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11 Real-Life Mom Shaming Stories Because Women Just Can't Win

Friday  21:11,   12 may 2017

Recently, HuffPost Parents participated in a panel discussion on mom-shaming in collaboration with Beech-Nut.  In advance of the discussion, we reached out to the HuffPost Parents audience to ask how mom-shaming has affected them. We received[...]

If You Hate Diaper Genie Bags, This Dad's Trick Is for You

Friday  18:32,   12 may 2017
Good Housekeeping

It'll save you some serious cash.Enter one genius dad, who that will save parents everywhere money and let them ditch those pesky blue bags for[...]

What You Should Never, Ever, Ever Do at a Wedding

Thursday  18:51,   11 may 2017

Attending a wedding doesn’t sound that hard—arrive, celebrate, toast the couple, dance!—but there are a few things a wedding guest should never, ever do. Attending a wedding doesn’t sound that hard—arrive, celebrate, toast the couple,[...]

Dad Overseas Ensures 5-Year-Old Has Magical Date For Father-Daughter Dance

Thursday  02:06,   11 may 2017

When a dad overseas couldn’t attend his daughter’s dance at school, he came up with a solution fit for a Disney princess. On April 28, 5-year-old Gracee Nelson attended her school’s father-daughter dance in El Paso, Texas, with an[...]

This Couple Had an Adorable Gender Reveal Photo Shoot for Their Newly Adopted Puppy

Wednesday  21:26,   10 may 2017

Kennedy Sartwell and Jake Terry of Warrensburg, Missouri, are geniuses. The couple recently adopted a precious puppy named Raven and are understandably excited about the new arrival. Instead of posting about the baby dog on Facebook or[...]

14 Moms You Find At Every Kid’s Birthday Party

Wednesday  00:25,   10 may 2017

At least one of these is definitely youNine years into my parenting career, I feel like I’ve been to at least two million kid’s birthday parties. And one thing I’ve observed is that while the party themes may vary from pirates to Moana, parents at[...]

Studies show that our phones are wrecking our relationships, and tell us something we don’t know

Tuesday  23:11,   09 may 2017
Hello Giggles

We’re all addicted to our phones, a fact we may as well just get out into the open. It’s the one thing we…Last year, a study was published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture. 143 women participated in the research, and 70[...]

Letting a Baby Play on a Tablet Can Lead to Speech Delays, New Study Finds

Tuesday  22:51,   09 may 2017
Good Housekeeping

What do you guys think of these new findings?The research, led by Dr. Catherine Birken, discovered a connection between screen time from tablets and phones and speech delays in children ages six months to two years. Parents of nearly 900 children[...]

7 sad (but normal) things that happen when you get married

Tuesday  18:27,   09 may 2017
Hello Giggles

Congrats! You’re legally and consciously coupled, and life feels oh so grand, doesn’t it? As newlyweds, you and your partner are excited about…Sure, you finally have the ultimate comeback to the “When are you getting married?” question that used to[...]

7 reasons why it’s okay to need alone time — even if you are happy in your relationship

Tuesday  02:15,   09 may 2017
Hello Giggles

When you first enter into a relationship with someone you like, it’s normal to want to spend the majority of your time…Here are 10 reasons it’s A-OKAY to not spend every waking moment with your partner: [...]

This Dad Has A Message For Everyone: Stop Touching My Baby

Tuesday  01:50,   09 may 2017

<p>“If you wouldn’t touch a stranger, why do you feel like you should touch a child?”</p>He explains why in his new video, entitled “Dear Strangers, Please Don’t Touch My Kid,” which he released as part of his multimedia project “Daddy Game[...]

How To Explain Feminism To A 5-Year-Old

Tuesday  00:22,   09 may 2017

<p>Is this the right moment to explain what feminism is to my daughter?</p>On this particular evening, I can remember playing a board game with the son of the host of this party when he asked me what it was my mom did for a living. I told him[...]

Why "If You Love Someone, Set Them Free" Is A Good Adage To Live By

Monday  23:35,   08 may 2017

***ImagePlaceholder*** Brad Pitt got very poetic in a recent interview with GQ. In addition to comparing himself to a house without decorations and semi-quoting Pablo Picasso, Winston [...]

Who Makes the Cut for Your Wedding Party?

Monday  21:55,   08 may 2017

Certain family members are probably out.So, what's your problem? [...]

Why you might need wedding insurance

Monday  21:11,   08 may 2017
CBS News

Things change, life happens -- as do hurricanes, vendors going belly up and bridal party injuries that can ruin the big dayIf you're busy planning a wedding, you might want to consider insuring[...]