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Hold Onto Your Fascinators, We Made a Unofficial Royal Wedding Cake Recipe

Wednesday  22:00,   16 may 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married, which seemed like a good reason to bake a lemon and elderflower cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting.We only knew a few things about the real cake, which is in the hands of Violet[...]

The 1970s British Cookbook I'll Never, Ever Let Go Of

Wednesday  21:32,   16 may 2018

<p>It's co-authored by a certain chipper, pink-lipped octogenarian we all know (and love) her as Mary Berry, former host of The Great British Bake Off.</p>There is a very old cookbook on my shelf, so old you can no longer see the title;[...]

The Best Kosher Dill Pickles You Can Buy at the Supermarket

Wednesday  21:31,   16 may 2018

We tasted 11 nationally available pickle brands to find the best kosher dill spear. Did your favorite make its way to the top?As much as we'd like to believe otherwise, not everyone has the time to make their own dill pickles. Yes, homemade spears[...]

Anthony Bourdain Can’t Quit Popeyes

Wednesday  20:45,   16 may 2018

<p>The Parts Unknown star just wants a tub of mac and cheese, please.</p>When he’s not traveling the globe eating things like jellied foie gras and pit-roasted goat on his hit CNN travel show Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain is perfectly happy[...]

The Fascinating Reason Why British Royals Save the Top of Their Wedding Cake

Wednesday  20:11,   16 may 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been shaking it up in terms of royal wedding traditions.&nbsp;Unlike American tradition where the cake top is saved (and stored in the back of the freezer) to be enjoyed on the first anniversary, the British[...]

What does the 'club' in club sandwich mean?

Wednesday  20:11,   16 may 2018

This one is still up for debate. Like many of you, I always believed that the club sandwich was created at some fancy country club somewhere, all the better for the rich people to enjoy their toasted white bread slathered with mayonnaise and piled[...]

Making a Perfectly Juicy Takeout-Worthy Burger At Home Is Easier Than You Think

Wednesday  19:51,   16 may 2018

No grill? No problem. Once you learn how easy it is to make crispy-edged burgers in a regular skillet, you may never fire up the grill again. You don’t have to wait until grilling season to enjoy a juicy take-out-worthy burger at home. In fact,[...]

Molly Yeh’s Food Network Show ‘Girl Meets Farm’ Premieres June 24

Wednesday  19:41,   16 may 2018

<p>Molly Yeh, a blogger known for creating charming cakes and cheesy casseroles out of her home on a farm in the midwest, just landed her own Food Network show, Girl Meets Farm.</p>Molly Yeh, a blogger known for creating charming cakes and[...]

8 New Grilling Techniques You Need to Know

Wednesday  19:31,   16 may 2018

After four decades of open-fire cooking, Mark Bittman knows how to win grilling season.There is nothing wrong with keeping things simple, of course, and if you want to make that the entirety of your grilling repertoire, you’ll still be happy as[...]

Where to Eat Like The Royal Family in London

Wednesday  18:57,   16 may 2018

<p>Not invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding picnic this weekend? Don’t panic — here’s the lowdown on the London restaurants and bars with a right royal pedigree, from swish hotel dining rooms to Prince Charles’s favorite neighborhood gem in[...]

What all the buttons on your Instant Pot mean

Wednesday  17:21,   16 may 2018

Just press a button and go? Not so fast!You'll notice that your Instant Pot has a Plus and Minus button in the very center. These are probably the most used keys, as you'll see below. You use the Minus button to lower cooking times and the Plus[...]

The Real Reason for the World’s Strangest Drinking Rituals

Wednesday  15:55,   16 may 2018

There's a common reason for kidnapping in Germany, toasting in England and never pouring your own drink in Japan.But every time I take a shot without the lick and suck, my drinking buddies look at me as if I've desecrated a tomb. The same goes[...]

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Bread on the Counter (and Where to Store it Instead)

Wednesday  10:56,   16 may 2018

Whether you store bread in a basket or on a fruit stand, studies show that keeping it on the counter is the last place you should be leaving your loaf.&nbsp;So you’re probably wondering how to store your bread, right? You can save[...]

Dairy Queen's Jurassic Chomp Blizzard is a giant cup of candy garnished with ice cream

Wednesday  02:30,   16 may 2018

Dairy Queen’s latest Blizzard concoction is essentially a bag of peanut butter chocolate candy you chase down with vanilla soft[...]

The Foolproof Trick for Making Perfect Poached Eggs

Wednesday  02:00,   16 may 2018

<p>Poached eggs aren’t most folks’ go-to for a casual weekday breakfast, but they could be.</p>Poaching is arguably the most difficult—or at least, the most intimidating—method of cooking a gloriously oozy-yolked[...]