Food Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Organic and Free-Range Turkeys

20:38  14 november  2017
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Here ' s what you should know about the two. Fresh: A fresh turkey has never been chilled below 26 degrees. Free - Range or Free-Roaming Turkeys . How they're raised: To be labeled organic , the turkeys eat only organic feed, which by law contains no genetically modified grains, pesticides

The term "heritage turkey " has become such a marketing buzzword that unscrupulous farmers and grocers might be tempted to apply it indiscrimately, to things like organic or free - range turkeys , in order to charge premium prices.

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It’s almost Thanksgiving (you probably noticed), and you may be thinking about splurging on a fancier, organic or free-range turkey this year. Maybe you’ve heard that they’re a lot better tasting and more environmentally friendly, or you just want to feed your family the best. But is the extra cost worth it? What do all those terms (organic, free-range, heritage) mean? And most importantly, where do you get a good one and how do you cook it?

Cooking Light’s Tim Cebula, senior food editor and in-house turkey expert, is here to help you understand what makes these birds so great, and why you can’t just treat them like your standard frozen Butterball.

Amazon-Owned Whole Foods is Already Slashing Prices

  Amazon-Owned Whole Foods is Already Slashing Prices It's avocado markdown madness.Amazon, which just acquired the Whole Foods grocery chain for $13.7 billion, doesn’t appear to be sticking to that trend. According to Bloomberg, shoppers at the Whole Foods store on East 57th Street in New York City were greeted Monday by significant markdowns on a number of products. Organic Fuji apples, normally $3.49 a pound, are now $1.99; fully cooked rotisserie chicken has gone from $13.99 to $9.99. Perhaps most importantly, organic avocados dropped from $2.79 to$1.99 each. The price-cut items were up to 43 percent cheaper in some categories when compared to the same products just last Thursday.

Everything you need to know about paid social. with expert contributions by But the golden age of organic reach is over. The major social networks are making it loud and clear: social media is no longer free .

Here ' s a list of everything you need to know about the myriad of frozen dinners out there. It started with turkeys . But with the debut and success of frozen dinners, women were now free to commit the time spent cooking into other forms of personal development.

Why Switch

The key to understanding what makes heritage, free-range, and organic turkeys more desirable than their factory-farmed, frozen counterparts starts at the molecular level, Cebula says. The water content and other juices in commodity products like Butterball expand and rupture cells within tissue when the bird is frozen.

This often results in a watery bird going into the oven—and, ironically, an overly dry bird coming out, when all the moisture evaporates. This is also a very likely culprit if you’ve had trouble browning your turkey in previous years. You actually might be steaming your Thanksgiving feast instead of roasting it.

You won’t face that problem with fresh organic and free-range turkeys, however. Be sure to choose a bird that has been “air chilled” rather than one that has been processed in a water bath.

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Labels like organic bacon, nitrate- free bacon or grass-fed bacon got you confused? Never fear! Here is the essential guide to everything you need to know about bacon.

You want the eggs to be pasture raised free range eggs where the hen was able to roam freely and rummage through grass, bugs and worms as part of it’ s natural diet. The hidden truth here is that even organic butter is not the best quality butter you can get. Organic butter is better than

Understanding the Terms

Free-range means your turkey had access to the outdoors. It’s one of several terms (including cage-free and pasture-raised) which indicates that the bird had the chance to move around, and may have been able to forage for its own food rather than just be fed by the farmer. This doesn't mean that it is organic, however.

Organic turkeys are also free-range, but producers have taken the extra steps to make sure the animal was fed a pesticide-free diet and that no antibiotics were administered. Organic is also a regulated term, meaning that the farm’s practices had to meet certain government standards and be certified by a third party.

Heritage is the term for a breed of bird with qualities or characteristics that aren’t found in the majority of farmed birds—think, here, the difference between your standard Red Delicious, and an heirloom apple variety.

Grow to love saving your seeds

  Grow to love saving your seeds Seed saving is precisely that. Gathering seed saves money for the next planting season, and also saves genetic strains that may have originated in family gardens. Gardeners can save seeds from just about anything that produces fruit or seeds. Gardeners can save seeds from just about anything that produces fruit or seeds. Open- or self-pollinated plants like beans, lettuce, peppers, eggplants and tomatoes are among the best, since their offspring will be the most dependable.

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The levels of saturated fat, also known as bad fat, were lowest in the organic chicken and similar between the free - range and conventional chicken For example, fluoroquinolone is an antibiotic that is commonly given to chickens and turkeys if a single bird in the flock is diagnosed with E. coli.

Modern turkeys have been bred to have enormous amounts of breast meat, for instance. Heritage birds often look much different, and are often smaller in size—however, fans claim that the meat tends to be much richer in flavor.

Because they’re so different, Cebula says heritage birds can be much more difficult to work with. And they often require that you adjust a recipe significantly. If this is the first time you’re straying from a frozen turkey, we recommend starting with an organic bird, which will taste better without the same complication and cost.

To see the difference on a smaller scale, Cebula recommends buying a Bell & Evans organic chicken at your nearest supermarket, You can practice on a smaller scale, and get a sense of the taste difference, without paying for a whole turkey.

Where to Get Your Turkey

There are many different ways to source an organic turkey. Many grocery stores now let you preorder organic birds, and pick them up fresh Thanksgiving week. You can also talk to your local butcher or check the stalls at the farmer’s market to see if there are birds for sale, and what kind they are.

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4) “Natural”, “ free range ,” and “ organic ” turkeys are routinely subjected to debeaking, which is intended to prevent overcrowded birds from pecking at each other. Everything else they say - we need to kill and eat them to be healthy - we need to torture and experiment on them to cure diseases

The surging interest in local and organic foods has certainly contributed to the trend, but many people are raising chickens make such great pets. If you 're ready to bring some farm yard into your back yard, here ' s what you need to get started.

If you’d rather not leave the house, there are still plenty of options. Whole Foods will let you place an order online—or in person at the meat counter—and pick it up a day or two before Thanksgiving.

You can also have a bird delivered to your door—unfrozen, so there’s no worry about thawing. Place an order with Williams Sonoma by this Friday, November 17 and you’ll receive your packaged turkey on the 22nd. Upscale specialty retailer Dean & Deluca can also deliver an bird so that it’ll arrive in time for the big day.

a refrigerator filled with food© Michael Pohuski/Getty Images

If you’re buying local, be sure to pick your turkey up no more than four or five days (at max) before you plan to serve it, so that it remains fresh. And make sure you save room in the fridge!

Before Cooking: How to Brine

Frozen turkeys are traditionally brined before you buy them, which can result in soggy meat. This isn’t the case for fresh turkeys, especially if they are organic.

The simplest way to brine your turkey for maximum flavor and evenly hydrated meat is a dry brine.

Cebula recommends using a salt-based dry brine, which includes pepper and your go-to herbs. Put it on just 24 hours before you plan to cook your turkey. The meat will absorb the salt and take on a delicious flavor overnight.

a plate of food on a table© Provided by TIME Inc.

How to Cook

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The Healthiest Meats You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

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We are connected to local farms from friends and family, spoiling us with organic homegrown everything . And did you know that chickens are not meant to be vegetarian, no matter what your premium carton of organic /grain-fed/cage- free eggs tells you ?

Are you that free ? This condition will force you to always end up to get a book. And why we recommend it to read in that free time? We know why we recommend it because it is in soft file forms.

The best way to tackle ensuring your turkey is prepared perfectly is actually to break it down and separate the different cuts of meat into different pans. Sure, you might not get the photo-perfect ready-to-carve bird coming out of the oven, but your family will forgive you when they see how delicious everything tastes.

Turkeys have much leaner breast meat than thigh meat, meaning temperature plays a huge factor in the quality of your finished product. By breaking the bird down, you can use a digital thermometer to monitor each section of the bird as it cooks.

You’ll want to pull your breast meat out when it reaches exactly 155°F and wait until the thighs are at 180°F for optimal taste and flavor.

If you’re feeling nervous about breaking down a raw bird, ask your local butcher to have the turkey broken down for you.

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