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'Hate it!' Ina Garten reveals the 1 ingredient she'll never use

Monday  18:51,   21 august 2017

She's served up recipes on the Food Network for 15 years and filled 10 cookbooks with even more meals, but you won't find this in any of those dishes.Ina Garten has served up recipes on the Food Network for 15 years and she's filled 10[...]

DC Bar offers specials every time Trump says, 'You're fired'

Saturday  22:50,   19 august 2017

President Trump seems to have a thing for Friday departures. President Trump seems to have a thing for Friday departures. Former press secretary Sean Spicer resigned on Friday, July 21. Former White House chief of[...]

The Baskin Robbins Logo Has Had a Hidden Symbol In It This Whole Time

Saturday  22:42,   19 august 2017
Reader's Digest

I scream! You scream! We all scream for 31 flavors of ice cream! Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins got together and merged their individual ice cream parlors to create Baskin Robbins in 1953. At the time, it was rare to offer as many flavors as[...]

Customers angry after learning Poland Spring doesn't come from a spring

Saturday  01:51,   19 august 2017

A class action lawsuit is accusing the popular bottled water brand of misleading customers about the true source of its water.When we stock up on bottled water, we may be concerned about the impact that plastic bottle is having on the[...]

The Pillsbury Bake-Off Is Coming Back With Quite A Prize Package

Saturday  00:35,   19 august 2017

The previously annual or biennial Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest will be back in October after a three-year hiatus. The company has announced a partnership with the Food Network to "modernize" the event for a new generation of home cooks and offer a[...]

Archaeological Discovery in Austria Rewrites the History of Bacon

Saturday  00:20,   19 august 2017

Our love of bacon goes way backHistorians posit that bacon as we know it first became a staple of Western diets sometime in the 1600s, but a recent archaeological discovery (just in time for Bacon Lover’s Day) in the Austrian lakeside town of[...]

Burger King Just Brought Back The BEST Side, And It's Available All Day

Saturday  00:07,   19 august 2017

Move over cheese[...]

Why You Need To Be Adding Peanut Butter To Your Burger

Friday  22:20,   18 august 2017

Talk about next[...]

Learn How Tell If Hot Sauce Is Expired Before It Becomes A 'Pantry Grenade'

Friday  22:10,   18 august 2017
Cooking Light

Even without an expiration date, there are signs your sauce has spoiled.But you’d probably never, ever expect your hot sauce to combust, would[...]

Best Coffee Makers to Take to College

Friday  21:37,   18 august 2017
Consumer Reports

Paying three bucks for a cup of coffee several times a day can blow a college student’s budget pretty quickly. Paying three bucks for a cup of coffee several times a day can blow a college student’s budget pretty quickly. Over two[...]

Trader Joe's Stores Are Hosting Parties This Weekend For Their 50th Anniversary

Friday  21:37,   18 august 2017
Real Simple

<p>Festivities will include special product tastings, giveaways, and more.</p>Can you believe it? Good ol’ Trader Joe’s, the chain of neighborhood grocery stores with high quality products at low and honest prices is turning 50. This weekend[...]

A Man Has Been Holding On to a Piece of Princess Di's Wedding Cake for 36 Years

Friday  20:11,   18 august 2017

<p>It's a journey to the past with icing.</p>Apparently, slices of the multi-tiered fruit cake, by David Avery, the head baker at the Royal Naval cooking school, were made available as keepsake souvenir that you could eat but would not[...]

We tasted new Chick-Fil-A and Taco Bell breakfast

Friday  18:47,   18 august 2017

Having nailed lunch and dinner, more fast food chains are turning their attention to breakfast. But some pancakes-and-eggs fans may be miffed over the latest concoctions. They may seem downright weird, at least according to our taste testers.Taco[...]

Why You Should Put Vinegar On Your Eggs

Friday  16:15,   18 august 2017

There are infinite ways to use vinegar in the kitchen, and while you’re probably aware of many of them—for pickles, marinades, dressings—some might surprise you.&nbsp;For his new cookbook, Acid Trip: Travels in the World of Vinegar, author[...]

Have You Tried America's Most Famous Burger Bun?

Friday  03:00,   18 august 2017
Taste of Home

You've probably eaten it hundreds of times and never noticed.&nbsp;Martin’s Famous Pasty[...]