Family & Relationships Couples Who Talk About THIS Together Are The Happiest, Says Study

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One soda per day can decrease your chances of getting pregnant

  One soda per day can decrease your chances of getting pregnant Guys, this means you too. "We found positive associations between intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and lower fertility," says the study's lead author.<br>The sugar found in sweetened beverages, like soda, accounts for about one-third of the added sugar total in the average American diet, an amount that's been linked to weight gain, diabetes, low semen quality in men, early menstruation in women and now, a greatly reduced possibility of conceiving a child.

People in relationships who are comfortable enough to talk about poop with each other are actually the happiest . In an article on Thrillist, writer Jeremy Glass strongly suggests that all couples have the poop conversation. He says , "Look, every relationship is bound to have its awkward moments, but

According to a new online poll for the travel website Expedia, couples who take at least three vacations a year tend to be happiest with their love lives. Sean Hannity is the client whose identity Michael Cohen… On his show Monday night, Hannity said had The Saudi crown prince talks to "60 Minutes".

Couples Who Talk About Poop Together Are The Happiest © Provided by NewsCred Couples Who Talk About Poop Together Are The Happiest Couples do a lot of weird things: dressing alike, having inside jokes and even farting in front of each other. These things that might seem strange to someone outside of the relationship are actually pretty normal and healthy.

It shows that the two people in the relationship are comfortable with each other. Intimacy isn't just about sex; it's about revealing our true selves, warts and all, to another person. We're all human and flawed, and no matter how you may try to get around it, we all poop.

In an article on Thrillist, writer Jeremy Glass strongly suggests that all couples have the poop conversation.

Which State Has the Happiest Travelers?

  Which State Has the Happiest Travelers? The happiest travelers tend to live in the South Atlantic and Midwest, while the crankiest are more likely to be on the west coast.If you’re traveling, you’ll definitely want to do so in the company of Louisianans, who have been deemed the nation’s happiest travelers, according to a study by RewardExpert, a travel rewards analysis company.

Happy Relationship Guide. Keys To Successful Relationships. The first two groups were given traditional couple ’s counseling exercises to complete together : CARE and PREP. Some of the sample questions Rogge sent the couples home to talk about after their movie date was done

Orbuch has followed 373 Midwestern couples since 1986 in a large research study . Of those people who are very happy in their marriages, 98 percent say they intimately know She recommends that couples talk to each other for at least 10 minutes a day, but not about work, family or the relationship.

He says, "Look, every relationship is bound to have its awkward moments, but feeling uncomfortable and discouraged every time you walk out of the bathroom is a feeling that will ruin your relationship and make the inevitable walk toward the toilet as painful and jarring as your stomach directly before you go number two. The poop conversation breaks down walls and secures a level of intimacy few people get to experience."

You may be wondering what the poop conversation is and how specific you have to get. Generally, the poop scoop is an open and very honest chat between two people in a relationship about each other's bathroom routine, including what your loved one should expect (always open the window afterward), what to avoid (said bathroom directly after a crap has been taken), and whatever you need to discuss to obliterate any poop-related weirdness. 

9 Proven Ways Being In Love Makes You Gorgeous (And Healthy, Too!)

  9 Proven Ways Being In Love Makes You Gorgeous (And Healthy, Too!) <p>Being in love affects a lot more than our mood — loving relationships improve our looks and our health, too. In fact, love may just be the best medicine out there.</p>Just how powerful is love? Your strong relationship can do everything from lowering your blood pressure to helping you recover from cancer. It even keeps your skin healthy! And, it's not just romantic relationships that are responsible for your awesome well-being. Your close friendships and parental love are keeping you in tip-top shape, too.

And a recent study from the Institute for Family Studies seems to confirm that there are many perks to having a prayer life—even in the romance department. Couples who pray together often are much happier than those who do not.

Couples Who Do This Together Are Happier . By Tanya Basu. “In general, couples who laugh more together tend to have higher-quality relationships,” she says . Kurtz noted that some gender patterns emerged that have been reported by previous studies .

When you're talking the poop talk, you're not required to get into specifics, unless you and your partner have already established that there are no taboos regarding your relationsh*t (hah). Also, if there are significant changes in your poop in regards to the color, frequency in which you go and the shape, those could be warning signs that something is wrong with your health. You might want to discuss your fears and plan of action with your significant other.

Let's not forget that no matter how diligent you might be — like getting up way before your bae to get your poop out of the way or only using the bathroom at work — there's going to come a time that you will need to poop when your partner is fully awake and aware.

And even if you use gallons of Poo-Pourri to make your crap smell like an orange grove, people know you sh*t, so why not talk about it honestly and maybe have a few laughs about it?

One of the happiest countries in the world does marriage differently from most everywhere else

  One of the happiest countries in the world does marriage differently from most everywhere else Flickr / OakleyOriginals In Norway, couples are more likely to have kids when they're living together than when they're married. This is a trend in industrialized nations across the globe, but it's especially pronounced in Scandinavia. Scandinavian couples typically marry later in life, as a symbolic display of love.The Atlantic recently published a fascinating article on the ever-evolving function and meaning of marriage. The author, sociologist Andrew Cherlin, explains that marriage has become a "trophy," in that many couples wed only after they've had kids together and/or achieved other markers of maturity — not before.

Let's Talk About It. According to a study on the sleeping habits of couples , those who find their optimal sleep zone farther than one inch away from their partner are less likely to be happy .

There is growing evidence to suggest that one of the secrets to a long and happy relationship is to laugh together often. One study found that shared laughter was “positively associated with global evaluations of relationship quality” – in other words, those couples who spent time laughing together

Having the poop talk is a necessity, as Glass says, "The poop conversation is a highly important catalyst that opens up a whole new world to one another and catapults couples to a place of utter security, trust, and intimacy that most people only have with their best friends or siblings."

So go ahead and talk poop — you'll be happy and your relationship will be the better for it.

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The Most Common Mistake Couples Make, According to a Relationship Coach .
First, you and your partner are so smitten that you doubt the honeymoon period will ever end, and before you know it, you find yourselves sitting in front of a couples' therapist."I think the main one is that we forget that we're teammates," said relationship coach Tara Caffelle when asked what the most common mistake she sees couples make. "I'll talk to one member of a couple, and we'll come up with some brilliant discovery, and then they'll say, 'Do you think I should tell my partner about this?' and that's when I wanna smack them on the head and go, 'Well, of course you do!' Like why wouldn't you tell your partner this? This is a piece of you.

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