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All the Things That Make a Mom Pee Her Pants (Literally)

Monday  21:27,   14 may 2018

You know it's[...]

15 Things You Keep Doing Over And Over Again In Your Relationship That Kill it

Monday  21:16,   14 may 2018

It's said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So, yes, we know that snooping around our partner's email account is a bad idea in healthy relationships, but sometimes[...]

Is It Ever OK To Talk About Your Ex On A First Date?

Monday  20:51,   14 may 2018

video It's a very common scenario — you go on a first date, have a drink or two, and you both start talking about your lives, past loves and dreams for the future. Then, one of you makes the grievous mistake of sharing too much about an old[...]

Melania Is One Of The Fastest Rising Baby Names For Girls

Saturday  02:41,   12 may 2018

Melania is one of the fastest rising names baby names for girls in the U.S., according to new data from the Social Security Administration. Among girls’ names, first lady Melania Trump’s first name saw the fifth-largest jump in popularity[...]

Being a Mom Cost Me Thousands — And I'd Do It All Over Again

Friday  23:00,   11 may 2018

Motherhood comes with a hefty price tag.The truth is, those estimates are just that — and they are based off a norm. Ask any mom and she’ll tell you that her child is anything but typical. That would certainly be true in my[...]

Babies would rather talk to other babies than listen to your baby talk

Friday  19:26,   11 may 2018

We know that babies prefer the high-pitched sounds produced by their caregivers in “baby talk” over regular speech, but a new study provides an exciting…© Catalyst Images Researchers at the University of Quebec tested babies on their preference for [...]

The most popular baby names in America for 2017 were ...

Friday  19:10,   11 may 2018

The Social Security Administration released its annual list of most popular names for boys and girls. And there were some surprises!The Social Security Administration released its annual list of most popular names on Friday, both on its website and[...]

Target Has Matching Family Outfits and We Don't Know How to Feel

Friday  17:29,   11 may 2018

Is this the best or worst idea ever?Parents are praising the new Genuine Kids additions from OshKosh for being more stylish than tacky and making outfit selections for family photo shoots or trips a whole lot easier. With this new collection,[...]

Older Couples Are Increasingly Living Apart. Here’s Why

Thursday  20:36,   10 may 2018

The North Carolina seniors live in separate houses and don’t plan to move in together or marry. Spontaneously, Mamel drew Sheroff to him and gave her a kiss. “I kind of surprised her. But she was open to it,” he[...]

Where to Splurge and Where to Save Money on Your Wedding

Thursday  20:06,   10 may 2018

Expert tips from our friends at Rye Workshop."Spring for one (or two!) large installs for your reception — over the bar, dance floor, entry to your reception space. Wow your guests with an awesome, memorable, and, yes, Instagram-friendly install![...]

Your Month-by-Month Guide to Childbirth Recovery

Thursday  19:53,   10 may 2018

<p>We all know that pregnancy and childbirth are hard.</p> We all know that pregnancy and childbirth are hard. But not as many people talk about how hard postpartum recovery can be — physically and emotionally. In the U.S., new parents are[...]

Couples Who Talk About THIS Together Are The Happiest, Says Study

Thursday  19:52,   10 may 2018

Couples do a lot of weird things: dressing alike, having inside jokes and even farting in front of each other. These things that might seem strange to someone outside of the relationship are actually pretty normal and healthy.It shows that the two[...]

Getting Through Mother's Day Without My Mom

Thursday  00:26,   10 may 2018

I was 14 when my mother died, and we were anything but close. She struggled with addiction and psychosis, so I lived with my dad pretty much since the day I was born. To me, Mother's Day was never particularly special. Despite all of this, the[...]

Science Says Women Aren’t Interested in Flashy Men

Tuesday  21:46,   08 may 2018

Women don't see men fixated on material goods as an attractive long-term mate, says a new study published in Springer's journal Evolutionary Psychological Science. For the study, Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan and Jessica[...]

Everything You Need to Know About Maternity Leave in the U.S.

Tuesday  21:36,   08 may 2018

How it works, what your employer is required to offer, and more.Below, the Cut’s Ask a Boss columnist Alison Green tackles your questions about maternity leave in the U.S.: How long is maternity leave? What do maternity-leave laws require your[...]