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Motorcycles A Quick Guide to the Best Fall 2017 Motorcycle Riding Gear

22:46  04 january  2018
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The Freakish 3-Wheel Yamaha Niken Sportbike Looks Unbelievable

  The Freakish 3-Wheel Yamaha Niken Sportbike Looks Unbelievable Yamaha brought something interesting for the Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s a bizarro three-wheeler sportbike. Surely it’s too early for it to be some sort of elaborate April Fool’s joke, right? The bike is called the Yamaha Niken, and it looks like it has a conventional rear end and Yamaha’s liquid-cooled inline three-cylinder engine. But from there it sprouts two sets of forks and two wheels, giving it the look of some kind future chariot.Yamaha says the benefit of the Leaning Multi-Wheeler is that it “reduces the effects of changing ride environments and to deliver a high feeling of stability when cornering.

For East Coasters like us, Fall is the best time of year to ride . Cooler, but not cold—usually a good 60 to 75 degrees. The landscapes are beautiful with colorful leaves. Especially as temperatures drop, that means testing a bunch of new gear .

A Quick Guide to the Best Fall 2017 Motorcycle Riding Gear . Riding a lot means testing a lot of gear —here are some of our favorite pieces for the best time of year to be on a bike.

  A Quick Guide to the Best Fall 2017 Motorcycle Riding Gear © Nico Miller / EyeEm / Getty Images

For East Coasters like us, Fall is the best time of year to ride. Cooler, but not cold—usually a good 60 to 75 degrees. The landscapes are beautiful with colorful leaves. (Of course, those leaves mean you have to pay extra attention to the road, but really, it's a small price to pay.) No snow and not much rain. Perfect.



As such, we've been riding as much as possible. Especially as temperatures drop, that means testing a bunch of new gear. Here's a quick overview of some of our favorite pieces of kit for the perfect riding season.

Honda’s liquid-cooled Gold Wing is the first motorcycle with CarPlay

  Honda’s liquid-cooled Gold Wing is the first motorcycle with CarPlay <p>CarPlay on two wheels</p>This being a motorcycle, there are some key differences in how CarPlay works. The rider can see it on a 7-inch LCD screen that’s on the small dash between the handlebars. Riders of the $23,500 (and up) Gold Wing will have to plug their iPhones in via USB in the trunk of the bike or in the storage compartment up front, according to Road Show,and then are required to pair a Bluetooth headset (either a standalone or one built into their helmet).

The Best Motorcycle Gear of 2017 : Aether Rally Gear Gets Used And Abused. This company designs an Adventure Suit among premium outerwear for men and women, including avid adventure motorcyclists . Read now. Related. A Quick Guide to the Best Fall 2017 Motorcycle Riding

A Beginners Guide To Motorcycle Gear . Wherein we lay out some advice on gear and explain why you should never wear regular jeans on a bike. Just getting started riding motorcycles ? Here’s everything you need to know about riding GETTING: The Best Motorcycles For New Riders .

RF-SR© Provided by TIME Inc. RF-SR

Shoei RF-SR ($399)

The Shoei RF-SR is the latest addition to the company line-up. And while it is the least expensive of the Shoei full-face helmets, we found it to share the same craftsmanship as its predecessors, like the RF-1200: comfortable, quiet, good ventilation. I love this tangerine orange model; it has it has a ton of personality—a welcome change from all the black helmets we own—and is also the safer color option: orange makes you hard to miss, even in a car mirror.

James Grose Cafe Racer© Provided by TIME Inc. James Grose Cafe Racer

James Grose cafe racer jacket ($1,185)

With a classic design, this James Grose cafe racer* maybe the ultimate grab-and-go leather jacket. The original English brand James Grose dates back decades, but was recently reborn under the eye of a Japanese motorcycling enthusiast, and every piece continues to be produced in England in a family-owned East London shop. This jacket is constructed of washed horse leather, for a super-soft feel, and is incredibly comfortable despite the slim fit. The thin lining is still warm enough for fall temperatures. Obviously this is a pricey buy, but it buys you superb craftsmanship and exceptional leather quality. This is a piece you own forever.

Yamaha Continues to Tease Us With New Tenere 700 World Raid Concept

  Yamaha Continues to Tease Us With New Tenere 700 World Raid Concept <p>Yamaha seems to have confirmed that some form of this off-roader will reach production at some point.</p>Indeed it would have, but that’s not what we got. Instead, we got the Tenere 700 World Raid prototype. In this case, “prototype” seems to mean that this bike is pretty much ready for production, but we aren’t confirming production quite yet. In Yamaha’s own words, the Tenere 700 is “a prototype model which is being used to develop the final specification of the production model.

Riding in the rain with wet clothes can be dangerous and extremely uncomfortable. Getting the best motorcycle rain gear is therefore important to ensure your And to help you make your buying decision we created a guide entitled, How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Rain Gear For You.

How to ride a motorcycle – a beginner’s guide . By: John ClayOn: June 18th, 20102 Comments »Updated: November 10, 2012. The point of my telling you all this is that I firmly believe that years of riding dirt bikes can provide experience that can make you a better motorcycle rider .

Lombard 2 Jeans© Provided by TIME Inc. Lombard 2 Jeans

Rev'It Lombard 2 jeans ($229.99)

Building on a best-selling riding jean, the second version of the Rev'It Lombard is even better than its predecessor, with great fit and style, a double layer of PWR | shield for extra safety, and SEESMART™ CE-Level 1 protectors at the knee. The jeans are also triple-stitched from Cordura® denim and COOLMAX® for a durable and abrasion resistance fabric that manages to keep you cool—no small feat. Not to suggest these are as comfortable as your old, beat-up Levi's 501s: the Lombards are a little stiff—fine for a bike, but not my first choice for a full night on the town. (That could change after several more hard rides, though.)

Weekender Backpack Duffel© Provided by TIME Inc. Weekender Backpack Duffel

Solo NYC Weekender Backpack Duffel ($59.99)

This Solo NYC backpack, is pure awesomeness. Stylish, comfortable, with incredibly clever storage solutions—and inexpensive, to boot. The bag has a back laptop pocket; a duffel enclosure for clothes; two miscellaneous side pockets, and shoe storage in the bottom. There are handles everywhere, making it easy to grab from all angles. It's not huge—it won't fit a helmet, for example—but it comfortably a laptop—power cable and mouse included—notebook, full set of workout clothes, running shoes, sweats and jump-rope. It's a work bag, a gym bag, and a good very comfortable riding backpack, all in one, for sixty bucks. (We told you it was awesome.)

Tips for Enjoying the Fall on Your Motorcycle

  Tips for Enjoying the Fall on Your Motorcycle <p>The Autumnal Equinox is upon us, but riding season isn’t over yet.</p>Bundle Up

Gear & Products Motorcycle Gloves Motorcycle Helmets Motorcycle Jackets Motorcycle Pants Top Lists Ultimate Guide . Motorcycle Guy February 1, 2017 . 1. Joe Rocket Speedway Men’s Motorcycle Riding Gloves. Quick Links: Find on Amazon | Find on Revzilla.

This guide is available online at. 2 2017 georgia motorcycle operators manual. Helmets. A responsible rider makes a point to: 1. Wear protective riding gear . Good riding posture will help you stop the motorcycle in a straight line. •

MIG C2 gloves© Provided by TIME Inc. MIG C2 gloves

Dainese MIG C2 gloves ($89.95)

I would never get caught riding without gloves, and my go-to pair for these temperatures is the Dainese MIG C2 gloves—stylish, comfortable, and very resistant but not too warm. Built from cowhide and mesh fabric with polyurethane knuckle protectors for additional safety, they offer a good blend of ventilation with performance and abrasion-resistance.

Aerostitch R3 Light ($1,197)

If the weather decides not to cooperate, there's no better way to handle the situation than Aerostich's R3 light one-piece suit. It keeps you dry and safe. It's comfortable and incredibly easy to put on and take off. You can wear anything you want under it. The first time I tried it, I realized it's a must-have for any rider.

R Nine T Scrambler© Provided by TIME Inc. R Nine T Scrambler

BMW R NineT Scrambler ($12,995)

All this talk about fall riding begs the question, What should I ride? Our suggestion of the moment: the BMW R Nine T Scrambler. Arguably the most beautiful of the R Nine Ts, it's a different ride than the other ones: not as precise, especially in corners, mostly because of the tires. It took me a minute to get used to it, but pretty soon I loved the machine. The 1170cc air-/oil-cooled opposed twin pushed 110 hp and 85 lb-ft of torque, so not a hooligan like naked bikes, but a great engine nonetheless. And at this time of the year, you can safely venture on fire roads and experience the leaves turning at the heart of it.

The Best Motorcycle Gear of 2017: Pando Moto's Karl Riding Jeans Look Great and Protect

  The Best Motorcycle Gear of 2017: Pando Moto's Karl Riding Jeans Look Great and Protect Pando Moto hand tailors premium garments with abrasion resistant fabrics like Cordura, Kevlar, and Dyneema.As the motorcycle industry begins to shift toward understanding the mentalities of young working professionals and cool, hip riders that are growing in number, so are many motorcycle apparel companies. Riders have shouted loud enough that “we want to look good off the bike and ride protected in case of an accident.” Some brands heard the call and even newer ones have stepped into the fray with new products.

Ride -tested: Warm-weather motorcycle gear . Our quick guide to motorcycle gear that will help keep you comfortable, safe and looking good over the summer riding season.

2017 Motorcycles . If you can afford all leather/textile motorcycle riding gear from the start, then go for it! Frankly, the odds are not in your favor during your first year of riding , so you will probably fall down, better to wear something that is going to protect yourself so you can get back up and ride

8077© Provided by TIME Inc. 8077

ABUS Disc Lock Granit Detecto X Plus 8077 ($179.99)

We like this ABUS Detecto lock because it has all the advantages of a disc lock—small, easy to carry, easy to put on, tough for thieves to take off—but without the major inconveniences. Two sizable risks with a disk lock are that you forget it's there and start riding (not good for the bike, to say the least), and that thieves can simply lift your bike onto a truck and deal with the lock later. The ABUS beeps when the bike starts moving, reminding the owner to unlock it, and if the bike is picked up the alarm goes full mental. Smartly done.

Now get out and ride!

*Edouard Portelette is a stakeholder in No Man Walks Alone.

Here Is the First New Curtiss Motorcycle since the Company's Rebranding .
The motorcycle company formerly known as Confederate unveils the new Warhawk.Curtiss Motorcycle Co. is releasing its first new model since it changed its name from Confederate Motors last year. The newly branded company is named after motorcycle and aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss who is often credited with inventing the V-twin motorcycle engine in 1903.

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