there is a six-cylinder performance[...]

Discovering Hidden Treasures While Wandering Through One of the Biggest Swap Meets in the Country

Thursday  23:06,   19 april 2018

There's always fun to be had at a swap meet.With more than 56 car clubs in attendance, the AutoFair featured at least 1,152 cars on display. The car corral was also filled with 3,000 cars, but we were most concerned with spotting rare parts and[...]

Family Finds Remains Of Old Daimler Car Buried In Their Yard

Tuesday  02:10,   17 april 2018

When you’re doing a bunch of yardwork, there’s certain things you expect to find . . . what you don’t expect to find are the rusty remnants of a 1949 Daimler Consor.When you’re doing a bunch of yardwork, there’s certain things you expect to find:[...]

Dreamscape: Running supercars up Switzerland's Gotthard Pass

Tuesday  00:00,   17 april 2018

No oncoming traffic, no speed limit. The event's organizers claim that the Gotthard Pass has never before been closed for fun, nor has any other street in Switzerland. The road climbs to 6,909 feet over the Saint-Gotthard Massif in the Alps, tying[...]

How Much Nitrous Can a 5.3L LS Take? We Tried to Find Out.

Monday  20:30,   16 april 2018

There is nothing like a big nitrous backfire to destroy a perfectly good test motor. To find the answer to the nitrous question, we secured a high-mileage 5.3L LM7 from a local LKQ Pick-A-Part, increased the ring gap on the factory[...]

The World's Longest Car Has A Jacuzzi And A Helipad

Monday  18:21,   16 april 2018

Limousines aren’t necessarily known for their subtlety.Limousines aren’t necessarily known for their subtlety, but there’s always going to be someone out there who looks at a ridiculous car and wonder, “how can I make this even more absurd?” That[...]

Six New Cars Come to Forza 7, Also a Honda Odyssey

Friday  23:38,   13 april 2018

For that sweet simulated minivan racing action.Perhaps the weirdest car out of the seven confirmed for Forza's April car pack is a bone stock, unmodified 2018 Honda Odyssey. That's right, totally stock-no 1000-horsepower Bizimoto stuff or Honda[...]

Designer Genes: How Regulations Dictate the Look of New Cars

Friday  21:36,   13 april 2018

Designer Genes: How Regulations Dictate the Look of New Cars Car design is far from a purely aesthetic pursuit. In addition to accommodating all manner of engineering needs, designers must work within tight regulatory constraints. In our[...]

The Rear-Wheel-Drive Audi R8 V10 RWS Is a Bargain at $139,950

Thursday  23:51,   12 april 2018

This new two-wheel-drive variant shaves about $25,000 off the R8 V10's price tag and 110 pounds off its weight.According to MotorTrend, the 2018 R8 V10 RWS will cost $139,950 (including destination fees), saving buyers a sizable chunk of cash[...]

Here's What Those Weird Black Tubes In The Road Are For

Thursday  02:40,   12 april 2018

I’ve been thinking about tubes. Specifically, the weird black tubes that you often find stretched across a roadway. What are those tubes for? What are they tracking? How do they work? The official name for these ominous road snakes is just[...]

Russia's Unstoppable 4x4 Finally Meets Its Match In Texas

Wednesday  03:00,   11 april 2018

More than two years ago we were introduced to the Sherp–a heroically unstoppable 4x4 tractor thing from Russia with 63-inch tires. I sort of figured it would be relegated for official use only. But don’t worry, some mud-bogging boys got ahold of one [...]