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Bosch is testing space thrusters that will make your motorcycle safer

Thursday  04:00,   17 may 2018

The German technology firm is attempting to use high-pressure gas that's forced out of a nozzle to help right a sliding motorcycle.Sounds cool, right? You're motoring along, leaned over in a turn and oh no, someone left a bunch of sand at the[...]

2018 Zero SR - A Commuter's Dream Bike

Monday  23:26,   14 may 2018

Electric bike captures the pure essence of motorcycling."I don't reckon you'll make it to Newport and back on that thing," my neighbor told me upon seeing the 2018 Zero SR sitting in my back[...]

Harley-Davidson Shows off New Retro-Inspired Helmets

Monday  23:06,   14 may 2018

Old-school style, new-school protection.The three new helmets are in three distinct styles. There’s the Mason’s Yard Sun Shield three-quarter helmet that is a chin bar away from being a full-face helmet. It has a two-tone brown/cream color scheme.[...]

Ford Filed A Patent For A Motorcycle That Comes Out Of A Car

Friday  04:45,   11 may 2018

Ford might not think it can make a profit off of a Fiesta, but it does seem to like the idea of a motorcycle that pops out of a car’s face. Now, this isn’t something I’d run around the block screaming my head off about, but it is very cool and[...]

Harley-Davidson Q1 Financial Report Has Good News and Bad News

Monday  21:26,   07 may 2018

Revenue is up, sales are down, and market share is just barely over 50 percent.Revenue is up 2.7 percent over last year despite motorcycle shipments going down a fairly significant 9.7 percent. How can you increase revenue with a decrease in[...]

2018 Kawasaki H2 SX SE - Favorites And Fails

Thursday  23:16,   03 may 2018

What’s great—and, well, not so great—about Kawasaki’s latest supercharged sportbike.We know what you’re thinking. “The H2 SX is just an H2 with different bodywork and softer power settings in the ECU.” Although it might look that way from a cursory[...]

Harley-Davidson Recalls 250,000 Bikes for Faulty Brakes

Thursday  04:02,   03 may 2018

So far 2018 isn’t off to a great start for Harley-Davidson. So far 2018 isn’t off to a great start for Harley-Davidson. On top of a steadily declining customer base, the announcement of the Kansas City plant closure, and the president’s[...]

Dirt Bike Returned 17 Years After It Was Stolen

Thursday  11:27,   26 april 2018

What kind of dirtbags gank a bike from an 11-year-old?“What’s truly amazing is the fact that Kamron was 11 years old when he notified law enforcement that his Honda had been stolen from his garage,” Officer Mike Lassig[...]

2018 Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen First Ride Review

Friday  11:30,   20 april 2018

Husqvarna makes a bold statement with the new 701 Vitpilen for entry-level and serious riding enthusiasts.As I approach the bend in front of me, a giant yellow sign suggests a speed of 45 mph. I am in 4th gear doing a little over twice that speed,[...]

Mutt Motorcycles' Fat Sabbath 125 - None More Black

Thursday  22:50,   12 april 2018

Answering the question, "Just how black can a motorcycle be?" What? Yeah, you read right—Fat Sabbath. Now, as a proud metalhead and a guy who loves a good play on words, I couldn't resist this thing when the story came across my[...]

This 1974 Ducati 750 GT Is Crossin’ the Auction Block

Thursday  23:16,   05 april 2018

Look alive, V-twin historians. Bidding for this vintage bike begins at $22,000.Crossing the block at Bonhams' Spring Stafford sale at the Staffordshire County showgrounds April 21-22, the bidding for this two-wheeled steed will begin at just[...]

Getting Technical With The 2018 Honda Gold Wing

Thursday  23:11,   05 april 2018

What did Honda have to change to improve their new tourer? Everything. Powered[...]

Royal Enfield’s Vision For The Future Of American Motorcycling

Tuesday  04:50,   27 march 2018

North America’s president, Rod Copes, on the future of the brand and how to get butts on seats.North America’s president, Rod Copes, on the future of the brand and how to get butts on[...]

How Might Trump Tariffs Impact The Price Of An American-Made Motorcycle?

Thursday  20:16,   22 march 2018

The recent announcement that imports of steel will pay a 25 percent duty and those of aluminum 10 percent has been greeted by a storm of proofs that this is or is not a good thing. More important are the responses from the markets. The Dow, [...]

The New Royal Enfield Thunderbird X is Another Beautiful Bike We Can't Have in the U.S.

Wednesday  19:47,   21 march 2018

Ironically, this little Honda Rebel competitor is clearly influenced by American cruisers.As you can probably tell by the look and by the name, the Thunderbird X is a cruiser with a heavy American influence. That makes it kind of mysterious why the[...]