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The One Royal Tradition Queen Elizabeth Breaks Once a Year

Wednesday  01:40,   13 december 2017
Reader's Digest

The British monarchy is notorious for its stickler attitude when it comes to royal protocol—and Queen Elizabeth is no exception. Her Majesty is also a woman who values routine; for example, she only carries cash one day a week and eats the same[...]

Two Easy Ways to Poach an Egg

Wednesday  01:40,   13 december 2017

Poached eggs are the super stars of brunch and the heroes of salads that eat like a meal, but many a home cook is put off by the process of cooking one. If you are skittish about dropping a raw egg into simmering water, relax, it’s not as hard as[...]

Where to Get a Free Cupcake on National Cupcake Day 2017

Wednesday  01:40,   13 december 2017

Treat your sweet tooth on National Cupcake Day 2017.Whether you crave chocolate cupcakes — or vanilla cupcakes, lemon cupcakes and anything in between — be on the lookout for deals, discounts, coupons, BOGOs and birthday freebies to get your sweet[...]

Every Deal You Can Get for Wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater This Week

Wednesday  01:40,   13 december 2017
Real Simple

<p>This might be our favorite way to get free food.</p>This might be our favorite way to get free[...]

Cheetos-dusted popcorn with crunchy Cheetos is coming to a movie theater near you

Wednesday  01:37,   13 december 2017

This December, you can finally enjoy two of the world's greatest snack foods in one giant bucket.'Tis the season to be cheesin'. Cheetos cheesin', to be[...]

Small Houston Bakery Saved by Single Viral Tweet

Wednesday  01:37,   13 december 2017

<p>Old fashioned all-caps marketing really works.</p>Jackie Garza put out the straightforward plea on Twitter last week: “HEY YALL MY DAD HAS A LITTLE PANADERIA/ RESTAURANT,” she wrote, all-caps emphasis hers. “HE MAKES ALL OF THE PAN DULCE[...]

Why Do Restaurants Give You Bread?

Tuesday  17:16,   12 december 2017
The Daily Meal

What do just about all restaurants have in common?&nbsp;This question was recently posed to Quora, and commenters posited lots of different[...]

What Is Eggnog Made Out Of, Anyway?

Tuesday  00:01,   12 december 2017

Eggnog is pretty much synonymous with Christmas. What other time of year do we drink something that’s basically custard spiked with booze? Whether you love it or hate it, chances are you don’t actually have any idea what’s in eggnog. The kind you[...]

Wear An Ugly Sweater To Chipotle Next Week And Score Free Food

Monday  22:52,   11 december 2017

Put that sweater to good[...]

Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs Yogurt Lets You Get Your Cookie Fix All Year Long

Monday  20:52,   11 december 2017
Food & Wine

<p>Three cookie-inspired creations from Yoplait are hitting stores this month.</p>There are few annual traditions as beloved and delicious as Girl Scout Cookie season. But if it happens to be that time of year when the enterprising young women [...]

Lady Gaga Lines Up Wine Brand Named After Her Father’s Restaurant

Monday  20:51,   11 december 2017
Food & Wine

Let’s be clear up front: Filing paperwork to trademark a wine brand is a lot different than actually launching a wine brand. For the former, all you need is a lawyer or someone else who is good with paperwork. For the latter, you need grapes and[...]

This Is the Only McDonald’s Breakfast Dish That Uses ‘Real’ Eggs

Monday  18:37,   11 december 2017
Reader's Digest

McDonald’s made waves when it extended its breakfast hours in 2015 to include all-day McMuffins instead of cutting the morning foods off at 10:30 a.m.<br>Most of the egg dishes at McDonald’s use a 'folded egg.' It looks like a standard omelet[...]

How to Make the Holiday Roast Beloved by Meat Pros

Monday  18:35,   11 december 2017

How to Make the Holiday Roast Beloved by Meat ProsDuring the holidays, we like to pull out all the stops and cook up the flashiest, most indulgent (and delicious!) main courses. We've turned to one our favorite meat experts, Molly Stevens, for[...]

11 British Condiments that Have Stood the Test of Time (for Good Reason)

Saturday  15:20,   09 december 2017

<p>You can tell a Brit by their kitchen cupboard. Flavored vinegars may come and sun-dried tomatoes may go, but there are some abiding classics that never waver from our[...]

If You Use Boxed Cake Mix, You Can Make Kris Jenner's Famous Recipe

Saturday  01:35,   09 december 2017

Here's the[...]