News VW Dieselgate Graveyards Grow to Over 300,000 Cars Across U.S.

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Only 83 percent of vehicles have been rounded up or fixed so far.

131506- vw - dieselgate - graveyards - grow - to - over - 300 - 000 - cars - across - u - s /. Flash - Volkswagen in UK court over ' dieselgate ' - France 24 - Thousands of British Volkswagen car owners took their compensation battle to London' s High Court on Tuesday over the

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Volkswagen's dieselgate fiasco has been one of the most infamous automotive scandals in modern times. After the German automaker was discovered to be using an emission defeat device with diesel cars sold around the world, it was hit with costs totaling more than $25 billion worldwide. Of that money, more than $7 billion has been spent buying back affected cars from the public; but where have they all gone?

As part of the dieselgate settlement, owners could choose from three options to remedy their woes: Allow Volkswagen to modify the vehicle to become compliant with emission laws, terminate the lease on a leased vehicle, or simply sell the car back to Volkswagen for an agreed upon amount. The third option is what many owners and prospective entrepreneurs chose to do, earning back thousands of dollars due to the value of the affected vehicles plummeting for private sale.

Fiat Chrysler And U.S. Government Close To Diesel Settlement

  Fiat Chrysler And U.S. Government Close To Diesel Settlement Further talks are planned, but the end is in sight. Fiat Chrysler looks set to avoid an unenviable sequel to the Dieselgate saga by agreeing to a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice. The justice department was seeking "substantial" civil fines from the car maker, alleging that it used defeat devices on over 100,000 cars sold since 2014 to get around diesel emissions regulations.However, the company and federal lawyers now look set to agree a settlement that will bring an end to the issue.

300 , 000 VW Diesels Sitting All Over The US - Продолжительность: 0:49 Wochit News 52 418 просмотров. Pontiac Silverdome Volkswagen TDI storage " Dieselgate " May 2017 4K - Phantom 4 Thousands of diesel Volkswagen cars are parked near Pikes Peak speedway

VW Dieselgate Graveyards Grow to Over 300 , 000 Cars Across U . S . - Продолжительность: 3:28 CC- Car Curiosity 8 просмотров. Volkswagen cars graveyard in California | Volkswagen 's car 's - Продолжительность: 0:42 Prime Article 1 526 просмотров.

It turns out, the answer to Volkswagen's storage problem is to simply store cars wherever the company can find room. From parking lots to entire stadiums, the automaker has been leasing space to let cars gather dust. Currently, Volkswagen may have as many as 37 facilities across the United States where it is storing the vehicles, reports NPR, including a remote section of desert and an old paper mill.

Volkswagen worked diligently to buy back the affected models where possible. Of the 475,000 affected vehicles, VW has bought back more than 335,000 units. Subtract the 13,000 that it sold after clearing EPA inspection, and the 28,000 cars that the Germans destroyed, and you now have a rough estimate of somewhere in the neighborhood of 294,000 cars being stored all over the United States. Though most of these facilities are labeled as being secure, this hasn't stopped thieves from taking advantage of what they can get their hands on, even stealing entire vehicles.

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VW Graveyard South Of Colorado Springs - Продолжительность: 2:16 CBS Denver 14 217 просмотров. Thousands of diesel Volkswagen cars are parked near Pikes Peak speedway 300 , 000 VW Diesels Sitting All Over The US - Продолжительность: 0:49 Wochit News 61 240

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler 2. Porsche In New Dieselgate Recall Affecting 60, 000 Cars Porsche’ s Powertrain Development Boss Arrested Over Dieselgate VW Hits Back At Claims That Dieselgate Fix Reduces Efficiency.

Volkswagen agreed to fix or buy back at least 85 percent of the affected vehicles to comply with a settlement reached with U.S. authorities. Around 335,000 cars, or 71 percent of affected vehicles, were bought back as of December 2017. Volkswagen states that it has satisfied all but two percent of the vehicles, which means that it still needs to account for 9,500 cars by June 2019.

It is not clear what Volkswagen plans to do with the cars sitting in limbo in the coming months. A company spokesperson said that the vehicles are "being stored on an interim basis and routinely maintained in a manner to ensure their long-term operability and quality." Once regulators approve the company's next moves, Volkswagen may destroy, repair, or export the cars in order to begin freeing up space in the parking lots around the country.

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Audi CEO Rupert Stadler taken into custody over Dieselgate .
Authorities hold Stadler in "investigative detention," afraid he'll try to suppressIn November 2015 Audi admitted installing emissions defeat devices in its cars, and Audi's been pegged in several reports as the source of the initial defeat software responsible for Dieselgate. At the end of May, authorities named Stadler and Audi board member Bernd Martens as two key suspects among 18 being investigated in the emissions investigation.

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