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Family & Relationships 9 Wedding Planner Requests You Won’t Believe

19:39  12 june  2018
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Meghan and Harry Have Their Own Wedding Beer

  Meghan and Harry Have Their Own Wedding Beer Cheers to the happy couple!

I have learned never to say "I've seen it all" or to claim there's nothing left that could surprise me in wedding planning . Here are 10 things it's hard to believe were happening at weddings I've planned -- but they really did (and I have the PTWD (Post Traumatic Wedding Disorder) to prove it)

Wedding Planners Share Their Most Outrageous Client Requests . From breaking up with the groom to renting flowers for the wedding , you won ' t believe some of the wild and crazy things these wedding planners have been asked to do by their clients.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd© Photo by Sylvie Gil Photography Celebrity DJ appearances, entire Harry Potter–themed costumes, animals in the bridal party—you name it, these wedding planners have been asked to do it. Sure, an out-of-the-question accommodation can be forgiven every now and then, but these over-the-top asks literally take the cake when it comes to bridezilla moments. Read on and maybe think twice before proposing your own out-there idea at your next planning meeting.

“I’ve had a lot of crazy requests in my career, but some of the highlights would have to be: suspending a giant wedding cake over the dance floor, hot air balloon rides for guests during the cocktail reception at an outdoor wedding in upstate New York, David Guetta requested as the DJ for an after-party, dropping a grand piano into a cave in Italy for a pianist to perform during dinner, an all-vegan menu for a 300-person wedding, turning an entire kitchen into a kosher kitchen at a five-star luxury property, and the coup de grâce…changing location of the wedding from the East Coast to Mexico during the 10 minutes the mother of the bride was out of the room in a planning meeting.” —Matthew Robbins, event planner and designer, and founder of Matthew Robbins Design

The Royal Wedding Cookies of Your Dreams Are Now Here for Everyone to Enjoy

  The Royal Wedding Cookies of Your Dreams Are Now Here for Everyone to Enjoy You don't have to give us an excuse to eat a cookie. Well, Anglophiles, save some room after dinner. London gourmet company Biscuiteers have created a tin of gorgeous royal wedding-inspired cookies, erm, biscuits for fans of the royal couple to enjoy. For around $63 American dollars (plus shipping), you can now chomp your way through Biscuiteers' "Royal Wedding Luxe Biscuits Tin.

Being a wedding planner is not for the faint of heart. Not only do you have to deal with stressed-out brides on the regular, but also the wild cards, like an opinionated mother of the groom, high-maintenance bridesmaids and flaky vendors.

Wedding Planner Checklists - A checklist is still the best way to guide you with your wedding planning and to keep track on things that are pending. Select the wedding attendants, i.e. maid of honour, best man, etc, and request their participation in your special day.

“I had a bride tell her bridesmaids they could select their own dress as long as it was a specific color of pink, but then she asked the girls to bring their dress to a bachelorette party in Miami. There she proceeded to make each one get a spray tan from a celebrity colorist (which the bridesmaids had to pay for on their own) so they could try on their dresses in person for her final approval.” —Anonymous

“A month prior to a wedding, I met with a client to discuss final details only to be surprised with a rather shocking story and request. The bride shared with me that her estranged father was just released from prison and might try to make an appearance at their wedding. She requested that we hire major security in the event he showed up trying to get even with family members. Luckily no crazy family showed up. The wedding ended beautifully and the newlyweds were so happy!” —Erica Rexroat, wedding planner and founder of One Love By Erica

Couple marries in the NICU, beside preemie daughter's crib

  Couple marries in the NICU, beside preemie daughter's crib They were planning a beach wedding in Okinawa, Japan, but when their daughter was born premature, their plans changed. When planning for a wedding or a baby, it's a good idea to expect the unexpected.For Rubia Ferreira and Tyler Campbell, neither their upcoming nuptials or the birth of their daughter, Kaelin, went as planned.The couple met in Okinawa, Japan, where Campbell was stationed with the Marines, and learned Ferreira was pregnant in February 2017. On a visit to Campbell's hometown of Jasper, Alabama in November 2017, Ferreira began experiencing abdominal pain.

Some wedding professionals offer ‘kickbacks’ to wedding planners for the referral (in addition to the bride’s discount), and the truly ethical wedding planners will request that instead of the kickback Many individuals believe that you need a planner when you are spending lavishly on your wedding .

A Planner Tells All: 3 Bizarre Wedding Stories You Won ' t Believe . *Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination- wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007.

“A bride’s father surprised her with homemade moonshine wedding favors. As cute and pink as they were, I shared with her that we could not disperse to guests because it was illegal for guests to consume outside alcohol at the venue. The bride begged and we came to an agreement with the venue coordinator that a placard must be displayed for guests stating no consumption on property. Well, we all know that didn’t happen. An hour into the reception, we had people falling onto tables, disappearing into the expansive property (which was on the water) and you name what else. This wedding ended as a drunken mess that couldn’t be controlled to say the least.” Erica Rexroat

“We once had surprise superheroes burst into a wedding (mid-nuptials mind you) to surprise a groom who was a big Marvel fan.” —Randi Haber, wedding planner and director of catering at Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore Inner Harbor

Trader Joe's Has a Royal Wedding-Inspired Soda

  Trader Joe's Has a Royal Wedding-Inspired Soda <p>Plus more wine, beer, and tea you can use to toast the Meghan and Harry.</p>Trader Joe's is putting a pair of refreshing spring-ready soda flavors on its shelves just in time for warm weather. But one of those flavors also coincides perfectly with another major upcoming event: The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. The first of the recently announced cane sugar-sweetened soda flavors, Rhubarb & Strawberry Soda, sounds perfectly delicious and tart in its own right. The second, however, may or may not have been an intentional nod to Harry and Meghan.

8. You shouldn’t hire a wedding planner . There’s absolutely no reason to believe that your fiancé won ’ t help you plan . This way there won ’ t be any surprises. Having a DJ also allows your guests to make requests , ensuring everyone will have a fun time dancing the night away and keep people

Whether it is hiring a wedding planner or just having a consultation to figure out a couple things you are stuck on. Weddings are so expensive. I can' t believe how much money my wedding has added up to be. Plan a budget!" - -Iesha Palmer.

“We had two gorgeous ballroom options for one of my weddings and I was thrilled that the favorite of the two was available for what I thought was going to be a very fun event. It turns out the bride was very demanding—especially with regards to anything related to the decor of her wedding. This was a historic property so it has a very particular look and many rules that protect the aesthetic of the space. After booking she asked me (with a straight face) if we could repaint the ballroom to match her colors. I promptly said no and that was the easiest part. The biggest challenge was answering her without laughing.” —Meghan Ely, former wedding planner and owner of OFD Consulting

“Every couple that attended one of my weddings received a complimentary night's stay at the hotel. This is standard practice in the area and would come as no surprise to anyone attending the wedding; the bride and groom had been great to work with until this very detail came up. They were incredibly sensitive to the idea of people even knowing they were spending their first night there, so they made us come up with an elaborate plan in which they did the grand exit and then we slipped them through the kitchen and back hallway to get them upstairs. It sounds easier than it actually was. It forced the kitchen to rework their schedule to make space for the couple to slip in and out so no one knew they spent their first night together at the hotel where they had their wedding.” —Meghan Ely

Here’s What Beyoncé's Vegan Meal Planner Looks Like

  Here’s What Beyoncé's Vegan Meal Planner Looks Like <p>Beyoncé had teased her vegan diet move last month on her Instagram ahead of her Coachella music festival performances. Here's how it works.</p>It seems Beyoncé can do no wrong when it comes to feeding her ravenous fans – and now she can add a new meal planner to her already powerhouse brand.

Wedding Planner . Quotes and contacts came very quickly!" - Praveen Gill. "Very good service.. sent in request and got reply very quick." - Elaine Loh.

Add a Song Request card to send back with your RSVP then the music playlist will be what everyone wants to listen to! 30 Wedding Favors You Won ' t Believe Cost Under .

“One of the most memorable requests I’ve received as a wedding planner was to ensure the bride and groom's dog made it home safely after their wedding ceremony. At first glance this should be a simple solution, a.k.a. have a family member or friend drive him back. Nope, the bride and groom did not want the guests to miss a moment of their big day, so after considering a number of ways to safely get the pooch home, we finally came up with the idea of Uber! Thankfully, an acquaintance of the couple was an Uber driver and we made special arrangements for him to come after the wedding family photos to escort the dog home. What a funny scene this was seeing the dog—who did I mention donned a pair of wayfarer sunglasses—jet off in an Uber from their wedding by himself. Getting a text message photo update that the dog was in fact home safely was the best part.” —Kristine King, president and lead event director at Kristine King Events

“One of my brides did a full Harry Potter–themed wedding, where every guest was required to dress for the theme and have their costume approved by the bride to ensure only one character was represented at the event, including a head-to-toe commitment with full hair and makeup. The bride's gown also included a 30-inch train and veil and the bridal party was in full costume with a choreographed wedding ceremony with horns and scripted dances, Quidditch during cocktails, and a private two-hour photoshoot in the forest with real smoke and mirrors.” —Anonymous

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir’s Food Network Show: 5 Things You Need to Know .
Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are a duo with television hosting superpowers.&nbsp;Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are a duo with television hosting superpowers. The pair of former Olympic figure skaters (Lipinski is a gold-medalist) originally came together during the 2013 Sochi Winter Olympics, where they served as commentators and analysts during the games. Their dynamic—not to mention Weir’s panache for personal style—turned out to be such a hit that they appeared as fashion commentators at the Academy Awards ceremony in 2014. Since then, they’ve served as fashion experts at the Kentucky Derby for NBC.

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