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New kitchen gadgets to get on Amazon Prime Day

Friday  22:53,   13 july 2018

It’s hard to know when it’s time to upgrade the tools in your kitchen. Under normal circumstances, it can be an expensive undertaking. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With Amazon Prime Day right around the corner (it begins 3 p.m. EST on[...]

Sam's Club Just Joined the Costco Pile-On Amid Hot Dog Drama

Friday  22:53,   13 july 2018

<p>After Costco's decision to phase out the Polish dog was met with social media uproar, Sam's Club announced on Thursday night that they'll be adding the item to all of their café menus around the country.&nbsp;</p>Who knew[...]

7 Really Easy Dinners for Not-So-Easy Days

Friday  21:26,   13 july 2018

Cooking doesn’t cure a bad day, but I use it as a way to cope. There’s something so peaceful in the repetitive tasks of stirring and slicing and shredding. I can lean on a recipe to tell me what to do, allowing it to take me out of my mood and into[...]

No One Orders Hotel Room Service Anymore: Here's Why

Friday  20:01,   13 july 2018

<p>Dining within eyeshot of your bed is just a way of life now.</p>Here’s a fun activity: Close your eyes and imagine a hotel room service menu. If the inevitable vision of a $22 chicken Caesar salad isn’t leaving you very appetized, you’re[...]

Dinner Is Best Served Cold: 4 Complete Menus You Can Make in Advance

Friday  18:25,   13 july 2018

These make-ahead, family-style menus are here to help you host a summer dinner party while staying as cool and relaxed as that cocktail in your hand.Late summer has also always been my season of family vacations, weekends away with big groups of[...]

McDonald's Is Giving Out Free French Fries Every Week for the Rest of the Year

Friday  17:59,   13 july 2018

McDonald's Has Free French Fries Every Friday of 2018: How to Get ThemIf you hit the drive-through window only to hem and haw over whether you're just getting a burger or if you should throw some fries in the bag, this deal is for[...]

This Old School Favorite Is One of America’s Fastest-Growing Breakfast Cereals

Friday  17:58,   13 july 2018

A sweet and colorful childhood favorite cereal is making a major comeback. Lucky Charms, the “magically delicious” cereal featuring oats and marshmallow bits, has been flying off supermarket shelves despite a trend toward healthier breakfast[...]

Here's Where to Get Free Fries on National French Fry Day

Friday  11:01,   13 july 2018

Is there anything better than a salty, golden, perfectly crispy French fry?&nbsp;Bite Squad: Use the code "FRYDAY" to get a free order of fries with any $20 purchase through this delivery[...]

10 Big-Flavored Recipes With Teeny-Tiny Ingredient Lists

Friday  02:35,   13 july 2018

Every Tuesday, I come to work a little bit hungry and a little bit early.&nbsp;Look, testing isn’t necessarily a piece of cake, OK? Emma doesn’t accept a simple “yum!” or “it’s good!” She wants to know what you think about the texture,[...]

Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Are Finally Back Today

Thursday  23:01,   12 july 2018

<p>As of Thursday, July 12 (aka, today), Nacho Fries have returned. Like last time, though, they won't be around forever.</p>It feels like years since our heady afternoons of eating Taco Bell's nacho fries were abruptly cut short, but that [...]

How to Cut a Recipe in Half So Your Dish Turns Out Perfectly

Thursday  23:01,   12 july 2018

There will undoubtedly be times in your life when you'll come across the perfect recipe. It's exactly what you have been craving, only there's one issue: it's too large and you need to figure out how to cut a recipe in half. If[...]

You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is to Make Corn on the Cob in a Slow Cooker

Thursday  22:28,   12 july 2018

This hassle-free way to steam corn for a large group will save you tons of time this summer.Luckily, cooking corn on the cob in a slow cooker is an easy and hassle-free to make a classic summer cookout side that will feed a[...]

You Can Pick What Ree Drummond Includes in Her Next Cookbook

Thursday  21:35,   12 july 2018

To say Ree Drummond is dominating the food world right now would be a bit of an understatement. The Food Network star has built an empire on her Pioneer Woman brand, with her own hit TV show, a luxury hotel and market in her home state of Oklahoma, [...]

7 insider facts about Panera Bread that employees know and most customers don't

Thursday  21:35,   12 july 2018

Panera Bread employees know all about how things are run at the popular fast-food chain. A number of current and former employees have posted about their experiences on social media. Here are some insider facts, tips, and hacks that Panera Bread[...]

A Creamy, No-Mayo Potato Salad With a Surprise Ingredient

Thursday  20:56,   12 july 2018

A picnic without potato salad is like Thanksgiving without stuffing.&nbsp;The only problem with classic creamy potato salad is that it always includes mayo, sour cream, or some kind of dairy which isn’t something everyone at the picnic table can [...]