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23:00  04 january  2018
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Kawasaki Unveils the Retro-Styled Z900RS

  Kawasaki Unveils the Retro-Styled Z900RS <p>The retro/modern motorcycle craze shows no signs of slowing down and that's fine with us.</p>Retro motorcycles are hot right now. With the smashing success of bikes like the Triumph Bonneville and the Ducati Scrambler, just about every manufacturer is stuffing modern engineering and technology into old-looking bikes to appeal to younger riders and to women, demographics that are getting more and more into motorcycles. The retro-modern trend in motorcycles is something you won’t hear any complaints about from me because the results are stellar.

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a red motorcycle parked in front of a mirror posing for the camera: New Motorcycles and Gear You Need to Know for 2018© Provided by Popular Mechanics New Motorcycles and Gear You Need to Know for 2018 Every year, the motorcycle industry gathers to share the most exciting products at the AIM Expo. Popular Mechanics toured the convention and we found some exciting things, some high-tech things, and some just plain odd things.

New Bikes

a red and black motorcycle parked in front of a building© Yamaha

The stage at the AIM Expo serves as a launching pad for big industry news. We were most excited about Yamaha announcing the XSR700 and SR400 would be joining the XSR900 in the U.S. lineup. The XSR700 will continue the tradition of the XS650 from the 70s and 80s, a favorite among garage customizers.

Energica Eva EsseEsse9 to Make U.S. Debut at CES

  Energica Eva EsseEsse9 to Make U.S. Debut at CES The retro motorcycle craze is spreading to electric bikes.Here’s what we know about the Energica Eva EsseEsse9: It’s a new version of the existing Eva streetfighter, this time with more old-school cafe racer-inspired style. It kind of looks like a mix of a Suzuki SV650 and a Ducati Scrambler, which is a good thing. The old-school motorcycle craze is in full swing for traditional gas-powered bikes with retro examples coming out of just about every major bike manufacturer, this new Energica is the first sign of the hot trend reaching the more niche electric bike market.

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a motorcycle parked in front of a store© Michael C Wilson

The SR400 could easily be mistaken for a bike from the 70s. Its 399-cc engine comes stock with a retro feel and a low price tag, setting the stage for a lot of customization. You can bet you'll see modified SRs all over bike blogs next year.



My favorite bike from the weekend wasn't exactly new, but the subtly improved Kawasaki Z900 One put a big smile on my face. The 948-cc engine had the smoothest delivery of any bike I rode. The riding position is slightly less aggressive than the Yamaha FZ-09 and the narrower frame made the bike feel more comfortable and manageable. My only mark against the Z900 would be the design-it looks a little too much like a transformer for my taste. The engine, transmission, breaks, and ergonomics were all superb for a bike that costs $8,799 with ABS. It'll cost you a little more than a comparable Yamaha FZ09, but I think you get a huge return on that investment.

The biggest, baddest motorcycles money can buy

  The biggest, baddest motorcycles money can buy The incredible hulks.&nbsp;The GS in BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is German for Gelande Straße, or “off-road,” where BMW’s big baddies have trod since 1980. Though this 580-pound two-wheeler is too heavy to be much of a dirt bike, with its relatively off-piste-friendly suspension, it’s as close as you’ll get in a bike that’s also at home on a highway. From $18,695USD.

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Safety Gear

Bell helmets showcased its Street line of racing helmets, which are chock-full of safety features like their flagship Flex system and Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). MIPS has been around since 2016, but that tech is now in the mid-level helmets like the Star. In the higher-end Race Star and Pro Star helmets you will find the Flex system, which provides protection over a wide range of impact energy. It's not just about safety, of course-you want to look cool, too. So Bell has partnered with Roland Sands to design some striking new graphics and color designs.

For dirt riders, the MIPS technology is also being incorporated in a much larger range of helmets. You can find it in the Moto-9, the MX-9 Adventure, the MX-9.

The most high-tech helmet has to be SENA's. Rolling out at the beginning of the year, the Momentum series features integrated communications systems and a camera with the controls built right into the side of the helmet. There is also an integrated noise canceling device that allows you to hear important audio clues from your surroundings while eliminating helmet noise. Four microphones analyze the noise around you and deliver audio from surrounding cars and your engine RPM. However, all that tech comes with added weight and a fairly steep price point. The base model starts at $449, and the top end Momentum INC Pro costs $699.

Three Names Trademarked by Polaris that Never Came to Be

  Three Names Trademarked by Polaris that Never Came to Be <p>There's a good chance these were supposed to be Victory motorcycles that will never see the light of day.</p>Right now we’re seeing bike brands unveil their 2018 lineups, but for the aforementioned reason, Victory will have no such unveiling. According to, Polaris had three names they trademarked or tried to trademark, but haven’t been turned into real models. All three sure sound like names that belong on Victory motorcycles, so let’s speculate what they could have been.

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New Motorcycles and Gear You Need to Know for 2018 . The Yamaha XS650 was praised for its reliability and criticized for its styling Triumph Motorcycles are at the center of the Brit bike universe.

My choice for best urban helmet has to go to Nexx X.G100. There weren't crazy changes to the X.G100 other than permanent windscreen as opposed to built in goggle-type screen. But for style points, I think the XG was the best-looking helmet on the floor. They claim the new windscreen reduces noise even further, making the XG one of the quietest helmets on the market.


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Get Charged Up

a motorcycle parked on the side of a building© Michael C Wilson

Its good to see new players in the electric bike space, and one notable introduction I saw was the Tacita cruiser. Founder Pierpaolo Rigo is a former off-road racer with experience in the Dakkar rally. He's been on a quest to make a new electric bike since 2009, and his first introduction into the U.S. market will be heavily focused on a cruiser that will compete for the attention of Harley-Davidson riders.

Check Out This Cool Honda CB150R We Can't Have in the U.S.

  Check Out This Cool Honda CB150R We Can't Have in the U.S. <p>This lightweight naked sportbike slotted above the Grom packs a lot of style, tech, and personality.</p>According to Motopinas, the standard CB150R has with three other variants being built in limited quantities. Those variants are the stylish Street Café, the rugged Scrambler Café, and the modern, sporty Moriwaki edition.

New Motorcycles and Gear You Need to Know for 2018 . In-vehicle entertainment and information systems—collectively known as infotainment—are quickly becoming as important to buyers as what's under the hood.

After a low-key unveiling in Italy, the bike is making its grand public debut at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, and reviewers are wondering if it could be the best superbike of 2018 . New Motorcycles and Gear You Need to Know for 2018 .

The big difference between the Tacita and other electrics is the gearbox and clutch, which other electric bikes don't have. The range of 160 miles on a charge is comparable to the range other cruisers can get on a single tank of gas. If you want a full charge in 40 minutes, though, you'll have to upgrade to the fast-charging system. That will bring the cost of the bike to $24,000. That's a lot of money, though there are plenty of Harley-Davidsons that cost that much or more.

a motorcycle parked on the side of a building© BMW

BMW brought its new electric scooter, called the BMW C Evolution. The C will be available for sale in California next year and will go 99 miles on a charge with a top speed of 80 mph and a charging time of 9.5 hours on a 110v U.S outlet (or 4 hours on a 220v charger). Along with that impressive top speed and range you also get a reverse feature and spaceship styling. As it goes in electric vehicles all of that comes with a $13,750 price tag. I guess someone has to foot the bill for all the BMW innovation.

The Weird

a truck driving down a dirt road© Cub Cadet

AIM is primarily a motorcycle show, but the industry is expanding to include way more than motorcycles. There was a ton of side-by-side vehicles on display this year, as well as the Polaris Slingshot. Cub Cadet announced the addition of the new Challenger 550 and 750 to its growing lineup of side-by-sides. The Challenger comes with a solid windshield a sealed roof and automotive-like details, making it a much more utility-oriented vehicle than a Polaris RZR.

My pick for weirdest ride from the show was the Yamaha WR450F fitted with a Camso DTS-129 snowbike kit. Being a huge fan of the Chrysler Sno-runner from back in the day, my heart skipped a beat seeing this monster on the floor. The Camso DTS-129 kit converts a Yamaha WR450F in to a snowbike by replacing the front wheel with a ski and the back wheel with a 129 inch tread, allowing you to ride your dirt bike all year long. And to be honest, isn't this so much more practical than riding a dirt bike in the ocean?

Harley-Davidson to Launch Electric Motorcycle Within 18 Months, Kansas City Plant to Close .
Sales in 2017 were down 6.7 percent worldwide, and 8.5 percent in the U.S. , which has typically been H-D's stronghold. The motorcycle company will also be closing its Kansas City, Missouri plant and rolling operations into its York, Pennsylvania plant. Sales drops and layoffs have sadly become a trend for H-D. Research Research New Used New & Used Make (e.g. Cadillac) Model (e.g. ATS Sedan) But there is a silver, or rather an electric lining to the story. Harley-Davidson also announced that it is just 18 months away from releasing its first production electric motorcycle.

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