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5 Tip-Offs to Mechanic Rip-Offs

  5 Tip-Offs to Mechanic Rip-Offs Consumer Reports has no relationship with any advertisers on this website. Unless you’re a car mechanic yourself, dealing with a repair shop may require a leap of faith. But if you pay attention to what your mechanic says (and does), you’ll find clues that could tell you whether you’re being bamboozled. Here are some things mechanics may say when they’re planning to take you for a ride—and we don’t mean in your car.1. "Get That Engine Flushed Right Away or It's Toast."Beware if your mechanic’s idea of "scheduled maintenance" bears little resemblance to the recommendations in your owner’s manual.

I buy about ,000 worth of auto parts a year. This is how I do it for nickels on the dollar. Cheap can be found anywhere at anytime. But good and cheap ? That's a bit tougher to discover.

Why Concrete Cracks and How To Fix It. 4. Horses Can Read and Remember People's Emotions. 5. The Best Electric Kettle For a Great Cup of Coffee. Remember, these places buy crashed and abandoned cars to recycle them, so selling their parts is a happy bonus.

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You want cheap? Everybody sells it sooner or later these days. From the local discount parts stores that clear out their unpopular motor oils and cleaning supplies, to the neighborhood junkyard is getting ready to crush their unwanted 20 year old Ford Escort.



Cheap can be found anywhere at anytime. But good and cheap? That's a bit tougher to discover. As someone who buys nearly $30,000 worth of auto parts from everywhere on God's green Earth every year, this is how I try to lower my auto parts expenses while keeping quality at a healthy premium. .

I Canceled Cable TV and Bought a Muscle Car: Here’s Why

  I Canceled Cable TV and Bought a Muscle Car: Here’s Why I am guilty of project-car neglect. There's no tear-inducing Sarah McLachlan commercial to that effect, but it, too, is a situation in need of remedy. Too many times, I've brought home a stray vehicle, a model I've always wanted to build—but a cheap and wretched example of the breed. The price was right; the condition was wrong. It's a cycle as vicious as it is round, but one I've finally broken. Research Research New Used New & Used Make (e.g. Chevrolet) Model (e.g.

After many years of buying automotive parts both online and at a auto part stores I have mixed feeling about both. Parts can be bought online cheaper , not always, but in ← How To Change a Fuel Filter On a 1996 to 2001 Chevy Suburban Our Picks For Best Car Travel Accessories for Dogs →.

How to Find your Parts . One of the most important things to know before you buy anything at an online auto parts store is the exact part you need. Compare Cheap Cell Phone Plans. The Best Unlimited Data Plans.

Oil Specials

I obviously buy mine in big drums instead of little plastic quart bottles. But if you only maintain a small fleet it's a pretty simple process. Most auto parts stores liquidate their less popular motor oils during the end part of the year and this site tends to feature those opportunities whenever they arise. What I would do is combine those special situations with a rebate from the manufacturer. Mobil 1, Quaker State, Pennzoil, they all offer rebates of $10 to $15 during the year which makes these opportunities virtual freebies. Havoline even paid me $3.80 to buy 24 quarts of oil from them last year.

Filters and Brake Pads

Amazon does have pretty good specials every now and then. But for my own daily drivers, I tend to buy nearly all my filters, brake pads, and wipers at Rockauto. If you buy a two year supply of parts that are your car's consumables (parts that gradually wear out), you typically will save about a third off Amazon 's prices and nearly 80% off the local auto parts stores, These days a two year supply of consumable parts roughly equates to a set of brake pads and whatever oil, air, tranny and fuel filters you will need if you're a DIY guy.

Who Likes Cheap New Cars? Phoenix Does, Detroit Doesn’t

  Who Likes Cheap New Cars? Phoenix Does, Detroit Doesn’t When you think of Phoenix, Arizona, you think of stands of cactus, rattlesnakes and unrelenting heat that can fry an egg on the hood of a vehicle. Now there’s another reason to think of the southwestern city. Phoenix has the highest percentage of cheap car sales than any other major metropolitan area, according to the car-buying site Carjojo. Research Research New Used New & Used Make (e.g. Cadillac) Model (e.g. ATS Sedan) Carjojo has analyzed sales of the 10 cheapest new cars in the 20 biggest American metropolitan areas.

Read more on Automotive . Home › Automotive › Don’t Use Economy Auto Parts . They’re cheaper but not nearly the same quality as “professional grade” parts . Unless you’re planning to junk the car in a year or so, you’re better off spending more for the better parts .

If you don't know how to shop for auto parts , you're going to wind up overspending, buying the wrong stuff, or both. So if you're buying rare, unique, and hard-to-find parts , your best bet is to try and track it down in person. This is the cheapest option in dollars and cents, but it does cost you time.

Low Mileage European Cars

Low mileage Mercedes, BMW, and Volvo parts are best bought at FCPEuro. They have a lifetime warranty for everything they sell - even motor oil. You pay a bit more, but FCP is excellent with only featuring parts that will keep a prime European car in mint condition.


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Old Ambulances Are Dirt Cheap and Ready For a Second Life

  Old Ambulances Are Dirt Cheap and Ready For a Second Life Used ambulances are way cheaper than you might think. Up until several years ago, the vast majority of ambulances being produced were powered by a Chevy or Ford diesel with a few Rams and Internationals sprinkled in there. Now, EMS agencies are transitioning over to gas as manufacturers pull away from diesel van chassis. With this in mind, there are plenty of Ford E350/E450/F350/F450 for sale along with Chevrolet Expresses, International Terrastarand Ram ambulances for sale.

International shoppers know the secret to finding cheap car parts - they buy Home HOW MyUS Works WHY Choose MyUS Country Guides Pricing Sign Up. DiscountAutoParts.com: Looking for replacement auto parts , performance parts or trucks parts , this is your store.

Have a look at one of the best websites to buy auto parts - SparesHub. Answered Oct 10, 2017 · Author has 119 answers and 44.9k answer views. With regards to your auto , you have to know how to fit in the parts to the correct finishes in the auto .


If you can wait a few days for a radiator I still like Rockauto although Ebay and Amazon can also be a better fit for certain vehicles. With those you always want to make sure the hose fittings line up correctly. If you need a radiator right now, 1-800 Radiator offers same day delivery and they tend to have excellent inventory.

Cleaning Products

The auto parts stores still offer mail-in-rebates that make certain cleaning supplies nearly free. Again, this site covers that need as well as anything out there. But if you're looking to buy it at a specific cheap point and time, check out cleaning products right around February at the auto parts stores. This is when the older designs and inventories are put on clearance and the new items come in those stores. If you have leather seats and want to recondition them, use Leatherique. It's worlds better than the low quality stuff you typically find at the auto parts stores.

Here Are America's 10 Favorite Cheap Cars

  Here Are America's 10 Favorite Cheap Cars <p>What Americans love the most in the sub-$20,000 range among new cars.</p>But even in this age where it seems like almost every brand will sell you something insanely expensive, there are still deals to be had—that is, if you can overcome the perception bias that spending under $20,000 on a new car automatically means you're getting something cheap and flimsy.

Buying used auto parts can often be an inexpensive alternative to buying brand new auto parts when you need to repair or upgrade your car. Often, you can buy whole assemblies instead of individual parts ; this will save money as well as time, as whole assemblies are usually cheaper than single parts .

Physical retailers, such as Advance Auto Parts , will also price-match those online offers and help you avoid any delivery costs. My other advice is to never buy the cheap stuff unless you want to spend more time repairing your car. I invest in better quality components in exchange for the savings, and it

Interior And Exterior Upgrades

If you're looking for a ton of upgrades to your exterior and interior, Craigslist can be one hell of a good place to find them. The trick is to find someone who wrecked their car and only had liability insurance. I once upgraded a near base Nissan Versa and gave it brand new leather seats, new tires and alloy wheels, tinted windows, and new interior door panels along with a replaced catalytic converter. My total cost? Zero. I bought it for $1000 from a lady who wanted her daughter's wrecked car gone, and sold it for $1500 to a fellow who wanted it to get his own wrecked car back on the road. Salvage auctions, such as Copart and Insurance Auto Auctions, can also be wonderful if you know someone who has a dealer's license. But watch out for their fees!

How To Pick The Best Parts For Your Bike .
<p>Everyone loves customizing their motorcycle, but how do you know which parts to choose?</p>DO YOUR RESEARCH ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE

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