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Stress levels go way up when families gather for the holidays. How to cope.

Friday  01:05,   22 december 2017
The Washington Post

Dreading the revival of all those deep-seated issues? An “acceptance mind-set” can help.If you find yourself in such a family, count yourself lucky and[...]

This Is Why January Is the Biggest Month for Divorce

Thursday  21:50,   21 december 2017
Reader's Digest

For years, January has unofficially been dubbed Divorce Month. Although a study from the University of Washington found that the most divorces actually happen in August and March, the courts still see a spike in divorce filings right after the new[...]

Royal engagements through the years

Thursday  21:50,   21 december 2017

Here's how royal couples preparing to say, "I do," have been captured through the lens. Related video: 7 Royal Wedding Fails You Never Knew About. Provided by Marie Claire 17 Royal Wedding Fails You Never Knew About Princess Elizabeth [...]

Can being married bring long-term happiness?

Thursday  19:22,   21 december 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

New research has shown that being married can promote long-term health benefits, especially when your spouse is also your best friend. Carried out by Shawn Grover and John Helliwell of the Vancouver School of Economics in Canada, the pair[...]

Wedding Plus-One Etiquette: Rules for Bringing A Date to Weddings

Thursday  19:21,   21 december 2017

Navigating wedding plus-one etiquette for your big day is no easy feat. Breathe deeply and follow these tried-and-true rules for handling wedding plus-ones. 1. Divide and Conquer Family Trees—Then Compare Notes“When creating a guest list, it’s[...]

7 Reasons Not to Wait Until After the Holidays to Break Up With Someone

Wednesday  20:23,   20 december 2017

7 Reasons Not to Wait Until After the Holidays to Break Up With SomeoneThe holiday season is one filled with lots of stress and emotion. A new year just around the corner may have you questioning your life decisions, one of which could be your[...]

A Surprising Number of Young Kids Think Birthday Parties Are the Cause of Aging

Wednesday  20:23,   20 december 2017

New research shows that many young children, prior to reaching the age of six or seven, mistakenly believe that birthday parties cause aging. It’s a truly adorable finding, but the study also offers an important glimpse into the developing brain and [...]

Romance and the Single Parent: Introducing That Special Someone to the Kids

Wednesday  20:22,   20 december 2017
U.S. News & World Report

Follow this helpful advice to juggle your romantic life and parenting responsibilities.Juggling parenting and work responsibilities, extended family commitments, sustaining friendships and romance gets tricky, and there's no one-size-fits-all[...]

The 20+ Most Extra Proposals Of 2017

Tuesday  21:30,   19 december 2017

Proposing via tattoo is a whole new level of commitment.2. This man who technically spent three years proposing to his girlfriend by spelling out "Will You Marry Me?" with the first letter of every love letter he wrote[...]

6 Signs You're Stuck In A Relationship Rut (And How To Get Past It)

Tuesday  20:21,   19 december 2017

The honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever.  10 Relationship Mistakes That Are Just as Bad as Cheating Gallery/Woman's[...]

Many Parents Still Spank – But the Science Doesn’t Support It

Tuesday  20:20,   19 december 2017
U.S. News & World Report

Psychologists oppose the use of spanking and offer alternative discipline strategies.A recent study published in the Journal of Pediatrics reported that “the use of corporal punishment during childhood is associated with physical dating violence[...]

Should You Ever Go Paperless For Your Wedding Invite?

Tuesday  20:20,   19 december 2017

When an envelope made of fancy paper stock shows up in your mailbox, you know what's coming your way. Mailing out wedding invites is an essential stage of wedding prep, serving as a prelude to the ceremony and all the festivities that will[...]

Wedding Budget Breakdown: How to Make and Stick to a Budget

Monday  22:21,   18 december 2017

First comes the engagement, and then comes the wedding budget. While there is no one-size-fits-all budget, discover helpful guidelines for crafting your own.So how much should you spend on your nuptials? And how much of that should be dedicated to[...]

How To Talk To Your Family If You Think They Dislike Your S.O.

Monday  20:37,   18 december 2017

It starts with a hunch. Maybe your parents always forget to invite your significant other to dinner. Or, perhaps they don't ask about their job when you catch up over the phone. For whatever reason, you have the feeling that your family doesn't [...]

5 Things a Marriage Counselor Would Never Say to Her Own Husband

Monday  20:36,   18 december 2017

You’re on four hours of sleep, work has been completely nuts and when you finally get home from the longest day ever, you trip on the shoes your spouse left in the hallway.  You’re on four hours of sleep, work has been completely nuts and [...]