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China Could Drive Demand for Autonomous Cars, VW Exec Says

  China Could Drive Demand for Autonomous Cars, VW Exec Says The company anticipates regulations that could incentivize autonomous driving.China is the world's largest new-car market, so it already holds considerable sway over the decisions of automakers. But when it comes to self-driving cars, China could be particularly important, Christian Senger, Volkswagen's head of electric mobility told journalists at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Along with this increased security and quality, there are huge amounts of time to save by using a good electrical CAD software , which for instance can update all electrical schematic references , update all kinds of lists, and fill out ordering requisitions automatically.

Electrical CAD Diagram Production. CAD Software Integration. Automated wiring diagram generator. Integrated construction of 2D electrical panel layouts. Project wide cross reference back annotation.

You might not have heard of Sasha Selipanov, but you've most definitely seen his work. He penned the outrageous Bugatti Chiron. More recently, in his new gig as chief designer of Genesis Advanced Design, he led the creation of the stunning Essentia concept that stole the New York International Auto Show.

McLaren Is Incredibly Dismissive Of Electric Sports Cars

  McLaren Is Incredibly Dismissive Of Electric Sports Cars While Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Tesla, and even Chevrolet are rushing to build battery electric super car, The U.K.’s premier supercar manufacturer, McLaren, says they definitely will not, according to this report from Bloomberg. McLaren’s director of global automobile sales, Jolyon Nash, began the discussion on electric sports cars with an outright dismissal of Formula E during the Geneva Motor Show. As the conversation continued, he feigned ignorance, saying he knew ‘very little’ about the series despite its popularity among McLaren’s competitors, like Porsche and Jaguar.

Elecdes Electrical CAD design software is electrical engineering software for electrical CAD . Using its integrated database, Elecdes provides a series of automated reports, such as bill of materials, cable schedules, cross reference and wiring lists.

But it has been a long and difficult process creating the software before the engineer could do that so easy. In 1979 Boeing, General Electric and NIST develops a neutral file format as a contract from Air Matra Datavision founded as part of Lagardene Group and starts producing CAD /CAM software .

Actually, "penned" isn't quite the right word for it. See, he created the Essentia digitally, solely using computer-aided design. Nary a pen nor pencil touched paper in the design studio—other than for the most basic of thematic representations. Everything else was CAD. And Selipanov is very, very proud of his process.

Selipanov cuts a persuasive figure: broad-chested, shaved head, coarse black beard, piercing gaze, Metallica T-shirt. So you pay attention when he brusquely asserts that today's design school graduates lack basic design-software skills—that all they want to do is sketch.

a close up of a car© Motor Trend Staff

"Sketches are misleading," Selipanov said in an interview. "The digital process is liberating. It allows for instructions like, 'Go for it,' or, 'Push the back end down 10 millimeters.' In one week I can have a well-resolved design based on a data set, not just a drawing."

This $10,000 3D-Printed Electric Car Will Be on the Market in 1 Year

  This $10,000 3D-Printed Electric Car Will Be on the Market in 1 Year Consumers in China will be able to buy mass-produced, 3D-printed electric cars for under $10,000 by Q2 2019. The Italian company X Electrical Vehicle (XEV) will team up with Polymaker, a manufacturer of 3-D printing materials, to make the LSEV, which XEV claims will be the first mass-produced 3D-printed car. The company says it has already received more than 7,000 orders for the cars from the Italian postal service and from ARVAL, a vehicle-leasing service. The cars top out at 70 kilometers per hour (a little under 45 MPH) and have a range of 150 kilometers (just over 90 miles). A designer for XEV told South China Morning Post that China was the biggest market for their cars, and the company is in talks to set up a production line on the mainland. The cars reportedly take around three days to manufacture. Everything visible on the car except the windows, chassis, and seats is 3D printed.

This means that you do not need to buy the most expensive versions of our electrical CAD software to get full functionality! Creation and handling of reference designations at component, area, page and project level (function, location and product aspects) - according to IEC 81346, KKS or user defined

Warp Electric Car Motor Information. Electric Motor Cross Reference Chart Dayton. Wiring Diagram Ww Golf. Transaxle Cad Drawings Users Manual. Circuit Diagram For Electric Car . Electric Lime Custom Wrap Removable. Tesla Motors' all- electric Model S sedan got high marks . Does anyone know where

He's just getting warmed up. Standing next to his concept car, it's hard to tell whether it's the Essentia or Selipanov that is vibrating with scarcely restrained energy. In what likely will spark howls of outrage from sculptors, Selipanov feels clay modeling is overrated—and perhaps unnecessary.

"If you hand off a sketch to a modeler, it becomes his vision," Selipanov grumbled. "There's a confusing amount of conversations. What to tape, what to cut, what to mask. One model will have too much volume, others not enough. It never looks like you want it to."

In the case of the Essentia, 13 Genesis designers teamed to create three-dimensional data that became the concept. And the result is thrilling.

Here's the twist: In 2002, I interviewed Doug Halbert, who was executive designer of Honda R&D Americas. He lamented that all the new designers solely knew Alias keyboard shortcuts. They couldn't sketch their way out of a paper bag. Heck, they couldn't even sketch the bag.

Volkswagen Previews I.D. R Pikes Peak Race Car

  Volkswagen Previews I.D. R Pikes Peak Race Car Hill climb takes place June 24The I.D. R Pikes Peak is Volkswagen's first entry into the hill climb race since 1987. That year, it raced a twin-engine Golf which didn't quite make it to the end of the 12.4-mile course. The route begins at just above 9,000 feet and climbs all the way to 14,115 feet at the summit.

Did you ever spend hours as a kid sketching pictures of cars , devising design variations and more streamlined looks? CAD software is also used in packaging, shipbuilding, aerospace design , industrial and architectural design , film animation and many other applications.

Design and electrical CAD software for engineering projects. Solutions for the design of hydraulic and pneumatic automatisms. Cross- references with the electrical automatism.

Halbert's tirade was backed at the time by Nissan Design International founder Jerry Hirshberg, who laid down one of his typically piquant quips: "The seductive speed of the computer makes people think they can make soup from scratch in 15 minutes. But the soup you get sucks."

I mentioned this to Selipanov, and he had a ready retort: "The computer is not stiff. The design is still in your hands. If the design is stiff, it's your fault."

So who's right?

a man sitting at a table© Motor Trend Staff

I asked Chris Theodore, our Car of the Year juror whose career highlights include running product development and engineering for Ford and Chrysler. He knows design, especially in how it affects (and is affected by) the unbending laws of engineering and physics. Theodore sees the answer as somewhere in the middle. He sees sketches as a great communication tool, but he also agrees that CAD has grown in its ability to directly translate a designer's vision.

"The industry is in a state of transition with the technology," Theodore said. "It's important that a designer has the ability to sketch, as this creates a deep understanding of how to project 2-D ideas in 3-D and add emotion."

This Classic Mini Cooper EV Looks Like an Absolute Hoot to Drive

  This Classic Mini Cooper EV Looks Like an Absolute Hoot to Drive Too bad it will never go into productionThere's no way the Classic Mini Electric will ever go into production, but that doesn't make it any less cool. It is a vintage Mini Cooper, after all, and it looks like it's been meticulously restored. With a torquey electric motor in place of the engine, you have the makings of a surprisingly quick little city car.

Electrical CAD software for controls and schematic design . cross‑ referencing 6. Smart panel layout drawings 7. Electrical -specific drafting features 8. Ability to create PLC I/O drawings from.

Electric vehicles do not necessarily reduce the overall amount of energy used The Honda Dream Solar car achieved average speeds across Australia, from Darwin to Adelaide, of They were invented in about 1840, but they are yet to really make their mark as a power source for electric vehicles .

The initial CAD and surfacing tool software was crude, but it has evolved to allow for more realistic and refined forms to be created. However, "it takes a deep understanding of the capabilities of the software to make everything look right in the real world," Theodore added.

As such, a team can get very close to the designer's vision using only today's CAD tools, but most still require a clay model, cut off the CAD model, for fine tuning of surfaces and full appreciation of scale and highlights.

That the Essentia was done entirely in CAD "is more a testament to the almost compulsive level of detail required to achieve the desired result," Theodore said. In other words, designers, look before you leap.

    Genesis Essentia concept front side© Motor Trend Staff Genesis Essentia concept front side

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    2018 Honda Clarity Electric launches with $199 monthly lease price .
    The deal is almost necessary, because its range is not good.Honda is offering a heck of a deal on the 2018 Clarity Electric. It'll be available for leasing at a price of $199 plus tax per month, with a $1,499 down payment. That lease runs for 36 months, and lessees get 20,000 miles per year. If you're looking to buy instead of lease, you're plum out of luck—for now, leasing is the only way to get one. 24/7 roadside assistance is included, as well.

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