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23:25  12 june  2017
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Though touted as a safety feature, they sometimes lead to other unsafe situations.

The LED Daytime Running Light Is Not Helpful. Torchinksy, rightly, points out that the brightness of the daytime running lights is just high enough to fool some into believing their lights are on.

  The Dangers of Daytime Running Lights © Subaru

I hate daytime running lights. I'm perfectly capable of deciding for myself whether visibility is poor enough to turn on my headlights or not. Unfortunately, most drivers are not, which is one reason why most manufacturers now include them as standard equipment in the US, even though they're not required by law. Manufacturers can appear to be proactive at adding safety features. but really, it's just one less difference between cars bound for the US and cars heading to Canada, where daytime running lights are required. It's easier to install them for everyone than to create one more difference between American and Canadian spec cars.

2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Previewed in Unofficial Renders

  2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Previewed in Unofficial Renders <p>A better look at the next-gen Jeep</p>The leaked images, likely Computer-Aided Design (CAD) renderings, were black and white, grainy, and didn't show much detail. These renderings very skillfully incorporate everything we saw yesterday into glorious high-resolution, full-color depictions of the new Wrangler Unlimited. In the front, we can see the more upright grille that slants back slightly toward the top and has notches in the outer grille slats for the headlights. Those headlights feature LED rings and a horizontal bar in the middle of the housings.

Daytime Running Lights [ DRL ] commonly only illuminate the front lights of a vehicle, and not the rear lights . been adequately informed about this scenario, many just assume that there is a fault with the dashboard lights and drive on, unaware of the danger they are causing for themselves and others.

Daytime running lights : a warning. By: Dan Keegan. Date: Wednesday, 20. January 2010. As more cars use daytime running lights , the risk to Atwood believes that as a greater proportion of drivers begin using daytime running lights , the danger of masking will increase for those left without them.



Unfortunately, their presence leads to some new safety concerns. How many times have you seen a car going down the road at night with no lights except their daytime running lights? During the time of year when I commute in the dark, I see at least one car completely unlit in the rear every day. People just hop in their cars, notice that they can see ahead of them, and drive off, not realizing that their actual headlights aren't on. This problem is even worse in cars that light up their instrument clusters anytime the ignition is on, which more and more cars are doing these days. This makes a danger that was rare in the past fairly common on today's roads.

Automatic headlights can help. You can often tell what cars have them by their lights turning on under bridges and off again afterward. Not all cars do this. My Subaru BRZ's automatic headlights didn't flash under every bridge or tree. But they also didn't turn my lights on in bad weather conditions. Heavy fog or snow can still be bright enough for your car's light sensor to think you don't need your lights on, making you practically invisible - particularly if you drive a white or silver car.

Ford smart crib rocks babies to sleep using car sounds, streetlights

  Ford smart crib rocks babies to sleep using car sounds, streetlights Controlled with a smartphone app, the cot makes car sounds and imitates streetlights.All the while, however, there's a parent behind the wheel who maybe shouldn't be on the road, desperate for a moment's sleep themselves.

A Fair and Balanced View of Daytime Running Lights . They could have done a DRL implementation that was good, but that would have cost more money. The important thing is that they can now advertise that their vehicles include this vital new safety feature.

The Dangers of DRL . February 3rd, 2014, 06:43 PM. And even GM's executives have their doubts: "The research on whether or not daytime running lights are effective is mixed," said the company's director of legal and safety issues.

The problem with daytime running lights - and, to a lesser extent, automatic headlights - is that they lull the driver into a false sense of security. By taking away the simple task of turning their lights on, drivers no longer think about it, assuming that the car is handling this simple job correctly. That's not always the case. Drivers need to remain aware of these limitations and override them as needed. Despite the proliferation of daytime running lights, more and more states are enacting "wipers on, lights on" laws - and no, daytime running lights do not qualify.

Not to mention that many daytime running lights simply look ugly, like the ones on my WRX.

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Cadillac CTS Development Mules Can Communicate With Traffic Lights .
<p>New tech undergoes testing on public streets in Michigan</p>During tests on public roads in Michigan, the development vehicles were able to receive information from traffic signals via Dedicated Short-Range Communications technology. This data alerts vehicles if they are about to run a red light at their current speed. Armed with this knowledge, drivers can hopefully avoid having to make the decision to either brake abruptly or accelerate through the intersection at the last second.

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