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Burger King gives free cheeseburgers to terminally ill dog

Wednesday  14:42,   18 july 2018

Have it your way, Cody: This family dog will live out the rest of his days with a happy stomach thanks to Burger King . One of the fast-food chain's restaurants in Toledo, Ohio, is treating 10-year-old Cody, a Boxer-Lab mix who has terminal cancer,[...]
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Shake Shack Will Bring 'Bob's Burgers' to Life for Comic Con

Wednesday  11:56,   18 july 2018

You want to try one of Bob’s burgers, don’t deny it. You want to try one of Bob’s burgers, don’t deny it. Sure, you could always stop by a nearby Shake Shack and get a non-cartoon burger, but none of those burgers have puns for names.[...]

Why My Japanese-Style Scrambled Eggs Are the Softest & Dreamiest

Wednesday  02:55,   18 july 2018

<p>There's really no fancy chef's trick to my creamy, dreamy eggs other than a ravenous hunger for them—and, frankly, undercooking them.</p>Whenever I go out for sushi, I always order one tamago nigiri, that omelet with the rice[...]

All You Need Is a Lemon to Take Your Grilling Game Up a Notch

Wednesday  02:11,   18 july 2018

It's the best non-stick surface you could ask for.As much as we love a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, that's not the only thing the tangy yellow fruit is good for. In fact, it comes in handy both in and out of the kitchen. Here are[...]

YUM, Chipotle Is Testing An Avocado Tostada

Wednesday  01:35,   18 july 2018

Avocado toast, but make it Chipotle.Avo-enthusiasts, you might want to sit down for this one. Behold, the avocado tostado - basically avocado toast with a Chipotle twist, so aka a dream come[...]

How to Make Fries That Taste Just Like McDonald’s

Wednesday  00:30,   18 july 2018

<p>If you have ever attempted to recreate this addictive fast food at home, you most likely ended up with disappointing potatoes that didn’t even come close to the real thing. So why is that?</p>After doing some serious research and[...]

Why Chocolate Lovers Must Try Cake Mix Brownies

Wednesday  00:00,   18 july 2018

Cake mix brownies are the best of both worlds: they taste similar to a traditional brownie and have a cake-like texture. Yes, please.WATCH: So Good Brownies Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { [...]

Threaded Spaghetti Hot Dogs Were the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

Tuesday  22:37,   17 july 2018

Threaded Spaghetti Hot Dogs Were the Best Decision I’ve Ever MadeSuper-sized Moscow Mule, I'm looking at you. You're made with an entire bottle of vodka, because why not? Mile-high milkshakes from Black Tap, people wait in line for you for some[...]

The Real Reason Potato Chip Bags Are Never Filled to the Top

Tuesday  22:03,   17 july 2018

<p>No matter where you shop or what brand you buy, when you tear open a bag of potato chips, it’s almost always half filled.</p>If you’re a junk food lover, you’ll know this: No matter where you shop or what brand you buy, when you tear[...]

The Brown Sugar Cold Brew at Dunkin' Donuts is About To Become Your New Go-To Coffee Order

Tuesday  22:03,   17 july 2018

A proud New Englander, I'm a firm believer in the statement that every season is iced coffee season.&nbsp;After six weeks in Italy where there was no iced coffee to be found, my Dunkin craving was at an all-time high. Don't get me wrong -[...]

Why These Extra Chewy Sugar Cookies Make Us Want to Break Out in Song

Tuesday  21:11,   17 july 2018

<p>Turns out I just hadn’t met the right sugar for my sugar cookies.</p>Okay—before you rush to the sweet little cookie’s defense, know that I’ve changed my tune! Turns out I just hadn’t met the right sugar for my sugar[...]

America's trendiest ice cream may surprise you

Tuesday  20:46,   17 july 2018

It's giving classic flavors a run for their money.We got the scoop on this summer's trendiest ice cream flavor ... and it's far from[...]

7 Ingredients That Will Make All Your Summer Foods Taste Better

Tuesday  19:46,   17 july 2018

Time to stock your summer pantry.All of these super simple dinners could become super spectacular simple dinners with a little help. And that’s where the summer pantry comes in: just keep your refrigerator stocked with these items, and you’ll eat[...]

What's the Difference Between a Slow Cooker and a Pressure Cooker?

Tuesday  19:46,   17 july 2018

NYT food writer Melissa Clark breaks it down for us!And despite being fundamentally different, both a slow cooker and a pressure cooker are your pals for that -- in their own[...]

Martha Stewart's Trick for Better Sandwiches, Courtesy of Snoop Dog

Tuesday  18:33,   17 july 2018

<p>Plus, Stewart talks her preferred style of ice cream during a Facebook Live with Jennifer Garner.</p>Jennifer Garner joined her close friend Martha Stewart in the kitchen today for a Facebook Live, and we learned a lot. In a conversation[...]