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8 Things You Probably Cook Too Fast

  8 Things You Probably Cook Too Fast Stop scorching your steak and burning toasted nuts. Sometimes you need to take things nice and slow.Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and lower the heat on your stove once in a while, you might have burnt food. That's what Ferris Bueller said, right? If he was cooking an expensive steak, soft-scrambled eggs, or crispy-skinned chicken thighs, it's solid advice. The thing is, too often do we—home cooks in a hurry—rush to get dinner on the table. We crank up the heat on the stove because it just makes sense: faster, hotter pans make faster, hotter food. Right?

FANTASTIC way to make scrambled eggs perfect every time ! We have used this recipe countless times when cooking for a men's breakfast for 60 men. It was very well received. The only change I would suggest is to make smaller amounts at a time .

I loved that I could be doing other things while the eggs were baking rather than standing over the stovetop the entire time . This had to be the best recipe that I have ever had for a crowd. My daughter had asked me to make scrambled eggs and sausage for her turn at providing breakfast in her

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I'm tired. You probably are, too. There are both general and specific reasons underpinning this, but today for me, it's due at least in part due to the pressure of writing stories that must "restore your faith in humanity" or be "utterly life-changing." I don't have that depth of emotional capacity to spare at the moment, but I can tell you about the simple, little thing I do to make my scrambled eggs markedly, unfailingly better.

I buzz the eggs in a food processor before I put them in olive oil to cook. Really, it's that easy. A blender would do the trick, too, but it's up on a high shelf and I'd have to stand on a chair or ask my husband to reach up and get it for me, and that's just too much bother. I have a mini food processor right there on the counter and I crack a couple of eggs into it, pulse them until they're frothy, and pour them into the warm, oiled pan. Growing up, I was taught to add milk and, inexplicably, vinegar to the eggs, but nah. Just the eggs and air.

Kinder Eggs Are Coming To The U.S.

  Kinder Eggs Are Coming To The U.S. The popular European candy was previously banned in the U.S.Ferrero International announced on Monday that Kinder Joy, a special version of the candy that was introduced in 2001, will be making it's way to the U.S. just in time for the holidays.

The secret to making perfect scrambled eggs is all about taking time . Follow this step-by-step guide to find out how to master scrambles . Here's a quick step-by-step guide to the very best way to scramble eggs .

True, anybody can scramble eggs , but making a fluffy, moist scramble is a bit of an art form. For a small skillet, try 2 eggs at a time . You can scramble any eggs and come out with a decent scramble , but if you want to take things to another level, make sure the chickens that laid your eggs

What happens is that one bazillion little bubbles are fluffed into the mix, making everything lovely and light. When the eggs start to solidify in the pan, they fold, rather than form curds, and make me feel a little bit fancy. The texture is akin to what I get in a diner, which I love because those are eggs made for me rather than by me. It's a subtle thing, but it matters in the morning.

But not every morning! Heaven knows I don't have it in me to wash out the food processor every single day, and I definitely don't run the dishwasher every day (there are only two humans in my home and we don't generate a warrantable amount of dishes), so I rinse all the parts, chuck them in there, and a few days later they're clean and I muck them up again.

Could I fluff the eggs with a whisk and some will? Yes, but you read the part about exhaustion, right? I just sometimes need something nice that's not so very difficult. An immersion blender would work, too, but I don't know where the heck that's hiding right now.

So these eggs. I pour the froth into warm olive oil, wait for the edges to firm up a little, sprinkle on some salt and herbs, then just sort of push them around a little. If I waited for the bottom to firm, too, I could fold it and call it an omelet, but I just can't deal with that sort of pressure so early in the day. I need a small victory. A scramble it is, and while it's not life-changing, it is an easily-achievable source of pleasure where there was only maintenance before, and that's good enough for me.

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