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The Most Popular Baby Names So Far in 2018

Tuesday  20:01,   01 may 2018

Will the new royal baby's name be on this list?Girls [...]

The Most Popular Baby Names So Far in 2018

Tuesday  19:58,   01 may 2018

Will the new royal baby's name be on this list?Girls [...]

The Most Common Mistake Couples Make, According to a Relationship Coach

Tuesday  00:10,   01 may 2018

First, you and your partner are so smitten that you doubt the honeymoon period will ever end, and before you know it, you find yourselves sitting in front of a couples' therapist."I think the main one is that we forget that we're teammates,"[...]

Meghan Markle Is Testing Her Wedding Hairstyle IRL

Monday  20:40,   30 april 2018

We're placing bets on tendrils for the big day.Perez confirmed to The Mail over the weekend that he will not only be attending the wedding, but that he has also been doing Markle's hair for her recent appearances. The hairstylist's signature[...]

This Is the Age When Women Are Most Likely to Cheat

Friday  20:52,   27 april 2018

From the perspective of evolutionary science, men and women are driven to have sex by the primal need to reproduce. Perhaps that's why the female age for infidelity is younger.Because men and women are motivated to commit adultery for different[...]

The Number of Nannies Kate Middleton Has Might Actually Surprise You

Thursday  23:42,   26 april 2018

Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child, a baby boy, on April 23, officially making them a family of five. The Duchess of Cambridge, who looked gorgeous when she stepped out of the hospital to give the world the first glimpse[...]

Girls need pockets too: Mom's tweet about fashion flaw goes viral

Thursday  21:01,   26 april 2018

Hey, fashion industry: Girls have things to hold just like boys!On Saturday, author Heather Kaczynski, who has a 3-year-old girl, tweeted her frustration with the lack of pockets in her daughter's[...]

How To Move On After Divorce When It's Tearing You Apart Inside

Thursday  18:56,   26 april 2018

Divorce really takes it out of you. It’s a life changing event that’s thrown unexpectedly your way by the one person who promised to love you for the rest of your life. You’ve spent years of your life investing in this person and this relationship, [...]

The Subtle Hints That Kate Middleton Is a Breastfeeding Mama

Wednesday  19:51,   25 april 2018

As with any new celebrity baby, fans of the couple have a lot of questions.There is a lot going on with the British royal family right now! In addition to Prince Harry's exciting nuptials to former Suits actress Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and[...]

5 Things a Stepparent Should Never Do

Wednesday  19:45,   25 april 2018

5 Things a Stepparent Should Never DoSo we spoke to stepmoms as well as parenting experts for their advice and tips for newbie stepparents to take to heart. Here are a few things that a stepparent should avoid doing at all[...]

How to Get a Clean Stamp of Your Baby's Footprint

Wednesday  19:41,   25 april 2018

How to Get a Clean Stamp of Your Baby's FootprintAccording to award-winning parenting author Kathy Fray, try to get the stamp ASAP — because babies grow quickly. "Babies typically put on 2 to 2-1/2 pounds in their first month, so I'd try to do[...]

Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals the Shoes She Wore to Her Own Wedding

Wednesday  02:05,   25 april 2018

And the bride wore… velvet. So says Sarah Jessica Parker, upon reminiscing on her 1997 NYC nuptials to Matthew[...]

My Secret to a Great Marriage? Travel Without Your Kids

Wednesday  01:01,   25 april 2018

Marriage advice. I don't like people dishing it out.1.[...]

Zodiac Experts Reveal the New Royal Baby's Future

Tuesday  23:47,   24 april 2018

Kate and William definitely have their hands full.As expected, the world can't stop thinking/talking/gushing about the royal family's new addition. According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, the new baby fits perfectly in perfectly with the rest of the[...]

Science Says This Is the Happiest Point In Your Marriage

Tuesday  23:47,   24 april 2018

There's a commonly held belief that the happiest time in your marriage is right after the wedding. But a newly published study claims that's not at all the case.A new study published in the journal Social Networks and the Life Course claims[...]