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Ownership How A Rusted Car Compares To A New One In A Crash Test

01:11  17 april  2018
01:11  17 april  2018 Source:

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Crash testing runs counter to a basic instinct of car lovers everywhere: it deliberately turns a brand- new vehicle costing tens of thousands of dollars into scrap. They help determine whether new models meet safety standards and how many stars they will get in the coveted NHTSA safety ratings.

compromises Crash Rust safety show Test Videos. Portal Knights Gets A Retail Release In North America, Plus Chinese New Year Content. A Cleaner Car In Just 5 Minutes | Autoblog Details. How To.

a close up of a car© Screenshot: Villaägarnas Riksförbund (YouTube)

A Swedish insurance company partnered with a Swedish homeowner’s organization to commission crash tests of a rusted Mazda6 wagon and a rusted Volkswagen Golf to see how badly the corrosion compromised the cars’ structural integrity. Here’s what the study found.

Swedish insurance company Folksam teamed up Villaägarnas Riksförbund, a Swedish organization that “promote[s] and protect[s] the interest of homeowners,” to commission the crash tests of two rusty cars at the Thatcham Research Centre in the United Kingdom.

According to Villaägarnas’ press release, Folksam says the results indicate that one of the cars saw a 20 percent higher risk of death in an accident when compared with a rust-free, new model. But, while this may sound conclusive, the full study implies that there’s a lot of uncertainty associated with rust’s affect on the car’s performance.

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Also, if you’re buying a car with an issue like this, likely it wouldn’t be able to pass a safety test without being patched up first . It may also significantly diminish the car ’s ability to protect you in a crash . I bought it new so I know my car . Don’t buy a car that has any rust .

This crash test is designed to establish how much a sample component deforms under a defined bending "We managed to halve the deflection of a locally laser reinforced pipe profile compared to the I had an optional electronic anti- rust module installed in my car purchased new in 2009 which

The cars used in the test were a first generation Mazda6 (representing 2003 to 2008 model years) and a fifth generation VW Golf (representing 2004 to 2008 model years), both of which were put through NCAP frontal and side crash tests so the results could be compared to the official NCAP tests conducted when the cars were new.

As shown in the video at the end of the article, those tests included a 40 mph frontal offset crash test with a deformable barrier and a 31 mph side impact from a moving deformable barrier.

a car parked on the side of a building© Screenshot: Villaägarnas Riksförbund (YouTube)

The rusty VW Golf didn’t see much of a change compared to its crash test rating when new, with its EuroNCAP score dropping only slightly from 33 points to 32. But the Mazda 6—a vehicle known to have rust issues—saw a drop from 26 to 18 points, bringing it down from a weak four star rating to a weak three, Villaägarnas Riksförbund says. The organization summarizes the rusty 6's crash results, saying:

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NHTSA’s Ease of Use Ratings let you compare how easy it is to use certain car seat features so you can make an informed decision about the right car seat. Buying a new car ? Began testing and rating vehicles for frontal impact protection using data from crash test dummies.

How Crash Testing Works. by Karim Nice. 35-mph frontal impact - At 35 mph (56 kph), the car runs straight into a solid concrete barrier. This is equivalent to a car moving at 35 mph hitting another car of comparable weight moving at 35 mph.

...According to Folksam, for Mazda 6 this is 20 per cent higher risk of being killed in a real accident.

It is not certain that another used Mazda 6 with serious rust damage had behaved just like in our crash. However, depending on where the rust is sitting, other negative and uncontrolled crosstalk effects could occur, compared to when the car was new. Due to the rust, the car is not deformed as intended and the ability to catch collision is deteriorated.

Thatcham Research (Villaagarna)© Provided by Univision Interactive Media, Inc. Thatcham Research (Villaagarna)

Okay, so a 20 percent higher risk of death in a real crash test; that’s pretty straightforward, right? Rust is very bad for a vehicle’s crash test performance, one might deduce. Well, reading through the details of the study suggests that the results of this test are highly inconclusive.

The lower front crash rails, shown above, are very rusty, however, according to researchers, the corrosion likely did not affect results in the frontal offset test, with the report stating:

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Notice how little the instrument panel moves on the Malibu compared to the dash of the Bel Air. This really shows just how far automotive safety has come. The Model S earned the highest crash test rating NHTSA has ever given a new car .

Car commercials often tout crash test safety ratings and expect us to be impressed. But how do cars get those ratings and do they actually translate to real-life But keep in mind that if you’re comparing a new car to an older model, their safety ratings can’t be measured side by side. IIHS crash tests .

From Figure 2 and 3 the extent of the rust is very severe; however, it does not appear to have greatly affected the structure of the lower chassis leg. The welds on the left image have not failed despite being surrounded in rust...This level of deformation of the front chassis leg is to be expected from the ODB impact, but without any original 2003 test images it is impossible to say with certainty if this vehicle reacted differently.

Thatcham Research (Villaagarna)© Provided by Univision Interactive Media, Inc. Thatcham Research (Villaagarna)

The unibody rails, too, despite significant corrosion, may not have performed any differently than they would have without the rust, with the report writing:

The point of failure is the spot welds between the two sections. Once these spot welds failed, the floor section was able to greatly deform into the passenger compartment. It was noted in the original 2003 Euro NCAP Test that the footwell of the vehicle ruptured, and without original test images it is difficult to say what the extent of this deformation was.

Thatcham Research (Villaagarna)© Provided by Univision Interactive Media, Inc. Thatcham Research (Villaagarna)

Even in the side impact, all the rust in the side sills may not have been such a huge detriment, with the study writing:

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Here's Every New Car That's 200 MPH or Faster. Convertibles Safer Than You Think. Here’s How Badly Toy Cars Do in a Crash Test . 21 crash test videos show how safe cars have become.

Each year, NHTSA tests new cars , trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and vans and rates them using the 5-Star Safety Ratings system. Although it is impossible to determine how well vehicles protect drivers and passengers in all types of crashes , the ratings help car buyers compare safety features

Figure 10 shows the deformation of the sill after the MDB impact. The footwell can be seen to have buckled a large amount in the impact, which most likely caused the additional compression of the ribs in the dummy. Again it is difficult to say whether the corrosion caused additional collapse of the sill and B-pillar without knowledge of the original 2003 impact.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Thatcham Research (Villaagarna)© Provided by Univision Interactive Media, Inc. Thatcham Research (Villaagarna)

In the end, despite headlines like “Major deterioration of crash safety for Mazda 6" (translated from Swedish) in the Villaägarnas Riksförbund press release, the results—as with most things in life—appear to be rather nuanced.

Thatcham Research Centre’s conclusion section begins by saying:

Without the original footage and full inspection report it is difficult to say with certainty about the effect of the condition of the vehicle on it’s safety performance.

But it does go on saying that, based on the modifiers shown in the above plot—particularly the ones related to the head bottoming out on the steering wheel, body shell integrity and footwell rupture—it appears that the rusty car did indeed perform worse than the Mazda 6 that was tested in 2003.

“It is the opinion of the author that the corrosion of the vehicles did negatively affect the safety performance of these tests,” the conclusion states, though the report finishes by admitting the results aren’t quite conclusive:

However, the extent of this negative affect is not as severe as expected. Without modifiers, the scores between the 2003 and 2018 tests are very comparable, and only after the application of modifiers do the results begin to differ..Without a much deeper analysis of the structure of the crashed vehicles, would you be able to confidently comment upon the affect of the corrosion onto the crash performance of the structure of the vehicle.

So basically, rust is—as one might intuitively think—most likely bad for the crash structure of an automobile. How bad is it? We don’t really know based on this testing, but it’s just one more reason you should work to keep rust off your car.

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