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Where Trucks Can't Block All the Lanes

Friday  21:25,   09 june 2017

And it was everything I thought it would be.Well, I’m happy to report that I just spent a week overseas in Europe, traveling through countries that prevent trucks from leaving the slow lane, and that pretty much none of these dire predictions came[...]

2017 vs. 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350: Classic meets modern

Friday  19:11,   09 june 2017

Ever wonder what five decades of technological advancement does to a car? Here's your answer.Back in the 1960s, Ford and Shelby came together to create what is now one of the most iconic classic muscle cars ever, the Shelby GT350. It's been half [...]

It Takes Nine Days to Complete a Ford GT

Friday  19:10,   09 june 2017

The people behind Forza got an inside look at the Ford GT factory. It's more McLaren than Ford.Turn 10 Studio's Alan Hartman, the guy behind all the Forza Motorsport games, actually bought a GT, so Ford gave him an inside look of Multimatic's[...]

Two Promising Boosters For Our Ever-Shrinking Engines - Technologue

Friday  17:50,   09 june 2017


Learn to Drive at Cadillac V-Performance Academy

Thursday  22:15,   08 june 2017

Free with the purchase of a new ATS-V or CTS-V, this two-day driving school teaches you the full capability of your new hot rod Cadillac.He suppressed a grin, and asked which drive mode I was using. Like the Corvette and Camaro, Cadillac sport[...]

History of the Hemi V-8 Engine

Thursday  21:41,   08 june 2017

From Then to[...]

This is the evolution of the race engine

Thursday  18:20,   08 june 2017

We’re still racing the same V-8s (except the Compact and Mod4 classes) topped with carburetors that have been around for decades. Of course, that doesn’t mean our engines are the same. Stock-car racing hasn’t seen very many revolutionary changes in[...]

Sail Through Summer In Mercedes-Benz's $1.8 Million Luxury Speedboat

Thursday  17:18,   08 june 2017

Charging across the Atlantic from Miami to Key West at nearly 100 m.p.h. in a seven-figure, one-off Cigarette Racing/AMG powerboat, you best not turn your head, or the force of the wind passing over the lengthy prow will rip the Ray Bans off your[...]

The New Crow. Justin Shearer's 1970 Pontiac GTO

Wednesday  21:40,   07 june 2017

Losing a first love can be extremely painful. The rebound was better looking and had nicer parts. All the other guys were jealous, but typical of most rebound relationships, Justin's heart wasn't in it. He describes the Crowmod as a tool.[...]

Watch The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon's 840-HP V8 Engine Scream On the Dyno

Wednesday  21:35,   07 june 2017

<p>It had to be factory-tested on a setup originally designed for NASCAR engines.</p>To wring out every last bit of power from the Hellcat's existing 6.2-liter engine, the tiny crack team of FCA SRT engineers worked in near-total secrecy to[...]

$20 Million Hypercar Gathering Is a Symphony of Automotive Music

Wednesday  20:47,   07 june 2017

<p>Stop all productive behavior and watch this video immediately.</p>In the video shot by Carspotter Jeroen, we can see some truly amazing cars. Between the McLaren P1s and a Koenigsegg Agera RS and Agera RS ML, this event isn't falling short[...]

200+ Photos from the 2017 Pro Street Nationals Prove Big Tires and Big Engines Are Here To Stay

Wednesday  20:25,   07 june 2017

Fat Tire cars invade Maryland International Raceway It is safe to say that Pro Street is alive and well. That was evident at the inaugural East Coast Pro Street Nationals, which kicked off at Maryland International Raceway on Memorial Day weekend[...]

Moke Launches New Beach Buggy for U.S.

Wednesday  19:26,   07 june 2017

<p>Retro looks and ride for life in the slow lane</p>Mokes are steel-bodied, sport a retractable soft top, and seats for four people. Although the standard seats are made from black plastic, the manufacturer offers covers as an option. More[...]

You Should Totally Buy This Cherry 1987 BMW 7 Series

Wednesday  18:20,   07 june 2017

A dealer in Rochester, New York is offering a one-owner 1987 BMW 735i with 145,000 miles on Bring a Trailer, at a starting price of just $1,000. With only minor paint chips and oxidization affecting this E23 7 Series, the car still looks gorgeous[...]

AMG's Engine Factory Makes No Mistakes

Wednesday  18:01,   07 june 2017

To have AMG put your name on one of their engines, you need to study for at least 3 years and 9 months. To have it on a Pagani's V12, you need to be called Michael Kübler.Make no mistake, AMG's 577 horsepower Nürburgring slayer offers quite a[...]