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Motorcycles How To Pick The Best Parts For Your Bike

01:35  07 september  2017
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Special forces are getting a stealth motorcycle that's silent and deadly

  Special forces are getting a stealth motorcycle that's silent and deadly Here comes the dirt bike, beware of the dirt bike.Silent Hawk is a collaboration between Logos Technologies, which makes military tools like drones and sensors, and Alta Motors, which makes electric dirt bikes. Creating a silent motorcycle meant starting from an electric bike. As designed, one modification of the Silent Hawk uses a hybrid engine, so it can run on gas most of the time, and on electricity when it needs to be quiet. And it's not limited to gas: It's can run on diesel, as well as JP5 and JP8 jet fuels, so that the special forces using it in the field can power it with whatever fuel they might encounter.

But how do you find the best motorcycle tires for your bike ? With a little more knowledge than my lunch-loving pal ended up imparting to me. Next, a vocabulary lesson: tread and pattern. Tread is the part of the tire that comes in contact with the road.

Shopping For Parts Find Parts for Your Bike : Browse Dirt Bike Makes Dirt Bike Make Year Model. Dirt Bike ATV Utility ATV UTV Street Bike Cruiser. how - to - pick - the - best -4-stroke-exhaust- for - your - bike . blogarticle.

Customizing motorcycles has grown beyond the chopper scene and become a part of every niche of motorcycling. With the boom of aftermarket brands and products, you can make any bike do anything (well, almost). One of the most satisfying things about owning a motorcycle can be customizing it. Don't misunderstand though: by customizing your motorcycle, I don't mean going whole hog with it and building a chrome chariot that would make the gods of motorcycling weak at the knees; I mean changing out any stock part for an aftermarket part that's better suited to your wants or needs, whether ergonomically, aesthetically, performance or anything else. But knowing which parts you should buy can be tough when there are so many brands all making the exact same parts. So how do you choose? Here's a list of pointers from someone who has learned the hard way about making the right choices--regarding motorcycles, anyway.

Tips to Further Your Mechanical Moto-Knowledge

  Tips to Further Your Mechanical Moto-Knowledge Confidence-building tips for new riders and the mechanically disinclined. Confidence-building tips for new riders and the mechanically disinclined.

Shopping For Parts Find Parts for Your Bike : Browse Dirt Bike Makes Dirt Bike Make Year Model. If you're new to riding or looking to replace or upgrade existing 2-stroke exhaust pipes then this guide is your first stop. Here is how to pick the best 2-stroke exhaust system for your bike .

These steps will help you confidently pick the right size bike with minimal effort. Alternatively, two to three fingers between your crotch and the top tube are a good estimate for a road bike . Wear a helmet. Make safety part of your initial review of any bike .




If you've ever looked at online or at a catalog in a shop, you know that there are literally thousands of parts out there that do all sorts of things. Everyone knows you can upgrade your exhaust, but did you know you can upgrade your swingarm nut to improve chassis rigidity and handling? There are lots of little upgrades out there that can make big differences that you may not have ever known even existed, so it's worth it to go slowly through some catalogs and see what's out there. (On the flip side, there are a lot of parts that don't really do anything for you besides burn cash, so be aware of that, too.) This tip also includes understanding what you can legally customize, and what you can't. The law is a thing, and fix-it tickets are a huge buzzkill.

What is a Cruiser?

  What is a Cruiser? What defines the cruiser motorcycle genre? What is a cruiser?What defines the cruiser motorcycle genre?

Shopping For Parts Find Parts for Your Bike : Browse Dirt Bike Makes Dirt Bike Make Year Model. Dirt Bike ATV Utility ATV UTV Street Bike Cruiser. how - to - pick - the - best -dirt- bike -handguards. blogarticle.

Best use: Riding to and from work, or around town all day Hybrid, or multi-functional, bikes are popularly used as commuter bikes . These bikes have a lower price point than road bikes , too, for the most part , which hopefully helps ease the fear of it being stolen when you lock it up outside.


Speaking of upgrading your exhaust, certain upgrades may require more than you may initially think. If you want to upgrade the exhaust on a fuel injected bike, for example, you'll have to block off your air injection system and O2 sensor, and install a piggy back computer to allow you to get a custom fuel map made specifically for your bike for starts. Every model is different though, so do your research to understand what all you'll need to get in order to successfully complete a project, because there's nothing worse than getting halfway through an installation and realizing you don't have something that's mission critical. That goes for tools, too. But how do you figure out what you need? That leads me to my next tip...


Good mechanics can be gold mines of information. And they're usually excited to nerd out with you about parts and brands. Since they see bikes come in and out all day every day, they can usually tip you off about which brands' products are worth your hard-earned cash, and which aren't. Find a mechanic in your niche (someone who specializes in retro bikes, or a road racer, or a dirt biker, or a custom chopper builder, for example) and pick their brain about what you want to know. It's also worth it to ask what you're getting yourself into if you've never swung a wrench before, because while learning how to do new things is good, doing them incorrectly can be dangerous. Reputable mechanics' opinions are also more valuable than people who post on forums, so use them as your primary source whenever possible.

Kawasaki Teases the Retro-Styled Z900RS

  Kawasaki Teases the Retro-Styled Z900RS <p>Retro-modern, middleweight bikes are all the rage and Kawasaki wants a piece of the action.</p>In an effort to snatch up some market share in the sub-1,000-cc retro motorcycle segment, Kawasaki is tapping into some of its own design heritage and bringing it to a new bike. They’re coming out with the Z900RS, a repackaged version of the Z900 naked bike.

autos. You are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. How To Pick The Best Parts For off your air injection system and O2 sensor, and install a piggy back computer to allow you to get a custom fuel map made specifically for your bike for starts.

How to do a Pre-Ride Safety Check. Bike Commuting Excuse Busters. How To Survive Road Hazards. So Many Choices. When trying to decide on the best type of bike , think about these questions: Who do you ride with?



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Not all aftermarket parts are made equal, and price tags aren't always the best indicator of quality. Figure out which brands actually make quality, durable parts, and which brands make cheap, chintzy knock-offs. Sometimes expensive brands are all hype, and sometimes there's a reason a tiny piece of CNC machined aluminum costs a significant percentage of your paycheck. Once you know which parts are worth getting, get the best part you can afford. Think of it as an investment, and one you don't want to have to pay for again in a couple months because you bought something cheap.

2018 Yamaha Star Venture Behind the Design

  2018 Yamaha Star Venture Behind the Design <p>The story behind Yamaha's new transcontinental touring bike</p>Right now, riders have two basic touring choices: sophisticated-but-soulless luxury machines from metric manufacturers or traditional American V-twins that typically offer more “authenticity” than modern amenities. Yamaha’s Derek Brooks calls this the “full-dress paradox” and says this is the problem Yamaha set out to solve with its new Star Venture. “Why should buyers have to choose between traditional emotional appeal and modern technology and luxury?” Brooks asks.

Some find the best , most dependable and least expense using the bike they have and getting one of our wheels. *** Disc brakes (not recommended): Disk brakes are expensive to maintenance and, because of how they work, put a lot of stress on the spokes w/o motorizing.

How to Pick the Right Lube for Your Bike : Dry vs Wet Bicycle Chain Lubes. Avoid seizing and just a plain crap ride and find the right lube for the different parts of your bike so that you can keep rolling. Now, you can’t just go and WD-40 the whole thing and hope for the best because it might just not be


This one can be a toughie. It can be easy to decide that you want to buy that exhaust system before getting the ergonomics right for you, or putting sliders on your bike. But those things are really important. The first things you'll usually want to do first on a bike are protecting your investment with frame sliders/etc.; then getting the ergonomics right with handlebars, foot pegs or seats; then customizing it for function with proper tires, windshields, sprockets, etc.; and then make it look and sound like your dream bike with whatever other upgrades you want. You'll be happy you did it in the right order, because a bike that looks cool but sucks to ride, well, sucks to ride. And you'll usually only need a couple ergonomic and functional tweaks anyway before you can launch into making it your dream bike.


Customizing your bike can be highly rewarding or extremely frustrating. If you go about it the right way, it'll be easier and more satisfying in the end. Getting it right really only comes down to a few things though: do your research, don't be embarrassed to ask for advice, and be wiling to learn if you want to do the work yourself. But most importantly: have fun with it. Because that's the whole point of being into motorcycles in the first place, right? And remember that no bike is ever done: budgets will fluctuate, your vision for the bike may change halfway through and it's just plain fun to work on your bike.

Yamaha's autonomous Motobot can't beat Valentino Rossi... yet .
This racing robot can go fast, but Yamaha won't be satisfied until it can outrun a champion.Yamaha's Motobot goals for 2017 are twofold: Achieve a straight-line speed of 200 kph (124 mph) and beat Valentino Rossi -- a seven-time MotoGP champion -- in a lap around a racetrack. After accomplishing the first task, Yamaha set out to nail the second. Sadly, it was still about 30 seconds off Rossi's time, but it's getting there and that's the most important part.

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