Food My Disappointing Meal at Salt Bae’s NYC Restaurant Cost $1,400

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Tourists in Venice were charged more than $600 for a lunch they claim they didn't order mmon scam than you'd expect

  Tourists in Venice were charged more than $600 for a lunch they claim they didn't order mmon scam than you'd expect British tourists in Venice say that a restaurant took advantage of the fact that they don't speak Italian to stick them with a $600 bill.Imagine you're enjoying a leisurely lunch with your family on vacation in Venice, when you get the shock of your life upon seeing an exorbitantly expensive bill for food you were served, but did not actually order. That's exactly what happened to a British tourist who visited the Venice restaurant Trattoria Casanova with his parents in Venice.

He has become better known as a chef since 2010, having opened a string of steakhouses in Turkey and the My Disappointing Meal at Salt Bae ' s NYC Restaurant Cost $ 1 , 400 . 16 Jan 2018 Salt Bae has descended from his saline perch to grace New York with his meats.

My Disappointing Meal at Salt Bae ’ s NYC Restaurant Cost $ 1 , 400 . New York ’s Millennials Share Their Antique Hunting Strategies. Each year, 20 and 30-somethings gather to swill champagne and shop for prized relics at the Winter Antiques Show's Young Collectors Night.

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I am a native New Yorker. Whether for work or play, I dine out multiple times a week, often at some of the best restaurants this city has to offer; Cipriani Soho, Nobu 57, the Mark Hotel and The Grill can’t be beat. I enjoy fun dining, great food and a scene, which I know comes with a high price tag. I appreciate the effort that goes into crafting a quality meal and experience, and, as a marketer, I’m no stranger to the concept that this comes at a cost.

Never in all my years of fine dining have I had as disappointing an experience as I did this week at Salt Bae’s new Nusr-Et NYC restaurant. It was awful: the service, the food and the crowd. What a disappointment. They actually refused to serve tap water to a member of my party who simply prefers to drink New York’s finest. It seemed like someone had gone out of their way to make the venue offensive.

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Salt Bae , the internet meme who’ s managed to turn his viral fame into an actual business, is finally making his New York debut with the opening of Turkish steakhouse Nusr-Et this week. Butcher Nusret Gökçe’ s Midtown restaurant at 60 West 53rd St., near Sixth Avenue

Steaks run from $70 to $275. No matter how much show comes on the side, when you pay that much, you expect a meal that tastes good. My friends noted that their meat was tough with globs of fat and grizzle, and severely lacking in flavor. Even an order of spaghetti was $70, though the $7 Diet Coke didn’t bother me as much.

We paid our visit to the restaurant during its opening week and my cohorts included a successful entrepreneur, a leading media publisher and a real estate mogul. We didn’t spot any familiar faces in the half-empty dining room. Word must travel fast; diners are already be skipping the spot in favor of nearby Avra, Milos or Nellos.

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Evidently, my experience wasn’t unique. Multiple negative reviews have followed since the restaurant’s opening, including from The NY Post (who deemed it a rip-off), NY Eater and GQ (who rightfully noted that all you need to know about this place is that they don’t serve tap water).

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  Secret Ways Restaurants Try to Make You Eat More Restaurants are a clever business—not just in the food they serve, but in how they make us eat more than we normally would.Yes, there are things going on inside of restaurants that you may not have consciously realized. They know their target audience well. Danny Meyer of Tabla, an Indian fusion restaurant in New York City, says in the New York Times, "The chef's write the music and the menu becomes the lyrics." When a restaurant owner tells you this, it's worth paying attention. After all, there is a psychology involved in many aspects of restaurant dining.

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After paying our $1,400 bill, we left feeling taken advantage of. As someone accustomed to paying a premium for great dining experiences, I never expected to shell out so much for so little. But it wasn’t really the price that offended me so much as the attitude. The wait staff were rude, and certainly part of the reason for the faltering atmosphere. This experience serves as an important reminder for me, someone who works in PR, that social media hype can be extremely deceiving. Yes, I took a picture with Salt Bae, but some pictures aren’t worth a thousand words.

I love my city, I love the many restaurant choices that exist here, the various types of cooking, the specialties, and the larger-than-life chefs known as much for what they cook as their outsized personalities. It’s one of the great things about New York. If you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere, as the song says. But for Salt Bae to make it in New York City, a lot is going to have to change. We aint in Kansas or Miami anymore, buddy.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO of NY based PR firm, 5W Public Relations. Read his full bio here.

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