Food We Tried the New Firework Oreo, And Here's What You Need to Know

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Oreo O's Cereal Is Still Available, but Only in This Country

  Oreo O's Cereal Is Still Available, but Only in This Country If you are a 90's kid, you probably remember the good old days when you could munch on Oreo O's for every breakfast. It is quite impossible to forget the heavenly combination of black Oreo rings and mini dried white marshmallows. Because Oreo O's was a huge hit, globally, people all over the world must have been disappointed when they were discontinued. However, South Korea is still producing this morning bite. How did this happen, and where did the rest of the world fall short?What happened?As you may know, Oreo is a famous product manufactured by the Kraft Foods Group.

Since you 've probably have never had firework -flavored anything in your life, what does a firework taste like? Here ' s what you need to know about this new flavor: It's essentially an Oreo with Pop Rocks in the creme — not official Pop Rocks

New Meals on Thomas Cook Airline. Lightsaber Churros At Disneyland. You NEED a Doughnut The new limited-edition Fireworks Oreos may look festive with red, white, and blue sprinkles dotting We Can’t Wait to Try These Tempting New Oreo Flavors Here ’ s How the New Chocolate Chip Oreos

A brand new package of firework oreos beside a glass of milk© Provided by Taste of Home A brand new package of firework oreos beside a glass of milk

Oreo recently rolled out a new flavor for summer—the Firework Oreo. Their claim: It'll deliver a poppy, firework-like burst in your mouth. How so? The cookies are chock-full of popping candy. (Yep, like the Pop Rocks you ate as a kid!) As a connoisseur of cookies—store-bought andhomemade—I had to try it. I ran out to the store and bought a package. Here's what you need to know:

At First Glance

The packaging ain't subtle. Cheerfully red, white and blue, these bags were made with celebrating in mind. With Memorial Day and Fourth of July parties just around the corner, these treats could be a major hit at sundae bars or on cookie trays.

This Couple Just Made Oreo Tacos & You're Definitely Going To Want To Recreate Them

  This Couple Just Made Oreo Tacos & You're Definitely Going To Want To Recreate Them Choco Tacos, Klondike’s taco-shape ice cream treat, were a very important part of my childhood. Now that the glory days of the 90s are over however, Choco Tacos are a lot harder to find, so I’ve been forced to live without the chocolately take on the taco for many years. That’s why I was stoked to find that a YouTube-famous couple invented a different way to combine the sweet flavor of chocolate with the convenient shape of a taco.Julia and J.P. of Hellthy JunkFood recently went head to head to see who could make the best version of what they called "Oreo Tacos." The admirable quest led J.P.

We tried Swedish Fish Oreos , and here ' s what we thought. Watch Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford try Firework Oreos , cloud eggs. So who knows ? These Oreos could be right up your alley.

Oreo made two huge announcements this week. First, on Monday it introduced another new flavor. Or maybe more of a concept than a flavor: The Firework Oreo . Mystery solved: Here are the 2017 Peeps flavors. Fast-food giant KFC knows what you really want for Mother’ s Day.

Peeling back the wrapping, I was actually nervous to take the first bite. Might the popping filling cause a Diet-Coke-and-Mentos-style combustion? Would it ruin a perfectly good Oreo?

The Chomp Test

To begin my analysis, I took a bite. With the expectation of a firework-style explosion in my mouth, I was actually a bit let down. It felt and tasted like a normal Oreo (which, don't get me wrong, I adore), but with sand-like crunchy bits in the filling. I chewed slowly, searching for flavor. Gradually the candy began to dance in my mouth. It wasn't much more than a slight tingle, but it gave me a nice little surprise.

Conclusion: Don't snarf down the cookie too quickly or you'll miss out on all that fun poppin'.

The Dunk Test

Firework oreo being dunked repeatedly into a glass of milk© Provided by Taste of Home Firework oreo being dunked repeatedly into a glass of milk Next, I decided to bring in Oreo's favorite sidekick, a glass of cold milk. After all, this is a cookie that's made for dunking. I thought the milk might get bubbly or turn reddish blue. Nope! It dunked in the usual way. (I did notice that the candies popped more quickly post-dip.)

Oreo Launched Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches

  Oreo Launched Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches <p>I scream. You scream. We all scream for Oreo's Peanut Butter Ice Cream.</p>Which, incidentally, has just launched at supermarkets in the UK - which might be why you've seen thousands of people clutching their boobs and running towards the frozen aisle at Sainsbury's in the U.K.

The BuzzFeed staff had a chance to try the new flavor, and here ’ s what they thought I don’t know how much it tastes like a s’more, because it’s a cookie, but whatever it is, I love it. 7. Some people thought they needed to be heated over an open fire . Please try again later. Are you going to try S'mores Oreos ? vote votes. Hell yes!

(Getty). Leap Day: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know . February 28, 2017 is the last day of the month. Click here to read more. 3. The New Peeps-Flavored Oreo Will Turn Your Tongue Purple. Today, Nabisco makes Oreo flavors for just about every holiday.

Conclusion: It's safe to dunk.

The Split Test

Firework oreo split in half and held before the camera© Provided by Taste of Home Firework oreo split in half and held before the camera For the final test, I practiced my favorite method of eating Oreos: twisting the cookies apart and eating the filling first. I prefer a clean break between cookie and cream, and the Firework Oreo delivered. The filling was a looker, speckled with tiny red and blue flecks. Eating the filling by itself was a whole new experience. The candy started jumping around on my tongue instantly. At last! The pure firework experience.

Conclusion: Eating the filling first guarantees a popping candy explosion. Also, I've eaten too many cookies.

The Final Verdict

Firework Oreos are a go, at least as a novelty. As a summer holiday hostess, I'll definitely break these cookies out for my friends and family to try. (I already know the kids will go crazy for them.) Because of the unusual texture of the cream filling, however, I recommend sticking to classic Oreos when it comes to our favorite cookies and cream recipes.

Oreo Adds Apple Pie and Cadbury-Coated Cookies to Flavor Arsenal .
Oreo stops at nothing.&nbsp;Oreo stops at nothing. Over the years, the cookie giant has created umpteen million different crazy flavors — watermelon, root beer float, Pop Rocks — on top of other wild products like Oreo Candy Canes, edible Oreo cookie dough, and Oreo churros. One brewery even flavored their beer with Oreo.

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