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Martha Stewart Thanksgiving meal kits return, and this time they're cheaper

  Martha Stewart Thanksgiving meal kits return, and this time they're cheaper The Marley Spoon meal kit will feed eight to 10 people, and can be cooked as last-minute as Thanksgiving day.Marley Spoon, a meal-kit delivery service, in a collaboration with Martha Stewart, will for the second time sell a Thanksgiving-themed meal kit online. Stewart is a partner in the delivery company, which uses her recipes for its weekly menus. Marley Spoon also sells a variety of its meal kits through AmazonAMZN Fresh.

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The right time to eat Thanksgiving dinner is 4pm.

This gives the host enough time to prepare all the things they left until the last minute like the tossed salad no one wants and the cranberry sauce no one eats. It gives them enough time to decide at the last minute to make a green bean casserole because they’ve had a panic that there’s not going to be enough food.

4pm allows those people who decided to wait to travel until Thursday—you know, the ones who were so smart they got their entire brood up at 4am to sit in traffic all day—enough time to get there.

White Castle Suggests That a Bag of 30 Turkey Sliders Would Make a Great Thanksgiving Dinner

  White Castle Suggests That a Bag of 30 Turkey Sliders Would Make a Great Thanksgiving Dinner <p>In a somewhat odd Thanksgiving promotion, White Castle is giving away free “Crave Caddies” that can keep 30 sliders warm at once.</p>This Thanksgiving, White Castle, like many restaurant chains, is bringing back an annual seasonal offering to celebrate: its turkey sliders and sweet potato fries. The sliders come in two varieties that fit the holiday well enough – a Bistro Turkey Slider made with white Butterball turkey and topped with a “tangy bistro sauce,” or a new Cheddar and Apple Butter Turkey Slider, which is pretty self-explanatory. Meanwhile, sweet potato fries repurpose a common Thanksgiving side into fry form.

Noon is too early.

Noon is lunchtime, not dinnertime, and it’s Thanksgiving dinner. Noon is also too early because this is everyone’s first day off since summer and they are still having jammy time at noon.

2pm is also too early.

We’re going to have a late breakfast around noon and we’re not going to be hungry at 2.

6pm is too late.

By 6pm everyone is bored and they have run out of things to talk about and they are either drunk or hangry or both. Those people who watch football will be watching football no matter what time you serve dinner so don’t worry about them. They’re going to eat in front of the TV or make you blast it ruining the part where you go around and say what you’re thankful for.

8pm is criminal.

There is no way anyone’s food is going to digest before they go to bed, and the people who only come home once a year want to go see their high school friends at the bar by that time. All their high school friends ate at 4, which is the right time, so everyone’s already caught up and then you get there and feel weird, like these are my friends, the people who really get me, but somehow we’re out of sync. You have your own life now, you have a whole life separate from these people you tell yourself, but it still feels kind of lonely.

Stove Top Stuffing Has Created Its Own Thanksgiving Dinner Pants

  Stove Top Stuffing Has Created Its Own Thanksgiving Dinner Pants <p>This functional clothing has a stretchy waistband leaving plenty of room to comfortably pack on the pounds.</p>Thanksgiving is the official start of “I’m-going-to-need-to-go-on-a-diet-after-this” season. So while you can ignore the size of your swimsuit until at least March, now is as good a time as any to start figuring out what loose clothing will keep you comfortable until New Year’s Day. Luckily, none other than Stove Top stuffing has come up with a product so cheesy it’s befitting of a brand owned by Kraft… Stove Top Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.

There is only one correct time at which to eat Thanksgiving dinner and that time is 4pm.

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Turkey: <p>Instead of <a href=cooking the entire turkey at once, cook the breast (which needs to be cooked to 145°) separately from the legs (which need to be cooked to 165°). This will ensure the breast doesn’t dry out.

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10 Best Tips for Your Thanksgiving Meal

Pringles Auctioning “Thanksgiving Dinner” Chips for Charity .
<p>Support No Kid Hungry and eat chips that taste like mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie</p>Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to stretch out those leftovers as long as you can. This holiday season, Pringles and No Kid Hungry are teaming up to help you savor those thanksgiving flavors and help feed the hungry at the same time.

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