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02:30  14 april  2018
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‘Final Fantasy’ Gets a 30-Year-Old Whiskey For Its 30th Anniversary

  ‘Final Fantasy’ Gets a 30-Year-Old Whiskey For Its 30th Anniversary The Final Fantasy franchise doesn’t look like its losing steam anytime soon, so what better way to celebrate its continued success (and our continued obsession) than through some game-inspired whiskey? Universally known for its epic music, elaborately designed locations, and empathetic and unflinching heroes, the series of video games—which started with 1987’s Final Fantasy release—came at a time when many “millennials” were in or reaching their game-playing prime. As such, it grew up with entire generations and has become its own little corner of nostalgia.

That's why I was so excited when I recently read about wines aged in whiskey and bourbon casks. Could you taste the whiskey, I wondered? And would the flavors be subtle or overpowering? There aren't a lot of these whiskey- barrel aged wines out there.

You ' ll find mostly Cabernet, Shiraz and Zinfandel on the market. Well, the bourbon barrel aged wine fad is officially in full swing, and I expect it is going to continue well into the future. Basically, this is where a winery ages its wine in a barrel that was formerly used for bourbon .

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Winemaking and beer-making used to feel like distinctly different disciplines. But recently, more and more, fermenters of both grapes and grains have been taking tips from each other—whether its dry-hopped wine, beer brewed with grape skins, or any of the many other beer and wine hybrids. Now, it appears like a trend that took the beer world by storm is about to be the next big thing in wine: bourbon barrel-aging.

The well-known California winery Fetzer Vineyards first released its bourbon barrel-aged Zinfandel called 1000 Stories back in 2014. The brand’s winemaking director Bob Blue told The Drinks Business that the first year, they only produced 5,000 cases, but over the past 12-month period, they’ve sold 120,000. “It has changed my life,” he said. “We are now buying a lot of Zin, and going to Lodi, Paso Robles, and Mendocino for grapes; the growth has been dramatic, we’ve gone from nothing to 2,000 tonnes of fruit, it’s crazy.” He said if demand keeps up, production of 1000 Stories, which spends two months in used bourbon casks, could double again to around 250,000 cases in the near future.

Potential Trade War Could Hurt Kentucky Bourbon and Wisconsin Cheese

  Potential Trade War Could Hurt Kentucky Bourbon and Wisconsin Cheese A looming global tariff on steel and aluminum proposed by the Trump administration that has already irked the U.S. beverage industry could now potentially have even more far-reaching ramifications for the food and drinks world: Word is spreading that the E.U. may already be preparing to retaliate by taxing signature American imports like Kentucky bourbon and Wisconsin cheese. Back in July, 30 prominent beverage industry executive sent a plea to the Trump administration admonishing a proposal to place board tariffs on imported steel and aluminum to bolster the American metal trade. The tariffs, the administration claimed, would avoid a “national security threat” posed by the country's weakening ability to produce these metals. Now, as the proposal moves forward, other industries have reason to worry as well: According to the Financial Times, the Trump administration has been given the go-ahead to enact those proposed tariffs – at least 24 percent for steel and 7.7 percent for aluminum – or similarly drastic measures, and America’s global trading partners are already planning the inevitable backlash, specifically targeting products they know will hit home with the American public. Officials in Brussels are reportedly eying retaliatory tariffs on items like bourbon and cheese, not just because they are signature American products, but because as the Financial Times puts it, they are “politically sensitive.

Barrel aged stout, barrel aged barleywine, barrel aged IPA you name it. Why Sizzle Platters and Eighth-Sheet Pans Belong in Every Kitchen. And bourbon barrels aren't the only containers brewers are using, either: you ' ll also see sherry, wine , tequila, and rum barrels imparting their distinct flavors

Sorry, everywhere else. Bourbon barrels kept the Scotch industry alive. Not sure if you’ve checked, but many Scotches are aged in post-use bourbon barrels . You ’ ll see this on a lot of labels, since there is (again) NO age requirement for bourbon .

"It’s a bit of a gimmick, but there’s no question it’s a popular trend right now," Food & Wine executive wine editor Ray Isle says. "Largely it capitalizes on the huge boom in popularity that’s happened with Bourbon, and brings it over into the wine space. Whether aging in a used Bourbon barrel actually makes a wine better in any way is another question."

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Interestingly enough, though Blue claims that Fetzer was the first to make bourbon barrel-aged wine in California’s modern wine era, three or four decades ago, using bourbon barrels was relatively common—in part because they were cheaper. “I distinctly remember in the early ‘80s, when I was getting started as a winemaker, that getting French oak for wine was a big deal,” Blue told VinePair this past December. “Since there wasn’t a ton of capital, we used bourbon barrels.”

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Bourbon barrels tend to be a little less pretty than wine barrels , too. You ’ ll see quite often the staves are good but an end will blow out.” Or the bung stave will have cracks. “You can see that here,” he says, pointing at a barrel .

For the best infographic you ' ll see all day, check out Mutineer Magazine's, "The Secret Life of Bourbon Barrels ." Whiskey may be made everywhere from Brooklyn to Scotland but in 1964, Congress declared bourbon "America's Native Spirit."

This time around though, big wineries—which also includes Robert Mondavi and Apothic—are doing it because it’s the hip thing to do, and some wines like Stave & Steel are building their whole brand around it. In the beer world, bourbon barrel-aging has become a staple of many breweries repertoire after Goose Island saw huge success with the technique in the ‘90s. “Riding on the coattails of bourbon’s success, we saw a great opportunity to combine our traditional California winemaking with the unique aging process that comes from used bourbon barrels to offer consumers a bolder, richer [wine],” Jason Dodge, senior director of winemaking for Robert Mondavi Private Selection, told VinePair. As recent beer-wine hybrids have proven, what’s good for the Goose can also be good for the gander.

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Last month, Apothic Wine announced it was getting in on the coolest trend in coffee — yes, you read that correctly.&nbsp;If the idea of mixing two drinks that serve essentially opposite purposes gives you pause, you're certainly not alone. We had some reservations about Apothic Brew, too. While we enjoy drinking a nice glass of red wine to unwind at the end of a long day and can't get enough cold brew during summer, that doesn't necessarily mean the two beverages will taste good when put together. Our skepticism, however, was completely washed away once we took our very first sips.

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