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Chloe Kim’s Kellogg's Gold Medal Edition Corn Flakes Box is already sold out

Saturday  03:20,   24 february 2018
FOX News

“This is all so exciting!" the gold medalist said.Olympic gold medalist and ice cream connoisseur Chloe Kim can officially add another title to her resume: Kellogg’s model. The 17-year-old snowboarding star is the latest Team USA great to grace [...]

A Break-Up Letter From Your Avocado

Saturday  03:17,   24 february 2018

 I just think, enough is enough; let's quit and breakup while we're[...]

Coke launches 1st new flavors since 2002: Georgia Peach and California Raspberry

Saturday  00:05,   24 february 2018

Coca-Cola Classic has just unveiled two fruity flavors to win over craft soda lovers.Coca-Cola is launching two new soda flavors with a vintage[...]

Okay, KFC’s Ads About Its Chicken Shortage Are Pretty Great

Friday  22:55,   23 february 2018
Grub Street

Just a cheeky little chicken ad from the U.K.Initially, the marketing folks tried lightening the mood with a joke that amounted to “Why did the chicken cross the road? We have no clue, but it wasn’t to get to a KFC restaurant.” That went over[...]

How to Become a Burger Scholar

Friday  22:55,   23 february 2018
Food & Wine

<p>Apply within if you want your life tocompletely revolvearound burgers.</p>Don't worry: You're not alone. You're wondering what a burger scholar is, too? “It's OK,” says George Motz, the force behind TV series Burger Land and the documentary [...]

We tried 3 brands of canned chicken noodle soup and the winner was clear

Friday  21:51,   23 february 2018

We tried canned chicken noodle soup from Progresso, Campbell's, and Healthy Choice. Find out which one we liked[...]

The smartphone app that could keep you from getting food poisoning

Friday  21:37,   23 february 2018

Welcome to the[...]

All the Coolest Food Experiences Coming to SXSW

Friday  21:36,   23 february 2018
Food & Wine

<p>From a queso showcase to a Western-themed bar, these are the must-see food experiences at South by Southwest this year.</p>On March 9, South by Southwest, one of the country’s biggest film, music, and yes, food, festivals kicks off. Mark[...]

Costco Is Selling Massive Jars of Its Own Version of Nutella, But It's Way Cheaper

Friday  19:45,   23 february 2018
Spoon University

Costco does everything bigger and better, especially when it comes to desserts.&nbsp;According to Delish, a user on Reddit spotted the new jars this week at Costco. From their photo, Kirkland Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa comes in a twin-pack of[...]

What are the most popular cuisines across the US?

Friday  19:45,   23 february 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Google News Lab has crunched the data to chart the most popular cuisines across the US.&nbsp;Published on Medium, the findings are based on aggregated, anonymized and private data from users who have opted in to Google Location[...]

The Top-Secret Disney Food Lab You Never Knew Existed

Friday  19:27,   23 february 2018
Reader's Digest

You might think that the characters at Disney have the “Coolest Job on Earth”—like this real-life Disney princess—but the chefs at the secret Flavor Lab in Walt Disney World get the title for the “Yummiest Job on Earth.' The Flavor Lab is the[...]

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos' Origin Story Is Headed to the Big Screen

Friday  19:27,   23 february 2018
Food & Wine

Currently titled Flamin’ Hot, the film will follow the rise of Richard Montanez, the Californian responsible for conceiving the spicy cheese flavor.&nbsp;From Oscar Isaac memes to ice cream flavors, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have become an[...]

Wendy’s Is Giving Away Free Burgers This Week

Friday  13:56,   23 february 2018

Calling all fast-food fans. Wendy’s is offering a pretty sweet buy-one-get-one free deal right now. A ll you have to do is download their updated app. The promotion is happening through Feb. 28, so you have a week left to take advantage of your free [...]

Believe It or Not, Trader Joe Is an Actual Person

Friday  12:41,   23 february 2018
Reader's Digest

Every time you leave Trader Joe’s with your brown paper bags filled with groceries you scored at a bargain price, you might be wishing there was someone you could thank on your way out. You’re in luck; Trader Joe is an actual person! Well, sadly[...]

How to Turn Your Slow-Cooker Recipes into Instant Pot Hits

Friday  00:36,   23 february 2018
Taste of Home

Want to convert your favorite slow cooker recipes into Instant Pot ones? All you need to do is follow these simple rules, straight from a chef.The day I received my Instant Pot felt like Christmas morning. I unpacked the box and started dreaming[...]