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The Secret Technique to Making the Best Sandwiches on Earth

Saturday  02:10,   16 december 2017
Taste of Home

Making a truly amazing sandwich is as much about the ingredients you use as how you slice, stack and slather them.If you ask me, sandwich-making is a true lifeskill. It can brighten up a desk lunch, make friends, maybe even win over[...]

The Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cookie You'll Want All Winter

Saturday  01:41,   16 december 2017

<p>Snowballs, Russian Tea Cakes, Polvorones, Austrian Crescents— these ubiquitous light, sugar-dusted shortbread treats go by many names. But no matter what you call them, the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth cookies make the perfect holiday[...]

Even Star Wars Fans Have Drawn the Line at This R2-D2 Dole Lettuce

Saturday  01:41,   16 december 2017
Grub Street

The produce company gets the 2017 award for most absurd tie-in.Dole says it even “worked closely” with Lucasfilm to concoct original recipes inspired by the franchise’s characters. For instance, there’s Tatooine Blue Milk — an “original vegan[...]

'Great American Baking Show' pulled amid Johnny Iuzzini allegations

Friday  19:35,   15 december 2017

ABC has pulled "The Great American Baking Show" after one of the show's judges was accused of sexual misconduct. Celebrity pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini is reportedly facing allegations from multiple women who accused him of harassment[...]

The World's Largest Wawa Just Opened in D.C. and People Are Losing It

Friday  19:35,   15 december 2017
Food & Wine

<p>The nation's capital has opened its first Wawa, which, at 9,200 square feet, is also the world's largest.</p>The first 100 customers at the door to the grand opening received prizes including free hoagies or Sizzli breakfast[...]

More Than Half of Adults Eat Food Off the Floor, Study Finds

Friday  14:50,   15 december 2017
Food & Wine

Delivery apps know a lot about us. They know what we like to eat and when we like to eat it.&nbsp;“How America Eats” is a first for Uber Eats – a survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults that attempts to shed light on a wide variety of food-related[...]

Target Is Pulling Mario Batali’s Products From Its Stores

Friday  12:38,   15 december 2017

The fallout continues for Mario Batali following accusations of sexual misconduct : As companies including ABC and Eataly have quickly begun distancing themselves from the chef, Target has announced it’s pulling all of Batali’s products from its[...]

These are the 3 ingredients Ree Drummond can't cook without

Friday  01:37,   15 december 2017

The star of "The Pioneer Woman" reveals why she always needs to have butter, cream and bacon on hand.Put a vegan chef in Ree Drummond's kitchen and he'll probably starve to death. TODAY Food recently caught up with "The Pioneer Woman"[...]

Subway Is Bringing Back the $5 Footlong and It's Already Controversial

Friday  01:37,   15 december 2017

Subway is bringing back one of the most popular fast food promotions ever: the $5 Footlong. The Subway $5 Footlong sandwich deal, which featured one or more 12-inch subs each day at a special $5 price, was a mainstay for years before being killed[...]

This Easy Trick for Chilling Wine (or Champagne) in SIX MINUTES Will Change Your Life

Friday  01:37,   15 december 2017
Rachael Ray Show

All you need are a few everyday household items.We’ve all been there -- including professional chefs like Jeff Mauro and Rach[...]

Olive Garden Wants You To Give The Gift Of Breadsticks This Year

Thursday  23:36,   14 december 2017

Perfect for the carb lover in your life.You can order the chain's famous breadsticks to-go, and request to have them placed in a box. While the boxes were intended for large quantities of breadsticks (18 and up), there's no rule on how many you have [...]

'Frorks,' unicorns: 5 trends rocking the food industry

Thursday  20:55,   14 december 2017

Restaurant chains are facing challenges, as they bounce back from the Great Recession.The restaurant and supermarket industries enter the new year reeling from transformations that affect the way Americans[...]

Eataly Has Taken Mario Batali's Products Off Its Shelves

Thursday  20:55,   14 december 2017

The celebrity chef has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women.Batali is a minority stakeholder in Eataly, a food-store chain that started in Italy, which he helped spread to the United States. Eataly has five locations, with two in New[...]

This Edible Straw Could Help Reduce the Amount of Plastic in Oceans

Thursday  18:09,   14 december 2017

<p>Consider it an environmentally friendly, post-drink snack.</p>Worried about the environmental impact of all your plastic straws? The new, edible Lolistraw could offer a fun, environmentally-friendly alternative for all your slurping[...]

People are really freaking out over the correct way to cut toast

Thursday  00:42,   14 december 2017

How do you slice toasted bread? Turns out many have strong feelings about the right way to cut this breakfast staple.For the people out there still eating carbs (and the millions more who break any self-imposed to enjoy avocado toast) there's a big[...]