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LifeStyle: Family & Relationships

My Best Friend Taught Me How to Kiss

Tuesday  01:00,   12 june 2018

When we were 10 years old, my best friend Sarah and I decided that we needed to "practice kiss" for when we'd be expected to do it in earnest with boys. I'd already been practicing by myself. I spent hours in private passionately[...]

A Father's Love Letter to His Sons

Tuesday  00:51,   12 june 2018

Me and the boys Dear Rob and Zach, I think it's finally time for us to have "the talk." I don't mean the sex talk that we had when you guys were teenagers, which was basically a friendly reminder to just keep the thing covered, and [...]

10 Ways to Help Your Reluctant Summer Camper Have the Best Time Ever

Monday  22:02,   11 june 2018

For most kids, Summer camp is an epic, wait-for-it-all-year[...]

This Couple Did a Chicken Nugget-Themed Engagement Shoot, Because Foodie Love is the Best Love

Thursday  01:13,   07 june 2018

A couple had a nugget-themed engagement shoot. Steph and Brett from Ontario, Canada posed for a McNuggets-theme photoshoot, and McDonald's owes these two lovebirds a check!According to the photographer Katie Marie, the couple literally asked her [...]

8 Summer Rules Every Mom Should Give Their Kids

Wednesday  23:50,   06 june 2018

After a long and harsh Winter (and Spring), those sunny days and warmer temperatures are finally upon us. But as much as I've told myself to lose the stress of season's past and embrace the less-structured nature of the next few months, I know that [...]

Marriage Licenses & Certificates: Everything You Need to Know

Tuesday  23:26,   05 june 2018

Before you sign on the dotted line!Related: 10 Charming Marriage Customs from Around the World [Provided by Reader's Digest] 10 Charming Marriage Customs from Around the World [...]

7 Personality Traits Of Happy Kids (Who Grow Into Successful Adults)

Tuesday  21:20,   05 june 2018

Let’s face it, who goes into parenting not wanting to raise successful, happy kids? The problem is, parents often mistake successful personality traits of happy kids with less favorable traits, defiance and rebellion. Instead, based on theirInstead, [...]

Longtime Friends Make Good On Pact to Marry At 50 If Still Single

Tuesday  21:00,   05 june 2018

"I've always loved her," Ron Palmer says of Kimberley Dean. The two got married 37 years after first dating in high school. A deal is a deal. And this one's sealed with a[...]

See pics of first Gerber Baby ad campaign featuring a child with Down syndrome

Tuesday  02:10,   05 june 2018

After being named the 2018 Gerber Baby, Lucas Warren has made his advertising debut, and it's pretty sweet. Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer",[...]

If Your Partner Doesn't Split Responsibilities Evenly, They're Not a Good Partner OR Parent

Tuesday  00:50,   05 june 2018

It seems like you can't look at the internet these days without seeing an overworked and stressed-out mom bemoaning that they wish their partners did more. Despite the fact that this is clearly too much for any one person to do on their [...]

Men and women with this trait considered sexier overall, says study

Monday  23:50,   04 june 2018

<p>If you've ever felt an attraction to someone whom you've only heard and never actually seen, it may be because our senses are trained to pick up a potential mate's genetic health and reproductive fitness, which is reflected in the[...]

This Parenting Hack Keeps Kids From Being Glued to Their Devices All Summer

Monday  20:17,   04 june 2018

Back when I was a kid, there wasn't much in the way of screen time aside from giant box TVs and the early generations of Nintendo systems, so my friends and I spent the duration of our Summer vacations outside on our bikes, running through[...]

I Saved Myself From An Emotionally Abusive Man (And You Can, Too)

Monday  19:53,   04 june 2018

Physical abuse always comes with emotional abuse, but unfortunately, the reverse isn't always true. At my first job as a therapist, I worked with a domestic violence organization. During my time there, more than one of my clients said that they[...]

The Worst Thing You Can Do at a Wedding, According to a New Survey

Friday  02:54,   01 june 2018

<p>A guest wearing white to a wedding is one of those things you just don’t do—but, it turns out, that’s not the worst thing you can do. Wedding planning and registry site Zola surveyed more than 500 couples getting married in 2018 to find out[...]

10 Ways Love Makes You Prettier And Healthier

Thursday  22:08,   31 may 2018

<p>What is the one thing you can do in your life to feel happy, look good and feel good? The answer is love!</p>We are frequently looking for a magic pill to help us feel better and happier. What is the one thing you can do in your life to[...]