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“I also have a quarterly chefs council where our supplier chefs will come in and work with me on the bench for three or four days, coming up with crazy ideas,” Chef Bob says. Ina Garten ' s 3 - Point Game Plan for Spring Dinner Parties .

Get the Recipe: Ina Garten ' s Spanish Tapas Peppers. Speaking of those peppers, they're another insight into how Ina creates a menu (and her recipes). Ina explained how, before a dinner party , she does a lot in advance that no one ever sees, but that makes her life a little easier. "I do a game plan

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When warm weather hits, sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes after a far-too-long spell of unpredictable temperatures, you might find yourself contending with a sudden urge to host a dinner party. The sunshine draws you outside to your farmer's market where fresh produce is in abundance, begging to be experimented with, you dust off your patio furniture, and before you know it you've invited your friends and neighbors over and told them all to "just bring wine." Now what? While you may have all of the know-how you need to pull off a beautiful spring spread in your arsenal, sometimes it helps to be reminded that there are some simple ways to organize your menu and make the most the season's offerings. And who better to calm your nerves and set you straight that the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten?

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It’ s the number one question Ina Garten receives from home cooks: “Can I make it ahead?” That was the inspiration for her latest cookbook, Make It Ahead, which gives readers a game plan for pulling off stress-free dinner parties , including recipes ideal for prepping, assembling or cooking in advance.

Ina Garten shares her secrets for a make-ahead dinner party , plus 4 easy recipes. Make a game - plan — and write it down: "I think my dinner guests are always surprised to learn that I have a very specific ' game plan ' for the meal written on a pad of paper," says Garten .

Garten's recently published a post on her blog with some handy tips for making a spring dinner party a breeze. Combine that with some advice she gave us ahead of the premiere of the new season of Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro and you've got a three-point plan for a successful hosting experience.

1. Build a menu around what's fresh at the farmers market

Garten highlights some of the first produce items you can expect to find at the farm stand: radishes, baby lettuces, asparagus, and rhubarb. "Then I make a menu of dishes with those ingredients that everyone can eat," her blog states.

"When you buy ingredients in season, they're cheaper and they’re better. In the spring, when asparagus is coming in, all you have to do is roast it on a sheet pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper, put it in the oven, and maybe in the last 60 seconds add some parmesan, and you’ve got a fabulous side dish," Garten told Food & Wine last month. "I also make roast chicken with radishes in the pan that is so delicious. It sounds like an unlikely thing but someone made it for me in Paris and I went crazy."

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When it comes to dinner parties , Ina Garten is the queen. We're still on the cusp of spring , and it' s not quite time for summer' s crops to come rolling in. A rich, warm lasagna is still appreciated, as is the soup.

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2. Choose dishes that can be cooked simultaneously

Garten told us when she plans a dinner menu, it includes "something you can put in the oven and forget about it, something that goes on top of the stove, and something that’s served at the room temperature" so that everything doesn't have to be hot at the same time.

Part of knowing which dishes fit those categories is looking back at recipes you've already mastered. "Don’t make something you’ve never made before for company," Garten warns. "Part of being a pro is making something over and over again until you feel confident that you can make it well. Inevitably, the ingredients are different, the oven temperature is off, the chicken you got isn’t the right size. Things happen."

3. Prep some dishes ahead of time

Dessert is a perfect candidate for this tip, "like a salted caramel panna cotta, which you can make the night before and it’s ready for whenever you’re serving," Garten explained. Having something completely done or, at the very least, ready to be popped into the oven for an hour without thinking about can be a huge timesaver on the day of.

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One of my goals in life is to at some point become the kind of person who hosts effortless dinner parties on the regular. Thankfully for people such as myself, The Kitchn spoke with food pro Ina Garten to gather some of her Prep in advance: “I do a game plan about how I’m going to make

How do you plan a dinner party ? I think my dinner guests are always surprised to learn that I have a very specific “ game plan ” for the meal written on a pad of 9 comments about “Entertaining, Ina Garten ’ s Way”. Nov 25 at 8:03 am. Great advice, I must check out those CD’s.

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And lastly, Garten says don't try so hard to impress people that you forget to enjoy yourself. "I think the most important thing at a dinner party is that the host is having fun. If they are wise enough to make a meal that can do without having a meltdown, I think that’s really impressive."

Curious what to serve with your delicious spring dishes? Check out our roundup of spring wine and vegetable pairings and refreshing spring cocktails.

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