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You Love the VW Bus. So Do We.

Friday  21:00,   28 april 2017
Popular Mechanics

The story of a boxy[...]

Here's What It's Like to Drive a Ford Explorer Cop Car

Friday  20:31,   28 april 2017

<p>Watch everyone react with discomfort to the presence of an authority figure.</p>At one point, Mister Regular's passenger-the owner of the vehicle-pulls up a microphone from the radio on the off chance that the driver of the Subaru in front[...]

Long-Range Bull: Driving a 250,000-Mile Lamborghini Murcielago

Friday  05:11,   28 april 2017
Car and Driver

Behind the wheel of the highest-mileage modern Lambo in the worldWhich is why this U.K.-registered Lamborghini Murciélago is a supremely elegant, and extremely orange, riposte to the fetishization of barely used supercars. When we were lucky enough[...]

Check out the collection of Rare Mopars and Chevys in Ryan Cough’s Garage

Wednesday  21:21,   26 april 2017

Ryan Clough been very happy with the cars and parts he has assembled for the personal ‘showcase’ garage he just completed at the near Milford, Delaware. Research Research New Used New & Used Make (e.g. Chevrolet) Model (e.g.[...]

Here's $83 Million Worth of Aston Martins Drifting and Doing Donuts

Wednesday  21:10,   26 april 2017

To celebrate Aston Martin's new production facility in St. Athan, Wales, the British automaker has released a cheeky video chock-full of power slides, donuts, and drifts-all executed in more than $83 million worth of historic Aston sheetmetal.[...]

The Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar Will Have 1020 HP, Four Electric Motors

Wednesday  19:51,   26 april 2017
Road & Track

We'll see it revealed later this year.That's the word from Automobile, which reports that the hypercar's 1020 horsepower comes from a 748-hp internal combustion engine and 408 hp from four (!) electric motors. The Project One will have an[...]

This Has to Be the World's Wildest V6 Camaro

Wednesday  19:06,   26 april 2017
Road & Track

Here we have a 1992 Camaro RS with a stock engine, but a modified everything else.Morrow, whose car is featured in this new video from The Smoking Tire, built up an all new suspension setup after totaling the car during a canyon run. It was actually [...]

Watch a Chevy Camaro Driver Do Donuts in the Ocean

Wednesday  01:46,   26 april 2017

<p>Bad idea,[...]

2017 Ford GT

Wednesday  00:53,   26 april 2017
Car and Driver

The Ford GT finally shows us what it can do to our internal organs when it turns a wheel under its own power.Lap after lap, Scott Maxwell gnaws deeper into the curbing. By drawing a straighter line through a shallow chicane on the road course that[...]

A fuel-delivery system every multi-carburetor system should have and anyone can make

Wednesday  00:10,   26 april 2017

Is there anything quite as sexy as a crop of carburetors sprouting from an engine? Yeah it’s been proven time and again that a single four-barrel on the right manifold will out-perform a multi-carb setup, but nobody ever wrote a song about a single[...]

Should Pontiac be revived?

Tuesday  21:41,   25 april 2017

<p>Question: What car brand should come back? LICENSE</p>My grandfather was a huge Pontiac guy. Every year or so, he would treat himself to a new Bonneville, even if it didn't have any major changes. Pontiac resonated well with it's audience.[...]

Hellcats & Scat Packs Shoot It Out In Las Vegas!

Tuesday  20:45,   25 april 2017

Our favorite modern Hemi street cars invade Las Vegas to go heads up drag racing!&nbsp;We are without a doubt at the pinnacle of factory performance. With the debut of the 800-plus hp Dodge Demon, the Hellcat with its 707 hp and the Scat Pack[...]

Just Listed: 1987 Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV

Tuesday  19:26,   25 april 2017

<p>Bid big, but make sure you ditch those American bumpers</p>We're all for originality, especially when it comes to classic Lambos, but in this case, the Gandini design would seriously benefit from bumper removal. Wrap them in towels, stuff[...]

2018 Honda Civic Type R sets front-drive Nurburgring record

Tuesday  19:01,   25 april 2017

It has fulfilled its[...]

Here's What a $64 Million Supercar Photo Shoot Looks Like

Tuesday  18:36,   25 april 2017

<p>McLarens and Porsches and Ferraris, oh my!</p>Supercar Driver is Britain's largest club for supercar owners, and their website makes it clear they strongly believe in living up to the "Driver" half of their name. The result is a slate of[...]