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  This Is the Healthiest Breakfast You Can Eat Starting your day off right means kicking things off with a good meal. Luckily, this healthy, filling breakfast will keep you going strong all day. If you’re not in the habit of eating breakfast every day, it’s time to make a change. Eating a balanced breakfast every day has been linked to better-controlled blood sugar, an increased intake of vitamins and minerals, weight loss, and improved brain function. With perks like that, you’d be remiss to not take a little bit of time to get your day off to a good start.

Besides bread and pastries with butter and jam, there’s usually just a glass of orange juice and a coffee, drunk from a bowl. Everything you thought you knew about French breakfast is wrong.

However, there is a misconception among many Americans that the croissant is somehow the major national breakfast pastry of France, and I am here to disabuse you of this image with the most delicious news.

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I am not anti-croissant. I like them plain, chocolate, filled with almond paste or ham and cheese with equal fervor. However, there is a misconception among many Americans that the croissant is somehow the major national breakfast pastry of France, and I am here to disabuse you of this image with the most delicious news.

While croissants are absolutely a common sight in France, and are without a doubt the best ones you will ever taste, the French have a much broader view of their breakfast pastry basket, and some of the typical offerings might just make you a convert.

Again, I cannot stress enough that I mean you will love these in addition to your beloved flaky crescents.

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American breakfasts are nothing if not brazen. You can’t throw an Egg McMuffin without hitting a That meant me going out and investing in a little French press and boiling water over a comically Swedes don ’ t mimic their southern European neighbors by serving any sort of pastry for breakfast , a

What Germans Know About Breakfast That Americans Don ' t . Whether you prefer to nibble a French croissant or a Danish pastry , chances are you’ve enjoyed something with continental flair to start your day.

The first is the chausson au pommes, literally translated as an apple slipper. It is very typical and something you can find in pretty much any shop; it is probably tied with the croissant as the most consumed breakfast treat. It is essentially an apple turnover, only instead of the pie-style pastry crust you might expect, it is made with puff pastry for a light buttery exterior. They are often sprinkled with sugar or glazed on the outside, and the apple filling is light and not very sweet at all. It's a perfect morning serving of fruit.

Next there is the l’anglaise au abricot, essentially a French long john. A long rectangular tranche of puff pastry gets topped with a thin coating of pastry cream and halved fresh apricots before baking. Once done, it is glazed with apricot jam. The apricots are tart and the pastry cream provides a hit of vanilla and they are really amazing with a cup of tea.

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Less known are the wonders awaiting you at the breakfast table. The key is simplicity—you won’ t find any fussy laminated pastries or omelets here, and the food is as diverse as Peru’s landscapes of seaside cities; deep, foreboding jungles; and the high, dusty altiplano .

The traditional French breakfast would not exist if bread did not. This is a serious story. Read on and find out everything you need to know about the French breakfast ! Finally, the French breakfast is also the home place for pastries – what we call in French “viennoiseries”.

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Apres that is the pain au raisins, or escargot de raisins. This snail-like pastry is essentially croissant dough that has had a layer of raisins dotted generously over it before getting rolled up and sliced into spirals before baking. A really simple breakfast, but shockingly delicious and worth seeking out. If you like raisin bread, this will rock your morning.

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Those of you who are fans of The Great British Baking Show might be familiar with the kouign amann (pronounced kween ah-mon), but if you have never seen one of these oddly-named pastries in the wild, I suggest some immediate Googling to find them. It's a laminated dough, much like croissant dough, but with one layer of sugar added in the final turning and rolling process. Squares of this dough are folded around themselves in delicious origami, sometimes with a chunk of apple or a sugar cube in the middle, before being baked in ring molds, where the butter and sugar make a crackly caramel crust on the bottom. They're extra flaky and crunchy and will drop shards of sugary pastry all over your shirt, but you won’t care.

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But I live in constant fear of developing “a Jewish stomach,” otherwise known as lactose intolerance. I was raised on American cheese, which is more plastic than dairy product, and My travels took me to Zurich and then, an hour away, to the town of Lucerne, where my French -Swiss friend Seghi lived.

A typical French Breakfast . Some of the most common elements - Pastries , Bread and Coffee - of a traditional breakfast in France. What the French Know About Breakfast that Americans Don ' t | Extra

Brioche is also very common at breakfast. You can get it plain, dotted with large crystals of sugar, or if you are very lucky, encrusted with crushed pink praline. The enriched buttery roll is stretchy from the addition of eggs, and doesn’t need any extra schmearing. It is particularly good with coffee.

And finally, chouquettes, wherein light little balls of choux dough—the same dough you use for eclairs and cream puffs—are rolled in chunky sugar crystals before baking. These are a great on-the-go option, since they tend to be sold by the sackful for one-bite munching.

The next time you hit the bakery to peruse the pastries, keep an eye out for any of these French breakfast treats. I promise, the croissants will still be there the next time you go.

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