Motorcycles First Ride Review: 2017 Honda Rebel 300 and Rebel 500

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Actually, make that two new Rebels , a 300 and 500 built on virtually identical chassis. This is new-think for Honda —never before have two completely different engines been shoehorned into the same package. First Ride Review : 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod.

As one of the most widely- ridden and long-tenured motorcycles on the road, the original Honda Rebel has made an indelible mark on many riders throughout the decades. From its prevalence in motorcycle training courses, to its dominance as a daily commuter

Honda revamps and restyles the Rebel cruiser.

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Check out our review of the beginner-friendly Honda Rebel 300 and Honda Rebel 500 . One of them is lot more than just a learner bike. Tags: Honda Motorcycles, ride review , Honda Rebel 300 , Honda Rebel 500 , Honda Rebel .

2017 Honda Rebel 500 (left) and Rebel 300 (right). Kevin Wing. The original Honda Rebel has become an icon in its own right. I had been eagerly anticipating the first ride since I got an email announcing the new Rebels a couple of months ago.

Honda says: “Cruisers are an extension of your own personal style.”

Motorcyclist says: “Better yet, these cruisers don’t sacrifice function over form.”

The debut of the Honda Rebel way back in 1985 created a very big splash, especially considering its very small size. I was a staff editor at Cycle magazine back then, and we were all amused that Honda used this little guy to stick a thumb right in the eye of Harley-Davidson by “borrowing” so many styling cues from the H-D Sportster. More importantly, during its first year in showrooms the original 234cc twin-cylinder bike singlehandedly racked up sales of more than 20,000 units—a figure topping annual sales of all models combined achieved by some other manufacturers. No joke.

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Honda Rebel 500 . Everything is new about the 2017 Rebels . There isn’t a single significant part carried over between the old 250 and the new Rebels . Get an Insurance Quote For The 2017 Honda Rebel 500 and 300 – Save Up To 50% with Allstate! Riding Style. Helmet: HJC RPHA 11.

2017 Honda Rebel 300 and 500 Review . While Honda offers a choice of two distinct power trains, both Rebels share identical styling and chassis components. The riding position is the same on both, featuring a low 27.2-inch seat height, mid-mount pegs and low-rise bar, all providing a balance of style

Clearly, a lot of people found a lot to like about the little Rebel. Over the next three decades, total sales of the Rebel 250 surpassed 150,000 units, a figure that clearly identifies an important and enduring market segment. But come on—30 years without even a major facelift? Obviously, it was time for Honda to step things up.

At long last, 2017 brings a new Rebel, built along the lines of classic “bobber” bikes. Actually, make that two new Rebels, a 300 and 500 built on virtually identical chassis. This is new-think for Honda—never before have two completely different engines been shoehorned into the same package. It’s commonplace in the auto industry—the Ford Mustang, for example, can be had with four-, six- or eight-cylinder engines. Such feats can be very tricky for motorcycles, yet Honda has done a masterful job of pulling it off.

Focus on chassis specs, and all key numbers run identical between the 300 and 500. Wheelbase is 58.7 inches (up from 57.1 inches with the 250 Rebel); a seat height of 27.2 inches plus an especially slim seat/tank junction make for an easy reach to the ground. Both Rebels share identical suspension components: the beefy looking 41mm fork with 4.7 inches of travel, and rear twin shocks dishing up 3.7 inches feature identical spring and damping rates. Only the engine-mounting lugs differ in the trellis-style frame, and both use three solid-type mounting points. Both also share front and rear disc brakes, and fat 16-inch tires front and rear. As expected, curb weight increases with the 500, which Honda says scales in at a modest 408 pounds, compared to the svelte 300 at only 364 pounds (again, claimed)—add six pounds to either bike if you select ABS.

The Ram 1500 Sublime Sport and Rebel Blue Streak swipe from Dodge paint booths

  The Ram 1500 Sublime Sport and Rebel Blue Streak swipe from Dodge paint booths The brightly hued trucks debut in New York City.The folks at FCA love their special-edition trims. The Dodge, Jeep, and Ram model lines are filled with everything from the Freedom edition Wrangler to the Brass Monkey Dodge Durango. For the 2017 New York Auto Show, Ram is rolling out two special models of its own, the Ram 1500 Sublime Sport and Rebel Blue Streak. With brilliant new paint, the pair are sure to stand out next to the grey, silver, and black vehicles that are oh-so-popular today.

Home Motorcycle Reviews Brand 2017 Honda Rebel 500 | First Ride Review . In a fairly impressive feat of engineering, the Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 share the same steel trellis chassis, and in fact about 85 percent of their parts are identical across both variations.

The 2017 Honda Rebel 300 shares everything with the Rebel 500 except the 286cc Single inherited from the CBR 300 R and a ,600 price difference. 2018 Yamaha Star Eluder Review – First Ride .’s Most Popular Videos From 2017 . First Look: 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe.


Fine, fine, you say; but how do they actually work in the real world? Short answer: really well. They both feel like full-sized bikes with rider triangles closer to standard bikes rather than exaggerated cruiser layouts. The pegs sit only a pinch forward, the 1-inch tubular handlebar positions the rider’s arms in a very neutral, natural position. The seat is nicely shaped, although padding is kinda thin (to reduce seat height).

Steering traits are nicely responsive and linear in progression, light in action, with none of the front-end floppiness that plague cruisers saddled with a huge long fork and loads of steering rake. So riding at a brisk pace on winding mountain roads becomes lots of fun; both bikes offer very intuitive handling, and it’s easy to pick the bike up mid-corner to change lines as needed. These bikes feel flickable in the canyons, yet reassuringly stable in faster sweepers and at higher speeds. With only a single 296mm disc up front you don’t get sportbike-level stopping power, but the brake is plenty strong for the intended use, and nicely progressive with good feel. Also, ground clearance is quite good on both sides.

Bright and Bold Ram 1500 Sublime Sport Bows in New York

  Bright and Bold Ram 1500 Sublime Sport Bows in New York <p>Along with the new Ram Rebel Blue Streak</p>The limited-edition 1500 Sublime Sport features a bright green monochromatic exterior paint and body-color grille that's guaranteed to attract attention. For additional appeal, the Sublime Sport sports a Sport performance hood, Black Ram's head grille badge, Black tailgate badge and Black body-side badges. Black 22-inch aluminum wheels are available for the first time and complement the truck's green and black theme. Lime Green accent stitching can be found throughout the cabin in addition to accent-color Ram's head embroidery on the headrests and sport mesh seat inserts.

Home Reviews Bikes 2017 Honda Rebel 500 – First Ride Review . In a fairly impressive feat of engineering, the Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 share the same steel trellis chassis, and in fact about 85 percent of their parts are identical across both variations.

Actually, make that two new Rebels , a 300 and 500 built on virtually identical chassis. This is new-think for Honda —never before have two completely different engines been shoehorned into the same package. No surprise there. Riding the rebel 500 .

With so many good things going for the Rebel, suspension action is a bit of a letdown. Granted, these bikes are built to hit a given price point, but I’d like to see more rebound damping in the rear shocks. I’m no featherweight, at nearly 240 pounds, but lighter riders in our group also judged the rear suspension lacking a bit of control in the damping department.


With the 300 engine, Honda followed the natural path by adapting the basic 286cc liquid-cooled single already in use in the CBR300R and CB300F. This is a dual-overhead-cam four-valve powerplant and is well proven (and typically produces about 28hp at the rear wheel), although the Rebel incorporates different mapping for fuel injection and ignition to strengthen torque output. A gear-driven counterbalancer shaft helps moderate engine vibration, and the gearbox offers six well-spaced speeds in contrast to the older Rebel’s five-cog box.

A light clutch pull and broad spread of power lets the Rebel get off from a standing start with ease, which benefits newbie riders. If you really rev it up there’s pretty good acceleration off the line; lacking a tachometer, just pin it and shift when the engine hits the rev limiter. More experienced riders won’t be overly impressed, but in real-world street conditions this little bike launches significantly quicker off the line than the vast majority of four-wheel vehicles on the road. For highway use the Rebel 300 can maintain cruising speeds around 70 mph if the road is flat; up one long, steady grade my heavy load slowed things down to 65 mph max. On the downhill side I hit 80 mph easily, with no drama.

Passport Renewal: Honda Crossover May Revive Old SUV Name

  Passport Renewal: Honda Crossover May Revive Old SUV Name <p>Honda may once again offer an SUV bearing the name Passport.</p>While we have no reason to believe Honda dealerships will be selling rebadged Isuzus anytime soon, we do think it's possible that Honda will once again offer an SUV bearing the name Passport. Following a report that the brand is working on a smaller, two-row variant of the Honda Pilot, we searched the United States Patent and Trademark Office database and came across a trademark filed by Honda for the name Passport. The new trademark application was filed on December 2, 2016, and it specifically references Honda's original trademark application for the Passport SUV that dates to May 11, 1993.

2017 Honda Rebel 500 ABS only comes in the color Black and will likely be priced $ 300 -$ 500 more than the non-ABS version. Courtesy of Honda . How does the 2017 Honda Rebel sound? We've yet to hear one run. First press ride is slated for March.

Honda has just revealed its all-new 2017 Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 models. If we were to take a quick poll, undoubtedly we’d find that many of you cut your riding teeth on a Honda Rebel .

As expected, higher speeds with this single-cylinder generates an inescapable buzz through the handlebar and seat from about 45 mph upward in 6th gear. You could say it adds character, or that it lends a distinct mechanical connection between rider and machine as the engine chuffs along. But longer rides especially at higher speeds can become tiring—my butt was sore after a long day in the saddle. When LA traffic slowed freeway flow, the little Rebel split lanes effortlessly, its light weight and nimble handling paying big dividends. However, since there’s not tons of roll-on power available, you need to build extra lead time into passing moves. No surprise there.


Jumping from the 300 to the Rebel 500 reveals big steps up in both muscle and smoothness. It’s easy to launch from a standing start, and power builds nicely as the engine revs freely and willingly. As with the 300, EFI fuel mapping is spot-on, which goes a long way in feeling comfortable on the bike. The 500 pulls well on twisty mountain roads—you don’t need to carry as much speed through a corner as the 300 demands to maintain a brisk pace because there’s more oomph available. Like the 300, a gear-driven counterbalancer shaft reduces engine vibration, and this 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine is likewise derived from siblings in the Honda lineup, the CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X. (The last CB500 engine we had on the dyno put out about 44 horsepower, just for reference.) However, Honda used new camshafts and EFI/ignition mapping in the Rebel 500 for a broader, more accessible spread of power. So the 500 works well for entry riders, and can also easily serve for all-around street duty including longer trips.

2017 Honda Civic Type Rs spotted on a truck headed... somewhere

  2017 Honda Civic Type Rs spotted on a truck headed... somewhere They're likely heading to Ohio for an initial, premedia shakedown.A reader who chose to remain anonymous for some reason (Honda doesn't have secret police or anything) sent us these pictures of multiple 2017 Honda Civic Type Rs being shipped across the country. The photos don't show us anything we haven't already seen, unless you count that one shot of the Type R's triple-tailpipe muffler, but the pictures are too small to start nit-picking welds or anything like that.

2017 Honda Rebel 300 . “For many riders who have grown up through the digital age, motorcycles represent a lifestyle and an attitude, a means of expressing their The Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 are simple and raw, offering cutting-edge style and a radical image while minimizing the barriers to riding .”

The Honda Rebel 500 (left) and Rebel 300 look right at home on the streets of Venice. The Rebel 300 is anything but intimidating to ride . After a long day in the saddle of mostly stop-and-go riding , I came to the realization that the Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 perform exactly how you would expect

With these new-generation Rebels, Honda offers riders two very viable options. At $4,399, the 300 attracts riders with its eminently affordable price and sufficient performance for around-town rides, commutes and weekend journeys. It’s a fun bike, one that’s easy to live with. A $1,600 jump to the $5,999 Rebel 500 adds a significant boost in performance and versatility; strap on some soft saddlebags and head out for the next state over if you like.

A new day dawns for Honda’s Rebel, and we wouldn’t be surprised one bit of this new duo enjoys year and years of popularity, just like the original.

Honda’s 30-year-old Rebel finally gets a revamp that includes two new water-cooled engines and totally updated styling.
Harley Davidson Street 500, Hyosung GV250 and GV650, Kawasaki Vulcan S, Suzuki Boulevard S40, SSR Snake Eyes
PRICE$4,399 ($5,999)
ENGINE286cc liquid-cooled single (471cc liquid-cooled single)
FRAMETubular-steel semi-double cradle
FRONT SUSPENSIONShowa 41mm fork; 4.8 in. travel
REAR SUSPENSIONShowa shocks adjustable for spring preload; 3.8 in. travel
FRONT BRAKENissin two-piston caliper, 296mm disc
REAR BRAKENissin one-piston caliper, 239mm disc
RAKE/TRAIL28.0°/4.3 in.
CLAIMED WEIGHT364 (408) lb. wet
New style, more power, and more refinement should keep the Rebel lineup revving for years to come.

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