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The Dark World of Mom Bullies

Wednesday  01:46,   17 may 2017

Think you've outgrown the mean girls in high school? Think again.Marie Claire recently published an article, "The Rise of Mean Moms," and it's all too real for many mothers. Unfortunately, mean moms are on the rise, and we have all either felt[...]

10 of the Worst Wedding Faux Pas That Have Actually Happened

Tuesday  22:41,   16 may 2017

Here comes a really upset bride.1. "Someone brought their own bottles of wine to my wedding reception…at a vineyard. We had beer, wine, and specialty drinks, so everyone had plenty of options. But this pompous asshole - who was on my husband's side[...]

Here’s What Maternity Leave Is Like Outside the US

Tuesday  19:51,   16 may 2017

Here’s What Maternity Leave Is Like Outside the USIf you’re a working mom in America, you’ve probably learned that maternity leave in this country largely sucks. There’s no federal law requiring employers to offer new parents paid time off, which[...]

Yes, the “party girl” can also be a phenomenal mom

Tuesday  18:07,   16 may 2017
Hello Giggles

I knew I was pregnant before I even purchased the test. My suddenly non-existent appetite, the strange pain I felt in my…My suddenly non-existent appetite, the strange pain I felt in my pelvis when I coughed, the inexplicable sense of calm I felt[...]

The One Thing You Should Be Doing to Strengthen Your Relationship

Tuesday  17:51,   16 may 2017
Woman's Day

We're definitely trying this.The study, presented at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference in Brighton, England, involved a group of 38 participants (19 couples) who answered questionnaires assessing their physical and mental[...]

How to Be a Relationship Realist

Monday  22:35,   15 may 2017

As you’re preparing for your wedding, remember that you’re also preparing for your marriage (and that your marriage will last a lot longer than that one big day!). Everyone has expectations going into a relationship, whether it’s a business [...]

This Baby Food Dispensing Spoon Is a Game Changer for Parents

Monday  22:07,   15 may 2017
Woman's Day

Feeding on the go just got a whole lot easier.Squirt isn't any ordinary type of spoon-it also doubles as a baby food dispenser. Simply fill the product's bulb with up to three ounces of baby food, and the pureed yumminess comes right out with one[...]

What it’s like to grow up with a preaching mom

Monday  21:50,   15 may 2017
Hello Giggles

When I was in kindergarten, all the kids in my class were required to make poster boards about themselves so we could…When I was in kindergarten, all the kids in my class were required to make poster boards about themselves so we could get to know[...]

According to a therapist, these things will destroy your relationship with your mom

Monday  21:20,   15 may 2017
Hello Giggles

While some people are best friends with their moms, others have more challenging relationships with them. If you’re not careful, your actions…With Mother’s Day upon us , now’s the perfect time to investigate mother-daughter relationships[...]

Stop telling your child they are ‘amazing.’ You could be setting them up for failure.

Monday  21:05,   15 may 2017

Is praise always good? A new study presented at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference showed regular parental praise, specifically five times a day, improves a child's well being.Is praise always[...]

If You're A Working Mom, These Are The Best And Worst States To Call Home

Monday  20:35,   15 may 2017

For working mothers across the United States, your geographical location can determine a lot. The state that you live in can play a factor in how much you pay for a variety of things and how many professional opportunities are available. In a[...]

“Is My Husband Gay?” How a New Book Uses Big Data to Unearth Women's Secret Obsessions

Monday  20:01,   15 may 2017

What can surveys tell you about us? Women are happier than men. The problem with surveys is they depend on what people tell you—and that's often what they think they should tell you (a phenomenon known as “social desirability bias") or what [...]

Kids Absolutely Belong At Weddings, Don't Fight Me On This

Monday  19:53,   15 may 2017

Whenever wedding season rolls around, the issue of inviting children becomes a hot topic, with tons of opinions rolling around the internet. I've read a good number of both pro and con pieces, including an essay written last year on Refinery29[...]

Family Has Epic ‘Game Of Thrones'-Inspired Photo Shoot For Dad’s Birthday

Monday  17:51,   15 may 2017

These aren’t your typical Sears family photos. Wim Tilkin, who resides in Kortenaken, Belgium, had a very specific request for his 50th[...]

9 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Friends About Your Marriage

Monday  17:41,   15 may 2017

While our friends are often our biggest supporters and "chosen family," there are a few things you should avoid telling them about your marriage.<div><div class="ng-scope" log-id="article-div"[...]