Motorcycles Harley-Davidson's 1916 Model 17 FHAC 61ci 8-Valve Racer

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1936 Harley-Davidson EL - Art's '36 Knuckle Head

  1936 Harley-Davidson EL - Art's '36 Knuckle Head An Exercise In Restraint The advent of multiple television shows where bikes are pounded together in just a few days has definitely had an effect on the psyche of the American bike builder. Looking at the bare frame and cases of this 1936 Knucklehead, Art Hendey "Knucklehead" Jr. thought that it might be a good idea to enter the AMD Pro Show looming in just 17 days' time. After all, if those wacky TV show bikes can be done in 10 days, why not a fully-restored, period correct EL? Departing from his usual chopper motif, "Junior" went in a new direction with this machine, going for a super-clean look with minimal mods like a vintage 21-inch front rim and sweet gold-leaf paint. While Art did the assembly and fabrication on this total custom restoration, he actually had quite a bit of help. Responsible family man that he is, he got his two daughters involved with the project for a little togetherness while he buried himself in his work. But when you're the offspring of a guy known as Knucklehead Jr., you do a little more than deliver screwdrivers.Twelve-year-old Amanda polished and cleaned parts on this spotless antique, while 10-year old Briahna reportedly did the valve job! While the Hendey family wrenched away in the garage, friends assisted in various ways.

Exactly a century ago the Harley - Davidson Motor Company, which had been hitherto hesitant about going racing took the fight to its dominant Indian and Excelsior rivals with its all-new Model 17 FHAC 61 ci (998cc) eight - valve racer , which made its competition debut at the gruelling Dodge City

Harley - Davidson ' s 1916 Model 17 FHAC 61 ci 8 - Valve Racer . Hog on the high: We ride the elusive circle-track racer . Sturgis Motorcycle Museum to Honor Willie G. Davidson . Willie G. to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

1955 Harley-Davidson FL - Perfect Panhead

  1955 Harley-Davidson FL - Perfect Panhead It came from the middle of the century Bill Mize, the owner of this "fine" early-style chopper is one of those guys who just has his finger on the pulse. You might not suspect this from a guy who calls Sioux City, Iowa, his home, it not being an epicenter for cutting-edge custom motorcycle culture, but Bill's always had a knack for knowing what's cool, usually long before the masses. Bill is a lifelong skateboarder, and in the '70s when most people were doing handstands to the Beach Boys, Bill was down with Dogtown-vibe Bert slides and Black Sabbath. He was punk rock before people had even heard the term. He's raced BMX bikes, held an AMA Expert road-racing license (and used it), been a competitive triathalete, raced road bikes (bicycles this time) in Europe and Mexico, and if that's not enough he somehow found the time to dial in a perfect '50s pad (as in house) and build an impressive stable of rides over the years, including a few trendsetting Sportsters and a couple of hot rods for good measure. All this by the age of 45. Most people would rest on their laurels after all this activity and comfortably slide into old age, but Bill figured it would be a good time to start racing mountain bikes and to build another chopper - which brings us to the bike you see here. When it comes to bikes, Bill is quick to give styling credit to the early bikes of the local legends, the El Forasteros Motorcycle Club.

Harley - Davidson ' s 1916 Model 17 FHAC 61 ci 8 - Valve Racer . · 17 ч ·. In 2016, 23-year-old South African racer Mathew Scholtz joined the MotoAmerica team of Westby Racing and finished with 5 podiums.

Connect Error: 0 2017 Harley - Davidson Sportster® SuperLow 1200T Classifieds.

Hog on the high: We ride the elusive circle-track racer.



Exactly a century ago the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, which had been hitherto hesitant about going racing took the fight to its dominant Indian and Excelsior rivals with its all-new Model 17 FHAC 61ci (998cc) eight-valve racer, which made its competition debut at the gruelling Dodge City 300-mile race in 1916—and won! Of all the racing motorcycles ever built, any place any time, the American V-twins of the ‘teens and 20s are unquestionably the most rakish. Lean but meaty, lithe but muscular, they simply exude speed and purpose. If ever a bike looked to be doing 100 mph standing still, it was the archetype American Racer from whose spindly frame, close-coupled wheelbase and brawny 61ci V-twin engine evolved a species of Superbike that gave almost incredible performance by the standards of the era.

A Fantastic Fifties Ford Vintage Racer!

  A Fantastic Fifties Ford Vintage Racer! Mostly original, this Ford is still humming around the short tracks of the south. It’s rare to find a mid-1950s Ford built and raced in the 70s that is still in fine form today. When we were contacted by Lamar Kellum about this vintage beauty, we had to find out more information. This machine isThis machine is a '56 Ford body on a '55 Ford hardtop frame. Kellum said the hard top frame was chosen because it was the stronger frame. It also has a -inch plate under the bottom from behind the steering sector to the front leaf spring hanger. The Ford was built in late '73 and early '74. It raced at tracks in Northern Georgia after it was built up until the '81 season.

Current Models. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed quam justo, vulputate in auctor ac, rhoncus nec sem. Harley - Davidson ' s 1916 Model 17 FHAC 61 ci 8 - Valve Racer .

Harley Davidson 8 Valves Racer 1916 . In 1916 Harley Davidson introduced there first overhead 8 Valves twin engine mounted to there model 17 racer , the radical 8 - Valves machine consider to be one of Harley Davidson crowning achievements, one that was truly innovative and advanced to that era

Nominally available to privateer riders, the 998cc V-twin eight-valve Harley Model 17 was listed for $1,500 in 1916—a huge sum at that time that would buy a pretty nice house in Milwaukee, when even Indian’s most expensive racebikes sold for no more than $350. It was clearly an effort by Harley-Davidson to funnel these purpose-built racers exclusively to those who would put them to good use, while at the same time paying lip service to the FAM requirement. It’s not often that a company deliberately prices a product out of reach of the public, but that’s certainly what Harley-Davidson did here.

The first sight of the eight-valver tells you it’s a two-wheeled version of a Texan cow-wrangler: lean, mean and packing a punch. I was pretty nervous as I clambered gingerly onto its surprisingly comfortable, broad leather seat. After all, most bikes nowadays actually have brakes, whereas all that this fire-breathing monster had was a pretty ineffectual expanding band rear stopper, and an ignition control in the left twist grip.

Electric Indian: Famed motorcycle brand to get an E-bike

  Electric Indian: Famed motorcycle brand to get an E-bike Whatever Polaris brings out will have a better range than the Victory Empulse.Out of the two marques, it was Victory that built electric bikes, and it was also Victory that caused losses of more than $100 million in two decades. Indian has been doing a lot better over the past two years under the Polaris umbrella, so it might be fitting that Polaris would want to use that brand to usher in another electric bike.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles = Last updates. 1916 - 17 J and 17 F. 1918 - 61 ci . Racer . 1923 - 2 cam 8 Valves . 1924 - FHAC Oval Port. Additional Harley Davidson related work. Knucklehead Exploded view.

This 1927 Harley - Davidson is believed to be one of less than 50 FHA 8 - Valve racers built from 1916 to 1928 It sold last Monday for 0,000 to an Australian bidder after a fiercely competitive bidding war at the Shannon’ s Melbourne Spring Auction.

So, time to engage brain and get rolling, for moving off the mark on the Harley requires finesse and application. Press down on the left foot lever to engage the clutch, which locks in place, then select ‘Low’ gear on the vertical hand-shifter lever mounted on the left of the tank, by pushing the metal knob away from you. Next, retard the ignition with the left twist grip, then release the clutch pedal keeper and try to fiddle the throttle in the right twistgrip in unison with the actions of your left foot to produce a smooth takeoff. The wonder is that I only stalled it once, since at the same time if you want to REALLY accelerate you have to advance the ignition with the left hand. There’s never a chance of getting bored riding one of these bikes.

Having barely avoided flunking a getaway at the second time of asking, I briefly considered opting out of trying to get second gear at all, and shoving it straight into top (‘High’). At this point the unwritten ethics of track testing intervened, so after shutting down the throttle, I grappled again with the clutch pedal while moving the gear lever through the neutral slot to second. As the gear engaged with a lurch, thanks to an insensitive boot on the clutch, I was almost shoved off the back of the seat as the Harley leapt forward while I had just a single hand on the steeply dropped bars. Fortunately, the track was empty, so the ensuing wobble that almost took me from one side of it to the other didn’t result in a collision, and having gathered myself up I gingerly repeated the process to get into top, but this time managed to avoid any swerve. Whew!

Harley-Davidson versus Indian Exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum

  Harley-Davidson versus Indian Exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum <p>Bikes, trikes, and minibikes</p>LOS ANGELES, California— We all know Harley-Davidson won one of the most renowned grudge matches of the last century between Harley and Indian Motorcycles, but the 21st Century is still up for grabs.

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For Sale: Harley - Davidson , Other. Go back to category Harley - Davidson . For sale is a 1 owner 2008 Harley Davidson Roadking FLHRI with only 2834 original miles. Garaged and pampered from new.

If you advance the ignition via the left twist grip and wind the throttle gradually open, the acceleration in top gear from almost walking pace is pretty incredible by the standards of a hundred years ago. It was also terrifying to begin with, because with the knowledge at the back of your mind all the time that there are practically no brakes, you inevitably develop a sudden paranoia about stopping this runaway two-wheeled train.

After a handful of laps I’d discovered the approved technique for getting this potent but primeval package round a turn, so that I was able to speed up gradually, and start using the considerable reserves of performance on tap from that lovely engine. Simply retard the ignition, then shut off while at the same time applying the pretty useless foot brake, give 'er a brief crack of throttle to get set up nicely for the corner, then swing into the turn. Care must be taken not to lean too far over, for although the 28 x 3 four-ply Commander tyres are of modern compound and manufacture, using the grip they offer to anything like its potential quickly results in grounding the low-slung footboards which are unfortunately not hinged to prevent disaster, should this happen. Once round the turn, accelerate smartly away while advancing the ignition: with the throttle cracked full open the engine fluttered under acceleration, indicating the carburation was a bit too rich. Otherwise the engine ran very well and was very oil-tight, a credit to Peter Arundel and Lindsay Urquhart who restored it to this delectable state.

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Indianapolis 500 fixture Jim McElreath dies at 89 .
Jim McElreath, a teenage dirt-track racer who went on to become the 1962 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year and race in 15 Indy 500s, has died. He was age 89. Separate statements issued by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Texas Motor Speedway say McElreath died Thursday in his sleep at his home in Arlington, Texas.McElreath had been one of eight surviving drivers who had driven a front-engine car in the Indy 500, where rear-mounted engines are now standard. He finished sixth or higher in the 500 six times, finishing as high as third in the 1966 race.

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