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Escape to Baja: Three Blissed-Out Days Touring Mexico on a Harley-Davidson

Monday  20:15,   13 march 2017
Car and Driver

W<span style="font-size:13px;">hen they asked if I wanted to go for a ride down the Pacific Coast, I asked, “What about Baja?”</span>I grew up on Highway 1: traveled every inch from Leggett down to Dana Point. Summer vacations in[...]

How To Build a Custom Motorcycle for a Bargain

Friday  19:14,   10 march 2017
Motorcycle Cruiser

Crashed cruisers can rise from the ashes to become bargain customs Does it make sense to start building a custom bike by paying full price for a machine loaded with factory-fresh equipment that you are just going to toss into the dumpster in favor[...]

How To Break-In Your Motorcycle

Thursday  22:01,   02 march 2017
Motorcycle Cruiser

Should you break in your motorcycle gently or go full throttle? Research Research New Used New & Used Make (e.g. Mazda) Model (e.g. CX-5) How should you break that new cruiser in?First, let us say that far too many buyers seem[...]

Antique, Vintage or Classic Motorcycle?

Tuesday  22:41,   28 february 2017
Motorcycle Cruiser

What to call that old bike of yours Many motorcyclist, myself included, have an era of motorcycling that view as the "glory days".&nbsp;Many motorcyclist, myself included, have an era of motorcycling that view as the "glory days".[...]

Someone made a real Star Wars Speeder Bike

Tuesday  01:51,   28 february 2017

Whether you're a stormtrooper or rebel scum, you'll love this bike.If you dreamed of speeding through trees on 74-Z speeder bikes as a kid to help Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia defeat the Imperial Army, well you're not alone. The crafty[...]

1967 H-D XLCH Chopper | Reader's Ride

Monday  22:36,   27 february 2017
Street Chopper

One Texan's homebuilt Harley Sportster This is my 1967 XLCH that I finished building in May. It took me about six months from the ground up and was the first time I had ever done any kind of work on a motorcycle. When I got the bike, it[...]

1955 Harley-Davidson FL - Perfect Panhead

Monday  22:36,   27 february 2017
Street Chopper

It came from the middle of the century Bill Mize, the owner of this "fine" early-style chopper is one of those guys who just has his finger on the pulse. You might not suspect this from a guy who calls Sioux City, Iowa, his home, it not[...]

1936 Harley-Davidson EL - Art's '36 Knuckle Head

Monday  22:36,   27 february 2017
Street Chopper

An Exercise In Restraint The advent of multiple television shows where bikes are pounded together in just a few days has definitely had an effect on the psyche of the American bike builder. Looking at the bare frame and cases of this 1936[...]

1993 H-D Sportster | Live Bobster

Monday  22:36,   27 february 2017
Street Chopper

Build Smarter, Not Harder It's a tradition that began 60 years or so ago: People go off to wage war on our enemies, then discover motorcycle riding along the way, and come back to the U.S. and scratch the riding bug that bit them overseas by[...]

The Alta Motors Redshift ST concept is a street tracker dream that could come true

Wednesday  23:00,   22 february 2017

Alta Motors wows us with an electric street tracker conceptThough the San Francisco Bay Area-based battery bike builder has only offered up two models so far – it sells the Redshift in MX (motocross) and SM (supermoto) flavors – it makes sense to[...]

This World Record Motorcycle Is a V8 on Wheels, And It's For Sale

Wednesday  21:55,   15 february 2017
Road & Track

The "Widowmaker 7" once held the Guinness record for world's fastest motorcycle, and it can be yours.Built by famous motorcycle builder and racer E.J. Potter-who started building V8 motorcycles in 1957 at age 16-the "Widowmaker 7," as[...]

Why Victory Motorcycles was defeated

Monday  20:50,   13 february 2017

Victory never got traction, and it's not hard to see why.While in its 18 years Victory had never gained what could be termed real sales momentum, Indian – reintroduced by Polaris Industries in 2014 – has been on an absolute roll, combining[...]

Tips on Getting Back Into Motorcycle Riding After Winter

Thursday  20:55,   09 february 2017
Motorcycle Cruiser

Rusty riding after winter? Refresh your riding skills with these tips.&nbsp;Spring! That time of year when a motorcyclist’s heart turns to thoughts of…the new bike he just bought! Even if it isn’t actually in your garage yet, your heart probably [...]

The Indian Scout Will Restore Your Faith in Cruisers

Thursday  09:35,   02 february 2017
Road & Track

Think of it as the anti-Harley.With temperatures rarely above freezing these days and more than a foot of snow, it feels safe to say that warm days are over here in Boston. Yes, we are fully in the winter of our discontent. Some riders may still[...]

Ducati's 2017 Motorcycles Are Gorgeous and We Can't Wait To Ride Them

Monday  17:37,   30 january 2017

Ducati's 2017 lineup are works of art, as well as ferocious. Check 'em out.We’ve been test-driving Ducatis since 2002 and they don’t make a motorcycle that isn’t an ode to craft, speed and style; if you didn’t ride yours you would probably[...]