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We Combined 2 Fast Foods for a Surprisingly Delicious Meal

Friday  01:00,   18 may 2018

Instantly take your ramen up a notch with these recipes.Make this ultra-cheap meal extra spicy, or drop an egg in it to bring it up to your current, more mature flavor[...]

You Need to Add Potato Chips to Your Eggs

Thursday  23:10,   17 may 2018

Potato chips are usually thought of as a lunchtime companion—a crunchy side to your sandwich or wrap—but their time has come to shine as a breakfast star. Think of them as a low-effort breakfast potato, which is the best kind of breakfast potato,[...]

How to Deep Clean Your Gas Grill, According to an Expert

Thursday  22:36,   17 may 2018

<p>Plus, why and how often you should buff it up.</p>For many of us, summer is synonymous with grilling. What isn’t always inherent in that: cleaning said grill. This decrustifying process may not be fun, but it is important, says Kevin[...]

Sour Patch Kids Once Had A Totally Different Name

Thursday  21:30,   17 may 2018

A childhood toy was the reason for the switch!Before they were Sour, these guys were sold as Mars Men. This was in the 1970s, when UFO sightings were common and space travel to Mars was in full swing. Mondelēz had yet to buy the candy company (it's[...]

Budweiser created a beer based on a 261-year-old recipe in George Washington's journal — here's the verdict (BUD)

Thursday  18:57,   17 may 2018

Budweiser has created a beer based on a recipe in George Washington's journal from the 1750s. The beer is brewed by veterans at Budweiser, with profits going to the nonprofit Folds of Honor. We tested the beer and were impressed — despite one[...]

Aldi's Award-Winning $8 Rosé Has Returned For A Limited Time

Thursday  16:16,   17 may 2018

Rosé season is officially in full force, and in honor of the year’s most exciting seasonal beverage transition, Aldi is bringing back one of its most beloved wines, Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence Rosé. About a year ago, it won a silver medal [...]

The Real Reason It’s So Cheap to Open a Chick-fil-A

Thursday  13:11,   17 may 2018

Everyone who loves the famous Chick-fil-A sauce—this is the secret ingredient that makes it so addictive, by the way—will be jumping for joy when they learn that it’s one of the cheapest fast food chains to open.&nbsp;Chick-fil-A has the eighth[...]

Cracker Barrel's New Drink Is a Southerner's Dream Come True

Thursday  02:50,   17 may 2018

<p>Did somebody say "Goo Goo Cluster?"</p>It seems like yesterday that I feel in love with Goo Goo Clusters, the iconic Southern candy As I wandered along Broadway in downtown Nashville in 2014, I couldn't think of the night's[...]

KFC celebrates Royal Wedding with romantic commemorative chicken bucket

Thursday  01:57,   17 may 2018

KFC UK is celebrating the Royal Wedding this week with the king of fast food limited editions.In case you haven't heard or have simply, mercifully blacked it out, there's a Royal Wedding happening this week. On Saturday, Suits "star" Meghan Markle[...]

This tiny gadget froths milk, scrambles eggs and whips cream in seconds

Thursday  01:05,   17 may 2018

It's made to save money on lattes, but it does a whole lot more! Many of us know that if we stop buying $5 coffees, we'll all be millionaires — or something like that — one[...]

This Free Ingredient Makes Almost Every Baked Good Better

Thursday  01:05,   17 may 2018

You've probably got some in your fridge and don't even know it.Lemon oil is the aromatic stuff that lives in the peel (or "zest") of a lemon. Ever seen a bartender twist a citrus peel above a cocktail? That's because they're trying to[...]

The One Food the Royal Family Can’t Eat While Traveling

Thursday  00:06,   17 may 2018

Picture this: It has been a long few months at work, and now it’s time to finally take a vacation. You decide to eat a delicious dinner at a restaurant to celebrate your first night out (or make one of these restaurant recipes at home) to[...]

Ripe avocados about to go bad? This super-simple hack will let you save them for future use

Thursday  00:06,   17 may 2018

All you need is an ice-cube tray.Healthy-living guru Lee Tilghman, founder of the Lee From America lifestyle platform, recently posted a video via Instagram Stories of her super-smart avocado-saving technique, and the hack only requires one tool: a[...]

The 10 Baking Questions People Ask Me Literally All the Time, Answered

Wednesday  23:12,   16 may 2018

To my friends, family, and followers: Read this before you text and/or @ me, please.People are always asking me baking questions—from strangers DMing me on Instagram, to friends I don’t otherwise talk to anymore texting me, to my own mother and[...]

What the French Know About Breakfast Pastries That Americans Don't

Wednesday  23:01,   16 may 2018

I am not anti-croissant. I like them plain, chocolate, filled with almond paste or ham and cheese with equal fervor. However, there is a misconception among many Americans that the croissant is somehow the major national breakfast pastry of France, [...]