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Some of the South's Best Fried Chicken Is Served from a Gas Station

  Some of the South's Best Fried Chicken Is Served from a Gas Station The convenient store serves the most glorified gas station fried chicken in the state, possibly the entire region. To me, there’s something wildly nostalgic about grabbing a box of chicken and taters while simultaneously paying for gas. Maybe it’s the unpretentious setting that adds to the flavor, but I can attest that is honestly some of the best tasting chicken in North Carolina. The late Charlie Nichols opened the first Nic’s Pic Kwik in 1971 and the first official store with a deli inside opened in 1977—making it the first convenience store to serve fried chicken in North Carolina at the time.

Now that we're grown up, nobody spreads the love anymore, sadly. KFC is giving us a chance to relive our childhood, though, with some hilariously nostalgic scratch n sniff Valentines The back of each card is supposed to be scented like KFC ' s fried chicken , with a simple scratch activating the aroma.

KFC is Giving Away Scratch N Sniff Valentines That Smell Like Chicken . In addition to puns about coleslaw and chicken pot pie, the back of each card is also infused with the scent of fried chicken .

Does the scent of fried chicken make you or your partner hungry for romance?

If so, you're in luck! Beginning Monday, Feb. 12, participating locations of KFC are giving away scratch 'n' sniff Valentine's Day cards featuring the chicken chain's founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, and a slew of sappy sayings for your beloved.

TODAY, product courtesy of merchant siteKFC launches chicken-scented scratch n' sniff Valentine's Day cards Feb. 12.© Kentucky Fried Chicken TODAY, product courtesy of merchant siteKFC launches chicken-scented scratch n' sniff Valentine's Day cards Feb. 12.

Each set of four chicken-scented cards comes free with an order of a $10 chicken share meal, which includes an option of six pieces of fried chicken, nine extra crispy tenders, 12 hot wings, or a mound of popcorn nuggets. With a bucket of crispy chicken classics in-hand, you can scratch and sniff KFC's 11 herbs and spices to show your honey and biscuits just how much you care.

Why Champagne and Fried Chicken Are Perfect Together

  Why Champagne and Fried Chicken Are Perfect Together The ultimate symbiosis of grease and acid. When Champagnes are made, they go through a process called autolysis, during which the wine spends time in contact with the lees.The French phrase is sur lie, which is a beautiful way of saying the wine was aged on the dead yeast that’s leftover after fermentation ends. The liquid in each bottle eventually takes on the flavors of that yeast — which is to say, the bready, toasty, briochey notes that come through when you smell and taste good Champagne.

Each scratch ‘ n ’ sniff card carries a pun, such as, “I fell in love the moment I slaw you,” and, “We’re two peas in a chicken pot pie,” so be prepared to take a battering if the person of your affections isn’t one for dad jokes.

Between those pillows of fried chicken sits a beef patty, topped with slices of bacon and cheese, and finished with BBQ sauce and mayo. It’ s a meat feast for the eyes, the soul and, no doubt, the belly. We’d eat this and we’re not even ashamed (Picture: KFC Korea).

Each Valentine's Day card includes a love note, such as "You have the secret recipe to my heart," or "We're two peas in a chicken pot pie."

The phrases are partnered with photos of the original Colonel Sanders — not to be confused with the brand's latest celebrity colonel, beloved country singer, Reba McEntire.

TODAY, product courtesy of merchant siteColonel Sanders spreads the love this Valentine's Day with scratch n' sniff cards.© Kentucky Fried Chicken TODAY, product courtesy of merchant siteColonel Sanders spreads the love this Valentine's Day with scratch n' sniff cards.

As fans of fried chicken, we just had to get a whiff of the wacky new offering.

The cards don't exactly smell like a bucket of the colonel's chicken, but there is definitely a pungent, slightly meaty aroma that is released upon scratching the cards. Like the chain's Extra Crispy sunscreen from 2016, these cards smell more like bouillon cubes than freshly fried chicken — which might still be a welcome scent after sniffing all the usual sweet smells floating around on Feb. 14.

Man's KFC chicken bucket hack goes viral

  Man's KFC chicken bucket hack goes viral People on Twitter have reportedly found their first hero of 2018 – a man who used a KFC fried chicken bucket as a soda cup.One man has found a way to get around paying for both fried chicken and a soda – and Twitter is loving it.

some fried chicken the official KFC way. Here' s a video clip showing the whole process: And though much of the specifics that have turned Kentucky Fried Chicken into KFC is purposely played up to create a mythical company lore (no one knows the secret 11 ingredient Original Recipe, a fact that

KFC creates fried chicken Valentine ' s bouquets for amorous eaters. 13 (UPI) -- Fried chicken chain KFC is giving New Zealand customers the chance to say "I love you" with a Valentine ' s Day bouquet of fried chicken .

Just like its double crunch chicken sandwich, KFC has been on a roll (yuk, yuk) with chicken-scented products. In December 2016, the chain launched a limited-edition fried-chicken-scented candle for the holidays.

If you're "love stricken with chicken" but don't have time to get to a KFC in the next few days, you can text your valentine with a chicken-themed image. KFC has partnered with mobile GIF search engine Tenor to spread a little digital love, so you can text your bird, buddy, and any other beloved a special animated greeting this week.

This Is the Best Dish To Bring to a Funeral .
In the South, food is always the answer. No matter the occasion—baby shower, bridal luncheon, birthday party, backyard cookout—the immediate question that follows an invitation is, “What can I bring?” Food is an expression of emotion: love, appreciation, celebration, sympathy. When a Southerner dies, mourners immediately assume their positions in the kitchen, preparing offerings of heartfelt condolence for the deceased’s family the best way they know how: cooking up comforting casseroles, funeral potatoes, and baked hams. When we’re a loss for words, feeding people is our traditional response. So what’s the best dish to bring to a funeral? Offer a platter of classic Southern comfort: fried chicken. The ultimate finger food, fried chicken soothes any Southerner’s soul. You might have trouble finding an empty spot on the dining table when you arrive for the visitation, but room will always be made for this cure-all food. It can be eaten hot during the gathering or snacked on cold the next day (which, arguably, tastes even better). Mississippi etiquette experts Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays tout fried chicken as one of the top 10 foods to bring to a funeral, and cookbook author Perre Coleman Magness lists fried chicken as the number one in her Southern Sympathy Cookbook. WATCH: Funeral Etiquette Every Southerner Should Know There’s special something about a seemingly ordinary piece of fried chicken. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a fond memory attached to the food, be it a favorite recipe or a loved one who made it; it’s a culinary tie that binds. Fry a homemade batch or pick up a container from your favorite takeout spot—it doesn’t matter. You’ll offer comfort to those who are grieving with a smile and a crispy, golden-brown drumstick.

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