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15 Easy Holiday Party Appetizers You Can Make With Just 3 Ingredients

Friday  23:11,   08 december 2017

Sometimes the best party snacks are the ones with the shortest ingredient lists.When you're hosting a big holiday party, it's best to keep things simple, especially when it comes to snacks. Party appetizers don't have to be fussy or complicated. In[...]

Where to Get a Deal on Pastries This National Pastry Day

Friday  23:10,   08 december 2017

Your guide to the best sweet treats on National Pastry Day[...]

Mashed Potatoes So Creamy That They Need No Adornment

Friday  21:36,   08 december 2017

Family members and longtime friends often take great amusement at my career of choice, as I was a remarkably picky eater in my early years. I was no run-of-the-mill fussy child; until my teens, I turned my nose up at even the most basic, revered,[...]

The Real Reason to Eat Organic Food May Have Nothing to Do With Health

Friday  21:35,   08 december 2017
Bon Appétit

Organic produce is more likely to be fresher and, therefore, taste better.The vast majority of food that’s produced, sold, and consumed around the world is not organic. In the United States, only about 4% of all food that’s sold is organic; the[...]

This Roast Chicken Recipe Is Literally Impossible to Mess Up

Friday  19:50,   08 december 2017
Bon Appétit

It's lemony, garlicky, and you'll never have to wonder whether or not it's done.If you’ve spent more than five minutes with me in the past six months you’ll know two things. 1. Chicken is my favorite food. 2. Claire Saffitz’s roast[...]

Sarah Michelle Gellar Shares Her Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

Friday  19:50,   08 december 2017
US Weekly

Sarah Michelle Gellar is ready for the holidays. Crafting gingerbread cookies is a fun activity for the Foodstirs cofounder and her children, Charlotte, 8, and Rocky, 5, whom she shares with husband Freddie Prinze Jr. Celebrity Foodies Instead of[...]

UberEats Wants to Deliver You the Perfect Hangover Cure

Friday  19:50,   08 december 2017

<p>Each component of the meal supposedly targets a part of your hangover</p>Ordering delivery in the morning can be difficult: Breakfast is often the most rushed meal of the day. But the best time to order delivery… that’s whenever you’re[...]

Chipotle Is Giving Away Free Queso To Win Back Your Love

Friday  18:51,   08 december 2017

Countless times we have tried to end it with you, and foolishly, you try to entice us with new menu options and comped[...]

A Clever Way to Keep Cookies Fresh for Days

Friday  02:45,   08 december 2017

<p>Want to know the best way to preserve them in this original, glorious, chewy state? Here’s how.</p>What you need: A Ziploc bag and a slice of bread (best if it’s just plain ol’ white but any variety will[...]

There's a bunch of hidden Easter eggs on Coca-Cola's new cans

Friday  00:45,   08 december 2017

Companies have a history of sneaking secret stuff into their logos and packaging. The new winter-themed Coca-Cola cans are the latest example. The can design features a group of polar bears. As sunkist268 noticed on Reddit, their eyes are bottle[...]

All The Holiday Fast Food Offerings Worth Looking Out For

Thursday  20:51,   07 december 2017

Christmastime is upon us once again, and so are all the tasty treats that this time of year[...]

This Is the Only U.S. State Capital Without a Single McDonald’s

Thursday  19:38,   07 december 2017
Reader's Digest

If you travel to any big city in the United States (or most other countries), it may seem like there’s a McDonald’s on every street corner.&nbsp;For the most part, yes. In 49 out of America’s 50 state capitals, there is a McDonald’s within the[...]

Iconic Asian restaurant chain P.F. Chang's is opening its first location in China as an 'American bistro'

Thursday  19:38,   07 december 2017
Tech Insider

CEO Michael Osanloo says that one day, he believes P.F. Chang's will have more locations in China than the[...]

I Ate This On Purpose: Applebee's $1 Long Island Iced Tea

Thursday  19:37,   07 december 2017

Welcome to I Ate This On Purpose, one food writer’s quest to try the viral, occasionally terrifying, often hilarious, head-scratching foods that fill our newsfeeds and capture our imaginations. No fast food mash-up is too monstrous, no[...]

The Blatantly Obvious Trick for Pan-Greasing I Just Realized

Thursday  16:23,   07 december 2017

As an avid baker, I've tried greasing my cake/cookie/candy pans in almost every way imaginable : using softened butter, baking spray, butter-then-flour, a slick of oil, parchment paper, or nothing at all. Most of these methods work just fine[...]