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Texans bake cookies, roast hot dogs on hot car dashboard

Saturday  01:35,   21 july 2018

When I lived in Phoenix where summer temperatures reached 120º Fahrenheit, in between praying for swift death I would often wonder about the cliché frying-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk bit. Could you really fry an egg on pavement? Testing it would require [...]
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A brief history of the s’more, America’s favorite campfire snack

Saturday  00:51,   21 july 2018

This summer, 45 million pounds of marshmallows will be toasted over a fire in America. This article was originally published on The[...]

Dunkin' Donuts Will Release a Beer This Fall

Saturday  00:01,   21 july 2018

Dunkin' Donuts Will Release a Beer This FallBoston-based Dunkin’ Donuts is teaming up with another Beantown staple – Harpoon Brewery – to release a beer this fall, and it could be a total[...]

Off-duty Burger King worker leaves slow line to start making food, later gets fired

Friday  23:16,   20 july 2018

Burger King confirmed the woman was an off-duty employee, who was later terminated.Witnesses say they watched the woman ─ who was photographed wearing a tank top and shorts ─ leave the slow-moving line and step into the food prep area, where she[...]

The Best Yellow Cake Borrows a Trick From the Box

Friday  22:40,   20 july 2018

<p>In 1944, Betty Crocker’s popular radio show, Cooking School of the Air introduced listeners to layer cakes and muffins made with the 'Double-Quick' method.</p>Sort of like how we weren’t a PB&J family and, one day, I insisted[...]

Best Bites Summer Entertaining: Slow cooker Hawaiian chicken sliders

Friday  18:55,   20 july 2018

Try these juicy Hawaiian chicken sliders at your next barbecue and your guests will keep coming back for seconds and thirds! Ingredients3 lbs. boneless skinless chicken breasts1 c. chopped onion2 Tbsp. butter1/4 c. flour2 c. pineapple juice1/2 c.[...]

Starbucks Is Opening Its First U.S. Signing Store For The Deaf Community

Friday  18:17,   20 july 2018

The store will employ and cater to people with hearing loss.Starbucks plans to hire 20 to 25 partners (what they call their employees) - all of whom will be fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), whether their hard of hearing or not. Many traveled[...]

OMG, The Cheesy Bites Pizza Is Back At Pizza Hut

Friday  18:17,   20 july 2018

Only for a limited[...]

A Brownie à la Mode You Can Make, Bake & Eat Right in the Pan

Friday  17:35,   20 july 2018

Gooey, chocolatey[...]

This Is How Ree Drummond Serves Corn on the Cob

Friday  17:35,   20 july 2018

Corn on the cob was the hit summer dish at Ree Drummond's recent party in Pawhuska, Oklahoma!&nbsp;In a recent blog entry, Ree shared a few photos of corn on the grill from this patriotic shindig, and man that corn looks good. Oh, and did I[...]

Ice-Cold Somen Noodles Are the Ultimate Summer Dish

Friday  16:27,   20 july 2018

This classic Japanese dinner is ready for your interpretation.Yes, iced[...]

Hunter Fieri Is The Guy Of The Future

Friday  01:31,   20 july 2018

This 21-year-old once thought he was going to be a Supercross racer. Now, he plans to run circles around his father.Guy's on a boat, yell-talking into the camera, bleached blond goatee whipping in the wind. It's a little theatrical, a little[...]

The Major Difference You Never Noticed About Trader Joe's Frozen Aisles

Friday  00:50,   20 july 2018

Can you spot[...]

If You're Not Doing This You're Making Brownies All Wrong

Thursday  23:57,   19 july 2018

If you're reading this, you've probably baked a dozen — or 900 — batches of brownies. But before you roll up your sleeves to commence on your next round of fudgy treats, here's a genius tip:Why, you inquire? Oh, because it makes removing [...]

If This Is How You Eat Fries And Ketchup, We Can't Be Friends

Thursday  23:37,   19 july 2018

I can't see any sense in your ketchup-smothered side of the argument.I was in college, on a short road trip with friends, from San Diego to Los Angeles. Once we reached L.A. - the City of Angels, the City of Stars, Tinseltown - we went to the[...]