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11 Relationship Pink Flags to Watch Out For

Saturday  01:41,   22 april 2017

Not dramatic enough to be a red flag yet.Why it’s a pink flag: First, check his Instagram. If he’s posted only three pics in 2016, and most of them are of craft beer or random clouds, he’s just someone who is free of the chains that come with[...]

10 Reasons You Never Want to Have Sex

Saturday  01:41,   22 april 2017

Let’s face it—sometimes, no matter how many candles you light and how much Barry White you listen to, you just aren’t in the mood. And that’s totally OK. Turns out, it’s normal to not crave sex constantly. But if you find that weeks or months go by [...]

13 Things to Get Done During the Second Trimester

Saturday  01:40,   22 april 2017

Now that your energy is back, it's go time! I tend to refer to myself as a “barely surviving zombie” during those early weeks. I moan. I cry. I lament. And I count down the days to my second trimester. I literally make a note in calendar so I[...]

The most expensive US city to get married in is...

Saturday  01:40,   22 april 2017

Brides and grooms are spending more on their big day, especially in one large American city.According to The Knot's latest survey, wedding spending has reached an all-time high — on average, couples are now dropping $35,329 to say "I[...]

I Admit It, I Need To Get Away From My Kid

Saturday  00:55,   22 april 2017

And I've stopped feeling guilty for it I’m a stay-at-home mom, so it’s safe to say I’m with my daughter a lot. With the exception of leaving my daughter in the church nursery once a week for an hour and the occasional date night, she isn’t[...]

8 Reasons Why I'll Never Be a Perfect Mom

Friday  01:21,   21 april 2017

I thought it was possible, but now I know better I really had it going[...]

Real Brides Share: "The Best Fight We Ever Had"

Thursday  23:55,   20 april 2017

The minute you get engaged, well-meaning friends and family won't be able to stop doling out all kinds of marriage advice. Here, real married women share the "best" fight they've ever had with their partners. © Getty[...]

5 Alternatives to Couples Therapy That Strengthen Your Relationship

Thursday  23:55,   20 april 2017

Couples therapy and marriage counseling help a lot of people, but despite its many potential benefits it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you define that as a getaway for two, a group vacation, or an actual trip designed for[...]

4 Potential Wedding-Planning Disasters—and How to Handle Them

Thursday  23:55,   20 april 2017

Nobody likes to think about it, but whenever there's a big event with tons of moving parts, something is bound to go wrong. Breathe. This happens quite frequently. If you're crunching the numbers and are dangerously close to being over[...]

Almost Half of Dads Think They Hire Sitters as Often as Their Partners. Moms Beg to Differ

Thursday  23:16,   20 april 2017
Working Mother

A new survey reveals there's one parent who's likely doing most of the work. Finding a babysitter for a child is always hard work for parents, but let's get real here: There's one parent that probably spends more time doing all the[...]

Parenting Burnout Is Real, and Strikingly Similar to Job Burnout

Thursday  23:05,   20 april 2017
Working Mother

A Belgian study confirms that many parents are pushing themselves too hard. There are days when I can’t get enough of my son’s sweet smiles and exuberant singing and quick hugs. And then there are days when I can’t hand him off to my husband fast[...]

5 Reasons You Don't Need to Worry About Kids and Social Media

Thursday  00:35,   20 april 2017
Common Sense Media

Discover the ways social media can be a force for good in the lives of kids and teens, and help them maximize the benefits.New research is shedding light on the good things that can happen when kids connect, share, and learn online. As a parent, you [...]

This Adorable Photo of an Elderly Man Doing His Wife's Hair Is the Definition of Marriage Goals

Thursday  00:15,   20 april 2017

Do you ever look at your grandparents and think, "This is the kind of relationship I want when I'm older"? My grandma had surgery on her wrist and couldn't do her own hair so my grandpa did it for her. Cuteness overload.[...]

There's No Love Like the Love Your Kids Have For You When They Are Small

Thursday  00:06,   20 april 2017

And it doesn't last foreverMy oldest son was a loud, animated, wild young boy. He was a talker, a laugher, and although he was very confident, his eyes met mine many times a day—he was looking for[...]

Why One Feminist Crowd Sourced Marriage Advice Around the World

Wednesday  22:56,   19 april 2017

Sleep apart, travel alone, and other secrets of happy togetherness.When and fearless contributor Jo Piazza told us she was writing a book about marriage, we smiled and[...]