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11:39  05 october  2017
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  Tech roars into the Sturgis motorcycle rally What happens when 750,000 motorcycles decamp to a tiny town in western South Dakota? Learn why bikes are the frontier of IoT, big data, and machine learning with Brad Jurgensen of HomeSlice Media.The Sturgis motorcycle rally, located in the Black Hills in western South Dakota, has attracted 500,000 to 750,000 bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts every August since 1938 for a week of drag racing, death-defying stunts, and roaring concerts. The event, famous for attracting gnarly bikers and weekend warriors alike, is a significant economic driver of the region and is a hub for motorcycle culture, a group that's being transformed rapidly by technology.

As someone who spent many an evening prank-calling my fellow university students, I have to say that to me the potential to game and/or abuse The officer explains to you that the driver you cut off sent his dashcam record to the local police station and it was sufficient to have you convicted in absentia.

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Can Someone Else’s Dashcam Impact Your Driving Record?© Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved Can Someone Else’s Dashcam Impact Your Driving Record?

Imagine this scenario, if you will: It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon at your house and you’re scrubbing your Nissan GT-R or Corvette or MG Midget in the driveway. You notice there’s a state trooper driving down your road, which is odd because your road is not a state highway of any sort. He pulls into your driveway and steps out holding a piece of paper.



“Mr. Jones,” he says, waving the paper in your direction, “you have been reported to the State Aggressive Driving Registry by five separate drivers. I’m here to remind you to be careful on the road and to keep a clear assured distance.”

Your Chevrolet Bolt may have a battery problem

  Your Chevrolet Bolt may have a battery problem A fault in a single battery cell may cause a false range reading.If you own a Chevrolet Bolt, you may be in for a sudden awakening. GM has notified a few hundred owners of the all-electric car that it may have a faulty battery that would cause a false range reading.

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Before buying, I had a question: what impact does having a dash cam plugged in all the time have a dashcam is to save money in the event of an incident by being able to prove it was someone else ' s That assumes that the dashcam is only in use while the ignition is turned on. If you leave the camera

“Am I getting a ticket?” you ask. This is all very surprising to you, because ever since you became a committed trackday enthusiast five years ago you rarely exceed the speed limit by more than five or ten miles per hour and you maintain absolute Zen-like calm behind the wheel.

“No sir, we don’t write tickets for reports... Not yet, anyway,” the trooper responds, before turning his head towards your car and saying, “But as long as I’m here, I’d like to to talk to you about your car. Is that window tint legal? When was the last time you got an emissions check?”

The whole scenario sounds like the fantasy of some paranoid drivers’-rights type, if you ask me. Except that it’s really happening in Colorado. The state maintains a secret “aggressive driver” database. If three drivers report you, the state will send you a letter. If five drivers report you, chances are you will get a visit from a state trooper. Ask any competent defense attorney out there and they will tell you that it’s never a good idea to have unnecessary interactions with the police in an era where most people, and most motorists, are unwittingly in violation of one law or another.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox 2.0T AWD

  2018 Chevrolet Equinox 2.0T AWD Chevy's top-spec Equinox is great, and cats are marrying dogs.General Motors has become surprisingly adept at developing rear-wheel-drive chassis that humiliate Europe’s legacy sports sedans and coupes. The Cadillac CTS, for example, makes the Audi A6 feel as if it has a sprained ankle, and it positively fat-shames the BMW 5-series. And last year, when we found ourselves confronted with the choice of whether to loft the Mercedes-AMG C63 S or the Chevy Camaro to our 10Best list, it was Milford, not Affalterbach, that carried the day.

Dashcam startup Waylens is already working on a followup product to the Horizon, a sharp-looking camera for your car’ s dashboard that was released late last year. The new camera is called the Secure360 and, you guessed it, it’ s a dashcam that shoots 360-degree photos and videos.

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As someone who spent many an evening prank-calling my fellow university students, I have to say that to me the potential to game and/or abuse this system seems enormous. Are you angry with somebody? Pick up a couple prepaid phones and call ‘em in to the aggressive-driving number. Anything could happen. They could get caught speeding and wind up getting a ticket instead of a warning because they’re on the database.

There’s no way that a program like this won’t lead to an increase in the number of citations written

There’s no way that a program like this won’t lead to an increase in the number of citations written–which means that the auto-insurance industry will eventually make sure that every state has it, including yours. They will say that there is no violation of your right to due process since no tickets are written based on unverified third-party reports. What they won’t say is that it will change the nature of police interactions with certain drivers.

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  Special Edition Rainbow of Colors Mach 1 Mustang As a Mopar enthusiast, Danny Ravas had never been interested in his friend Jeffrey’s 1969 Mach 1. Jeffrey had bought the car used in California when he was in the Marines, and he moved back home to Cleveland, New York, sometime during the ’80s. “It was red, and nobody knew it was a rare Mustang,”"It was red, and nobody knew it was a rare Mustang," Danny says.

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If you have a loud Harley or Vette that annoys the Prius driver next to you in traffic? Well, isn’t that aggressive? You should be reported. Did you use Launch Control from a stoplight? Maybe the driver of the car behind you didn’t like that, so pow! Another brick in the wall.


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Here’s another scenario for you: You and your friend work for a car dealership and you’ve got a couple of traded-in cars that you decide you’re going to goof around with. You head out to the freeway and do a couple of “roll races” from 40 to 70mph. When a driver behind you is annoyed with your behavior, you cut him off as he attempts to pass.

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I guess this is a good temporary solution for when you find yourself driving someone else ' s car for a short while. Or if you 're riding as a passenger but still wish you had your dashcam with you

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A week or so later, the local police show up at the dealership with reckless-driving citations for both you and your friend. You don’t understand how it happened–after all, you didn’t see any cops around at the time. The officer explains to you that the driver you cut off sent his dashcam record to the local police station and it was sufficient to have you convicted in absentia. The citation sends your insurance through the roof and you are pretty sure both you and your friend are going to be looking for new jobs next week.

As you’ve already guessed, this too is a real scenario, albeit one that happened in the UK. One of the writers for Top Gear magazine used the built-in dashcam in a press-fleet Citroen to obtain two aggressive-driving convictions for a pair of dealership employees who held him up in traffic with their admittedly stupid roll-racing shenanigans. After reading about this in Top Gear's August issue, I made a couple of calls to my local police agencies, who told me in no uncertain terms that they aren’t interested in playing Junior Detective with any dashcam footage that I supply. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, however, will take your video as evidence and will “launch an investigation” as a result if they feel that it’s warranted. Drivers have submitted independent dashcam footage to Canadian authorities and action has been taken as a result.

HUGE Gallery Of Rare Stuff From Petty’s Museum & Shop!

  HUGE Gallery Of Rare Stuff From Petty’s Museum & Shop! When your career spans 35 years and you’ve racked up 200 wins with seven Winston Cup titles, it’s probably a safe bet that you’ve collected some swag along the way. Throw in a bunch of cars and all the sponsorship merchandise associated with those accomplishments, and you inevitably end up with enough stuff to start a museum. That is exactly what "The King" Richard Petty's wife Linda did in 1988. The Petty Museum was originally established at the Richard Petty Enterprises facility in the Petty family's home town of Level Cross, North Carolina.

Lets you switch between Action Cam Dash Cam and Dash Cam modes. If an impact occurs, the Dashcam activates emergency event recording; it immediately stores 30 seconds of video prior to impact and records for another 30 seconds.

The admonition to walk a mile in someone else ’ s shoes means before judging someone , you must understand his experiences, challenges, thought processes, etc.

The problem is that the proverbial slippery slopes happen all the time in traffic enforcement.

Obviously nobody has any sympathy for people who get caught racing on the freeway or endangering innocent people with aggressive driving. The problem is that the proverbial slippery slopes happen all the time in traffic enforcement. Most of today’s seatbelt laws were passed with the understanding that it would be a “secondary enforcement” situation; in other words, if you get pulled over for another reason, you can be additionally ticketed for not wearing a seatbelt. Well, it’s now a “primary enforcement” offense in many states.

Some time ago, I had a conversation with an attorney who decided to spend an afternoon riding shotgun with a state trooper doing primary seatbelt enforcement. It worked pretty much like this: The cop sat in the median and eyeballed people driving by to see if they had their belts on. If they didn’t, he pulled them over and then he started looking for other violations. According to my attorney friend, this particular trooper was amazingly sharp and was never wrong about the driver not wearing a seatbelt. Your mileage, as they say, may vary.

Most modern dashcams have GPS capabilities, which means they can estimate speed. It’s easy to imagine a million CR-Vs and Priuses and whatnot out there driven by the Whole Foods crowd, all rolling down the freeway at the exact speed limit and recording that fact. When you pass them in your Pagani Zonda… well, they’re doing the speed limit and you’re passing them, right? It’s proof positive of speeding for any court that is willing to accept dashcam records.

Audi A3 Abandoned in Parking Lot After Handbrake Turn Gone Bad

  Audi A3 Abandoned in Parking Lot After Handbrake Turn Gone Bad <p>In a town called "Failsworth," no less.</p>Local police posted a series of mocking photos on their Facebook page reporting that the driver was showing off with donuts and a few handbrake turns in a Tesco parking lot before he "got it wrong" and smacked the bollard hard enough to dislodge it. The impact somehow sent the large metal rod through the gap between the rear wheel and the fender, and the driver's attempt at fleeing the scene pushed the bollard forward and up over the axle, almost lifting the Audi's back corner off the ground.

Hello, I have recently put a dashcam that records audio in my car and have been surprised to find out it might be illegal to record audio in my own car. Obviously there is no "reasonable expectation of privacy" when you are on someone else ' s property.

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Now let’s really get crazy for a moment. Imagine a private/public partnership like the infamous Chicago red-light camera situation. Only in this partnership, YOU are the private half. You, and fifty million drivers just like you, drive around at the speed limit with your dashcams on. If your dashcam sees a car speeding past you, it automatically sends the data to the cloud, a speeding ticket is written, and you get a cut of that action. Crazy, right? Yet that’s precisely the deal that speeding-camera operators have with their municipalities.

Some entrepreneur is going to read this column and realize that you could make a zillion dollars by sending “certified” dashcams to every hybrid owner in the Chicago or New York area then cutting a deal with the city to split traffic-ticket revenue. The city gets fifty percent, the reporting driver gets twenty-five percent, and the middleman gets twenty-five percent. The insurance companies would love it. They might even help fund the dashcams.

Luckily for us, plenty of courts in the United States have come down hard on revenue schemes like that. The news isn’t as good for drivers in other countries; ask any British driver who has ever been dinged for “Average speed in a zone” by the automated systems in rural England. American drivers like to gripe about our roads and our fellow drivers and SUVs and tractor-trailers blocking the whole road, but we do enjoy some important freedoms and protections. It’s worth dropping an occasional note to your elected representatives to remind them of that fact. In this country, we watch Big Brother, not the other way ‘round. Let’s keep it that way.

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