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7 Ways to Upgrade Dessert with Girl Scout Cookies

  7 Ways to Upgrade Dessert with Girl Scout Cookies Yes, your cupcakes will benefit from cookies. Girl Scout Cookie season is precious and short, so it's no wonder we all frantically stock up on a dozen or more boxes of our favorites. We could just freeze our giant stash, but why not have a little fun by incorporating them into some sweet treats? Here are seven ideas for blending, crumbling, and mixing Girl Scout Cookies into delicious, upgraded desserts. Yes, your cupcakes will benefit from cookies.

The response was absolutely loving and sweet, but there was also this blanket sheen of shock. I’m the mom here. Of course I understood what my role meant — and yes , I was prepared to do whatever the hell I needed to do to build an environment where my incredible child could live, thrive, and prosper.

Think you can't afford to be a stay-at-home mom ? I'm here to tell you that you can! My family. also has a horrible fear of too little health insurance because of my husband’s hip replacement at 30. His degree seems to make him qualified for jobs that barely pay an hour.

Smiling mother embracing toddler daughter © Thomas Barwick/Taxi/Getty Images Smiling mother embracing toddler daughter

I knew I was pregnant before I even purchased the test.

My suddenly non-existent appetite, the strange pain I felt in my pelvis when I coughed, the inexplicable sense of calm I felt each day that it became clearer that my period was just not fucking coming — they all worked together to loudly inform me that my life was about to irrevocably change. I repackaged all of the blaring, cacophonous signals into a more palatable message for my husband:

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure that I’m pregnant. Let’s just watch Harry Potter tonight and get a test tomorrow morning.”

So we fell asleep to Harry trudging through the Triwizard Tournament, and the next morning we confirmed our unexpected blessing. In our haze of shock and excitement, we chose to announce it immediately.

Going Out Tops of the Early 2000s Are Officially Back Now, Too

  Going Out Tops of the Early 2000s Are Officially Back Now, Too If the Fall 2017 runways made you feel a little déjà vu, that's because early 2000s style is back in a big way. We've seen it all before: Juicy Couture tracksuits, super cropped crop tops, camouflage pants, bedazzled headbands and chokers, layered tank tops, and silk bustiers. (If you need any more proof that time is a flat circle, just do a side-by-side comparison of Kim Kardashian West circa 2001 with her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, today.) But this season in particular, we've noticed a strong revival of the silver sequin halter top—a nightlife favorite of Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson.

You have to be the party girl " Women speak about Caldbeck, Teo, and Binary's party culture. Yes , Teo admitted, he had been aware that he was working with an admitted sexual predator, but he truly, honestly believed that such behaviour was all in the past.

So you consider yourself a “ party girl .” To be honest, that is fantastic! I say this on behalf of most guys out there: we are incredibly infatuated with party girls. Maybe it is our own inability to see our moms dancing on a bar stool that is clouding our judgments, for that I cannot be certain.

The response was absolutely loving and sweet, but there was also this blanket sheen of shock. It ranged from “Wow, this is so unexpected, you guys! Congratulations!” to the more pointed “Wait, YOU’RE going to be a mom?! YOU?! There’s NO WAY!” And I understood, to an extent. The juxtaposed images of a woman cradling a bottle of vodka on a crowded dance floor, and then cradling a human baby just over a year later could be jarring for some. I’ve also never been terribly vocal about having children, so the initial surprise seemed fitting at first.

What affected me was the sustained shock from a few folks.

Smiling pregnant woman in a park. © gilaxia/Getty Images Smiling pregnant woman in a park. When my belly rounded with growing life, mere weeks (days, even) before my daughter arrived, and even as I held my child in my arms, the echoing “Wow, I still can’t believe YOU’RE a mom” took a toll that I hadn’t recognized until recently.

San Francisco Girl Scouts Made a Bet With Weed Dispensary for Charity

  San Francisco Girl Scouts Made a Bet With Weed Dispensary for Charity <p>Learn more about what is hot and trending in the world of food and drink.</p>San Francisco Girl Scouts Made a Bet With Weed Dispensary for Charity

The labia and the vaginal walls also get pumped with blood. If all that blood is then not released via orgasm, it can cause a female version of blue balls. For females, [blood flow] is a lot more natural because we ' re meant to have babies," she says.

Yes , there are mothers who put their children in danger because of substance abuse. More on that further down. (And: more confidence is also a good example for our children, if we must insist that everything moms do contain a nug of utility for the greater good.)

That friendly, innocuous brand of disbelief – the idea that a loud, potty-mouthed, fun-loving woman like me didn’t fit the responsible yet sterilized archetype of a mother – partly informed my first year anxiety as a new parent.

I was prepared to shoulder the fear that comes with entering a new phase in life (especially one that involves shaping the life of an actual human being). However, the added pressure of disproving the skepticism around me blocked a lot of the fun that comes along with figuring things out. I knew deep down that I was more than equipped to be a parent. I also knew that I had the unwavering support of all of my loved ones.

There was just this nagging worry that people had a reason to side-eye this new stage of my life.

There’s still this widespread image of motherhood that is simultaneously expected and unattainable. It somehow involves us packing up all of the things that make us human, and storing them like forgotten winter clothes while we restructure ourselves solely to raise our children. We’re supposed to instill this desire in our little ones to chase their individuality while shirking our own, all for the sake of fulfilling the “acceptable mother figure” role.

DIY slime project brutally burns 11-year-old girl, family says

  DIY slime project brutally burns 11-year-old girl, family says A Massachusetts family is warning others about the dangers of do-it-yourself homemade slime after their 11-year-old daughter suffered second- and third-degree burns on her hands, which doctors said is likely the result of prolonged exposure to one of the recipe’s key ingredients. Kathleen Quinn, who at one point was making the slime on a daily basis, suffered the injury while staying over at a friend’s house, WCVB reported.“It felt really hot and tingly,” Quinn, of Rockland, told WCVB.

Does she exhibit any interest in kids? Typically, women who genuinely are interested in children before they have their own tend to make fun moms . Mothers need to be caring and nurturing, but it's also important for them to instill discipline and ambition in their children so that they will grow up to be

These are the struggles of being a retired party girl 9. Your emergency contact is still your mom . While you were busy partying away your late teens and early twenties, you suddenly realize you forgot to do something very important — make real ride-or-die friends.

It’s a strange shade of misogyny that leads people to believe that a woman can be a mother or a fully realized human, but never at the same time.

So I interpreted the surprise of my friends (along with a helping of their very well-meaning, yet totally unsolicited advice) as belief that I was incapable of prioritizing my responsibilities, which still stings. I internalized some of that, instead of honing and trusting my evolving instincts. Then, once I got to know the awesome little girl I was raising, the idea of anyone’s opinion on my motherhood abilities superseding my own felt sillier and sillier.

I’m the mom here. Of course I understood what my role meant — and yes, I was prepared to do whatever the hell I needed to do to build an environment where my incredible child could live, thrive, and prosper. That building process is going to last my entire life and I’m definitely going to continue to add to the pile of parenting mistakes that has accumulated over the years. There’s no mistaking that my daughter is my top priority. So if that was ever a point of concern, well…no worries there. Four years later and guess what? I’m still killing it.

Turns Out, Guy Fieri IRL Is the Life Coach You've Always Wanted

  Turns Out, Guy Fieri IRL Is the Life Coach You've Always Wanted I'm sitting next to Guy Fieri, outside overlooking the ocean, drinking a glass of sauvignon blanc. Food really isn't the subject of our conversation; we're talking about pursuing dreams and life coaching. It's the most unexpected turn of events I've ever experienced at the Pebble Beach Food &amp; Wine festival - or any food festival for that matter. We're seated with two other chefs and his assistant. They have a similar rock star demeanor - tan and tattooed. Guy invites me to sit down and talk but he says, "The catch is . . . you have to have a glass of wine.

Slacker mom was a term coined by Muffi Mead-Ferro,[1] and it's also known as being a Beta mom , or slow parenting.[2][3] Slacker moms are moms who reject any over-parenting models that Let your kid get muddy, dirty, wet, and yes , pooey even. Kids need to touch, test, push and pull stuff around.

Yes , I’m a Mom . But the thing is , I’ve also been a child. This article isn’t the first time I’ve seen this idea that mothers have a sort of common bond and understanding.

I’m just not about to abandon who I am and everything I enjoy just to harbor the sole title of mother, because I’m never going to be solely a mother.

I treasure my alone time as well as the memories I create with my kid. I both live for her and exist outside of her, and there’s a difference.I’m also a writer, a nerd, a shots enthusiast, a podcast creator, and a celebrity crush connoisseur. My favorite vacation memory includes me chugging a bottle of cheap wine and laughing obnoxiously in the streets of Key West with some of my best friends — and I aim to do that again sooner than later. I have strong opinions about social justice and the treatment of the marginalized — and no, I don’t always express them nicely.

We should never stop encouraging those we love to grow and evolve. Furthermore, we should learn how to respect the roles of mothers without placing them on this impossible pedestal that doesn’t allow them to continue their growth, evolution, and individuality.

Party on, mama. You’re doing such a great job.

Believe It or Not, You Can Now Visit the Official Cheetos Museum .
If you’ve ever gone through a bag of Cheetos and thought, “Hey, this kind of looks like a cat,” or some other sort of animal (like the Harambe Cheeto that sold for $100,000 on eBay), human, or object, you’re not alone — thousands of people have submitted their most bizarre finds to Cheetos through the brand’s online contests, and now there’s a whole museum dedicated to them. Cheetos has partnered with Ripley’s Believe It or Not! to create the official Cheetos Museum in New York City, featuring some of the best submissions they’ve received since launching an online museum in 2016. Upon entering the museum, visitors are greeted by a giant statue of Chester Cheetah holding a larger version of last year’s contest winner: a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos cat. In the exhibit, you can find a Cheetos infinity hall lined with mirrors, and then you make your way to the Cheetos room, with around 130,000 Cheetos covering the walls. In addition to the exhibit, which will be open through the summer, Cheetos is launching its second competition for the Cheetos Museum, but this time Cheesy and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are going head-to-head to see which flavor has birthed the best Cheetos masterpieces. Fun-shaped Cheeto submissions can be made online via the museum's website or through Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags “#CheetosMuseum” and “#Contest” through August 6. Submissions will be judged every week, with two winners, one Cheesy and one Flamin’ Hot, to receive $5,000 each. In total, $100,000 in prize money will be awarded. Can’t make it to the Cheetos Museum? Click here to get an inside look.

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