Motorcycles The Story Behind the 1997 Harley-Davidson Heritage Springer Softail

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Harley-Davidson versus Indian Exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum

  Harley-Davidson versus Indian Exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum <p>Bikes, trikes, and minibikes</p>LOS ANGELES, California— We all know Harley-Davidson won one of the most renowned grudge matches of the last century between Harley and Indian Motorcycles, but the 21st Century is still up for grabs.

We found out where the 1997 Harley - Davidson Heritage Springer Softail got the spring in its step. In 1997 we looked into what inspired the '97 Harley - Davidson Heritage Springer Softail . ByJeff Karr June 1, 2017. 0 Comments.

THAT FORK: The Story Behind the Springer . JSK Moto Reimagines The BMW R nineT With Project Autobahn Streak. 6 Reasons To Take The 2018 Harley - Davidson Softail Heritage Classic Touring.

In 1997 we looked into what inspired the '97 Harley-Davidson Heritage Springer Softail

Harley-Davidson confirms electric motorcycle, 100 new models

  Harley-Davidson confirms electric motorcycle, 100 new models The launch date is still up in the air.Sound is playing a key role in the development of the electric Harley, says Bill Davidson, Harley-Davidson Museum President and great-grandson of company founder William Davidson. Noting the unique sound of gas-powered Harleys, he says the company wants to set its electric bike apart in the same way. "We have studied our competitors, and we understand what they are up to, and we did not want a normal-sounding electric motorcycle. We wanted something that plays into that look and sound formula. It is something really cool. I often refer to it as sounding like a jet fighter.

We found out where the 1997 Harley - Davidson Heritage Springer Softail got the spring in its step.

THAT FORK: The Story Behind the Springer . Front suspension: Springer , 4.2 in. travel Rear suspension: Harley Softail , dual dampers, 4.1 in. travel, adjustable for preload. The 2003 Heritage Softail Springer . We are particularly fond of the green.

One of the HeritageSpringer Softail’s most prominent features is its “new” Springer front end, but the concept behind this chromed bit of eye candy is a half-century old. Looking much like the front suspension on the 1948 Panhead that inspired it, this modern Springer iteration has been around since 1988. Evolutionary refinements since then have kept this antiquated-but-viable system competitive with the telescopic forks in Harley-Davidson’s line.

The Springer’s front-end function is immediately clear once you’ve had a chance to bounce on one and watch it work. The rearmost legs of the Springer are rigid and transmit cornering and braking loads into the motorcycle’s chassis through a conventional steering head. The bottom ends of these rigid rear legs (one on each side) have pivots that carry short swinging arms with the axle mounted at the front ends. To handle suspension loads, a second fork (positioned forward of the rigid one) mounts to the swing­arms via more pivots, and transfers suspension loads up to an array of springs and a single damper mounted in front of the steering head.

How Harley-Davidson Hides High-Tech Under its Old School Look

  How Harley-Davidson Hides High-Tech Under its Old School Look <p>Often criticized for using ancient technology, Harley conceals modern hardware with ultra-classic styling.</p>Hidden beneath their classic styling is a thoroughly modern motorcycle. Sure, the looks haven't changed much since the 1950s. That's partly why people like them so much. It's rare that people pay as much attention to an engine as the vehicle it goes into, but Harley's Milwaukee Eight engine deserves it. The Ultra Limited I rode was quite smooth, not shaky or bone jarring like a Harley V-twin is known to be. It was water cooled to handle modern American traffic jams without overheating.

1997 Harley Davidson Springer Softail FXSTS. Bike Is Black And Gray W/ Flames. This Bike Has A Wide Tire Conversion, 1340cc Motor, LePera Seat, And Lots Of Extras! We Ship Today! The Story Behind The 1997 Harley - Davidson Heritage

Motorcycle helmets and Motorcycle helmet - Welcome to a great place to buy helmets and accessories from Shoei helmets. 1997 Harley - Davidson Heritage Springer Softail . Once upon a time, when our GI's returned home from W.W.II

The Springer design requires unique mounting for the front brake caliper and fender. The caliper carrier pivots on the wheel axle, and feeds its braking torque into the rear, rigid part of the fork with a short-reaction link. According to Harley-Davidson, a small amount of anti-dive geometry designed into the system reduces the amount of suspension used by weight transfer under braking. The fender is carried on links too, and the FLSTS has reworked geometry to allow for closer, more-consistent fender clearance than on bikes with 21-inch wheels. The new bike also has revised rebound damping, aimed at refining ride quality.

Other changes made to the Springer design adapts it to the FLSTS’s 16-inch front wheel, instead of the 21-inch front wheel it’s been paired with on other modern H-Ds. The angle of the legs has been made more vertical to net an increase in trail of just over an inch. The brake reaction-link mount was beefed up to deal with the greater traction of the new 16-inch wheel, and the moving fork legs were widened to make room for the fat new tire.

The Springer front end is well-suited for duty on a cruiser. On the positive side, its freely moving pivots don’t suffer from stiction, it can have a competitively low amount of unsprung weight, and in this version, it offers a distinctively high chrome quotient. On the downside, it’s a bit heavier overall than the comparable fork in Harley-Davidson’s line, and at 4.2 inches, offers almost an inch less travel. Neither negative is much of a factor in the low-energy riding most Springers are likely to be subjected to. Its combination of supple ride and retro look is an ideal fit for the FLSTS.

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2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Cruisers Tech and Development .
An inside look at the biggest motorcycle development project in Harley-Davidson history. Softail and Dyna cruisers merger into a single platform.It’s not easy being The Motor Company. Having created the most successful motorcycle style in history, the company is rigidly held to that high standard by its customers. That makes change dangerous—something to be undertaken only after exhaustive study. Yet if you get the heritage part right, get the proportions, the colors, the unspoken but clear message right, you may earn the right to move ahead with change. Harley Earl, General Motor’s great styling chief, once said, “You must lead public taste. But not by too much.

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