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Ford celebrates 10 million Mustangs in proper fashion

Wednesday  22:05,   08 august 2018

Even the P-51 Mustang is getting involved, despite it not being a car.54 years after entering production for the first time, Ford has managed to achieve something impressive -- 10 million Mustangs. Building 10 million of anything is impressive, but[...]
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Too High to Drive? A New Pot breathalyzer Might Be Able to Tell

Wednesday  22:00,   08 august 2018

If you smoked in the past two to three hours, this device knows.Currently, drivers arrested under suspicion of driving while high may be subjected to blood or urine tests to determine their sobriety. Trouble is, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient,[...]

FBI halts $4.5 million classic car fraud scheme

Wednesday  21:55,   08 august 2018

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York have lifted the lid on a fraud scheme involving classic cars that has scammed buyers out of $4.5 million. A group of 25 men were charged[...]

Softball-Sized Hail Destroys More Than 400 Cars At Colorado Zoo

Wednesday  21:30,   08 august 2018

14 people were also injured as a result of the storm. Summer in full swing, that means it's not uncommon for certain parts of the country to experience extreme weather patterns. A zoo in Colorado recently saw the worst of it; videos uploaded on[...]

Here's why Elon Musk wants Tesla to go private

Wednesday  20:10,   08 august 2018

It's not set in stone just yet, but a new blog post at least helps explain where this idea came from.Tesla posted a new blog to its site, essentially a copy-and-paste of an email Musk sent to Tesla's employees regarding taking the company[...]

IndyCar championship is a matter of numbers for Will Power

Wednesday  04:50,   08 august 2018

The 2018 Indianapolis 500 winner is going for his second IndyCar championship, having previously won in 2014.In search of his second career Verizon IndyCar Series championship (also won in 2014), Power is 87 points behind points leader Scott Dixon[...]

Thanks to Crazy Inflation, $1 U.S. Will Get You 925,000 Gallons of Premium Gas in Venezuela

Wednesday  03:55,   08 august 2018

It sounds like a fairy tale, but it's actually a nightmare.What if we told you there's a land where premium gasoline flows like water, where a single U.S. dollar could net you nearly 925,000 gallons of the good stuff? This is no fairy tale—this[...]

GM likely next to hit EV tax credit cap

Wednesday  00:10,   08 august 2018

Better scoop up that Bolt EV if you think you qualify for the full $7,500.General Motors should reach 200,000 electrified vehicle sales this year, triggering a phase-out of its federal tax credit, The Detroit News reports. It has sold approximately[...]

Ford Rolls Out Robot-Like Exoskeleton to Assembly Line Workers Worldwide

Tuesday  23:30,   07 august 2018

The lightweight wearable vest is made of carbon fiber and aluminum.The high-tech wearable is called the EksoVest, and is the latest example of advanced technology Ford is using to reduce worker fatigue, injury or discomfort. According to a statement [...]

What NASCAR's interim CEO Jim France should do after Brian France's arrest

Tuesday  23:20,   07 august 2018

Jim France generally has avoided the NASCAR spotlight but is in it as interim chairman after Brian France's arrest and indefinite leave of absence.Not long after Chase Elliott ended a long winless streak by finishing first in Sunday’s race at[...]

Jaguar Land Rover May Drop V-8 Engines From its Lineup

Tuesday  23:06,   07 august 2018

Potentially replaced with a new I-6Autocar reports that JLR plans to completely revamp its lineup between now and 2024. Beyond introducing redesigned models built on new platforms and increasing electrification, it will reportedly overhaul its[...]

Honda Civic Type R Sets Lap Record for FWD Production Cars At Hungaroring GP Circuit

Tuesday  21:55,   07 august 2018

This is the fifth and final of a series of successful lap record attempts at Europe’s most noteworthy tracks.The fastest lap time around the Hungaroring GP circuit in a front-wheel drive production car has been set by a Honda Civic Type R,[...]

Two Teslas Perform the Worst In IIHS Automatic Braking Test

Tuesday  20:31,   07 august 2018

However, the Model S and Model 3 performed better than the competition with Autopilot turned on.In this particular test, the five cars—also including the 2017 BMW 5-Series, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and the 2018 Volvo S90—were driven toward a[...]

Ford Factories Experiment With Gaming-Style Body Tracking Technology

Tuesday  20:15,   07 august 2018

Similar technology is used by superstar athletes to recreate movements on popular video games.According to a statement released on Tuesday, the Blue Oval and the Instituto Biomecánica de Valencia are experimenting with body tracking technology, a[...]

Manual Transmission Foils Car Theft for the Billionth Time

Tuesday  20:05,   07 august 2018

Nashville police arrested two teenagers last Wednesday, after a press release from the department said they attempted to carjack two women that day. The statement said the teens ultimately failed both times, with the second being because the car[...]