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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. You've seen ramen burgers, tacos and pizza -- too-trendy specialties that, we'd argue, have gone a bit overboard. We enjoy our instant ramen dishes for their their taste, not their novelty factor.

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  How to Turn Your Instant Ramen into (Nearly) Instant Pizza © Provided by Food52

When I have "nothing to eat," noodles save the day. They’re fast, cheap, and filling, plus they usually only require one pot. I know, I know: Not all heroes wear capes.

But as much as I love a bowl of spaghetti, ramen, or vermicelli, I do get a little bored with making the same recipes time and time again. Which is why I was so excited when I discovered Noodle Pizzas in Kathy Kordalis’ newest cookbook.

Move over, ramen burger. © Provided by Food52 Move over, ramen burger.

Transforming noodles into pizza is a similar process to making the Insta-famous ramen burger. Use an egg to bind together cooked instant noodles, then fry the mixture in a pan or skillet to form a golden base.

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Instant ramen may be simple, easy, and the stuff college dorm dreams are made of, but with a few simple, easy upgrades, you can transform it into a hearty, flavorful meal that you’d never think came out of a package. Just a few more ingredients and your instant ramen can be more filling

Best of all, though, you can mix and match any of these approaches to turn your instant ramen into something worth calling "dinner." Many bowls in real restaurants include eggs, meat, scallions, menma, nori, and maybe a handful of bean sprouts--it's hard to go wrong

From there, top the noodle base like you would any pizza and pop it into the oven. We tried three of Kordalis’ recommendations—chorizo, pesto, and mozzarella; traditional margherita; and a red sauce with spinach, chile, and egg—but feel free to experiment. I think it would also be tasty with prosciutto and arugula, or ranch and garlic, or mushrooms and caramelized onions. You could even top your noodle base with red sauce and mini meatballs for a meta dish.

Noodle pizzas take longer to make than normal noodle dishes, but not much. The personal-sized pies take about 30 minutes to make—still reasonable for a busy weekday or last-minute dinner.

Now try it:

Spinach, Chile, & Egg Noodle Pizza

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The appeal goes even deeper than taste, according to instant ramen lover Justin Warner, author of The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them. Scoop out into a bowl and set aside while you make the rest of the soup. Turn the heat to low and add the scallion whites and ginger to the drippings from

Simple and genius ways to turn your 20 cent instant ramen pack into gourmet ramen ! Instant ramen noodles have saved a lot of college students' lives financially, physically and emotionally.

Margherita Noodle Pizza

Ramen Noodles Made Healthy

  Ramen Noodles Made Healthy Ah, ramen, the stereotypical staple of every college kid's diet. For the average college student like you and me, ramen definitely brings the goods: it's cheap, quick to fix, and oh so delicious. But nutritious? Nah. While ramen noodles might seem like the perfect mealtime choice in theory, every student knows they probably aren't the wisest diet choice when it comes to nutrition. But what if things didn't have to be that way? What if ramen noodles could be delicious and *gasp* more nutritious? You read that right, my friends. It's time to make some noodles that even your momma would be proud of.

Turn that package of instant ramen noodles in your pantry into a healthy-ish dinner. This is how contributing food stylist Sue Li turns instant ramen into a salad-yes, a salad.

Ramen has always been a go-to meal for frugal foodies, college students, and anyone else who loves a soothing, cheap, and easy meal. And while instant ramen is delicious (and can easily be improved), making a simple homemade ramen is even better, and nearly as easy.

Chorizo, Pesto, & Mozzarella Noodle Pizza

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  Top Ramen Is Changing Its Recipe to Be Healthier <p>The announcement was made today in conjunction with National Noodle Day.</p>Few foods are as synonymous with a cheap meal as Top Ramen. The colorful rectangular packs that often sell four for a dollar regularly get joked about as a college staple. But Nissin Foods, the people behind Top Ramen and the original inventor of instant noodles back in 1958, wants customers to know that just because Top Ramen is inexpensive doesn't mean the company doesn't care about its ingredients—so Nissan is making some hopefully beneficial tweaks to the brand similar to what it did with Cup Noodles last year.

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Most people living in Japan will tell you that the ramen broth, like the pizza is different regionaly flavors. So the question is, how can I enhance my instant soup powder to make it more flavorful or make it somewhat close to an Authentic broth?

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