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Americans love ordering pizza on Facebook

Wednesday  18:52,   16 august 2017
The Edge

<p>The cutthroat U.S. restaurant industry is getting increasingly aggressive about technology, enlisting Facebook Inc and Inc in their race to make it easier for customers to order and pay for their food.</p>Last month, TGI Fridays[...]

5 Ways to Celebrate National Rum Day, From Daiquiris to Donuts

Wednesday  17:55,   16 august 2017

<p>If you want an excuse to celebrate a holiday, try National Rum Day, and opt for a sophisticated drink that isn’t available at your local dive bar.</p>At Esther & Carol on the Bowery, the bar serves the Big Poppa Cocktail, made with two[...]

5 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Julia Child, America’s Most Beloved Chef

Wednesday  17:36,   16 august 2017

In an age where America’s eating habits comprised of Cheez Whiz and T.V. dinners, Child managed to make French cooking—then viewed as snooty and stuck up—seem approachable, manageable, and most of all, a fun thing to do. Here are five fascinating[...]

Whole Foods Chicken Has a Surprising Source

Wednesday  17:16,   16 august 2017

The chicken sold at your local Whole Foods might not be coming from where you’d expect.&nbsp;At first glance, Bloomberg’s findings shatter the illusion of the supermarket chain’s commitment to organic, hormone, and antibiotic free poultry, but[...]

How to Store Tomatoes Right and Maximize Your Summer Bliss

Wednesday  16:51,   16 august 2017

Right now is really the only acceptable time of the year to eat fresh tomatoes, and if you're not jamming them into your mouth with the fervor of a starved badger, you're not taking full advantage of the growing season. But it almost feels like [...]

This Is the Real Difference Between Baking Soda and Baking Powder

Wednesday  15:20,   16 august 2017
Reader's Digest

Let’s start with the nitty-gritty.&nbsp;The sole definition of baking powder gives us a clue that baking soda is one of its ingredients. In other words, baking powder is actually a combination of three dry ingredients: an acid, a base, and a[...]

Chiquita Is Live-Streaming The Solar Eclipse Because It Is All About Bananas

Wednesday  02:56,   16 august 2017
Cooking Light

The latest ploy has the company taking credit for creating an “enormous, fiery, yellow banana in the sky.” But what’s truly remarkable is the brand’s launch of, a website where Chiquita will live-stream the entire solar eclipse[...]

Chick-Fil-A's New Breakfast Menu Is Giving McDonald's A Run For Its Money

Wednesday  02:53,   16 august 2017

Spoiler: It involves a chicken nugget and tater tot bowl.First up is the brand's first foray into breakfast bowls, only they're forgoing the acai smoothie trend and going straight for what they know best: chicken, chicken, and more chicken. Rather[...]

9 Things You Should Be Buying From Brandless, The Grocery Store That Sells Everything For $3

Wednesday  02:30,   16 august 2017
Taste of Home

We compared Brandless products to other generic brands to see which ones were actually worth your[...]

If You Pay for Refills at Starbucks, You’re Wasting Your Money

Wednesday  02:30,   16 august 2017
Reader's Digest

<p>Turns out, there’s a surprising way to maximize your dollar for every cup of Joe.</p>Raise your hand if you believe that you singlehandedly keep Starbucks in business. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; this world-famous coffee roaster can put[...]

How Often Should I Replace Baking Soda and Baking Powder?

Wednesday  02:00,   16 august 2017
My Recipes

<p>When was the last time you flipped over that little canister to look at its expiration date?</p>When was the last time you flipped over that little canister of baking powder to look at its expiration date? The one on mine—August[...]

All the Times Watermelon Went Viral in the Summer of 2017

Wednesday  01:27,   16 august 2017

Not a bad season for a melon without a publicist.&nbsp;Watermelon is a summertime staple. Maybe it’s cubed, grilled or blended with vodka at your barbecue. Whatever the presentation, it’s going to be in the mix when the weather’s[...]

There's a 1,000-person waitlist to eat at Cheetos 'fine-dining' restaurant that opens Tuesday (PEP)

Wednesday  01:26,   16 august 2017
Business Insider

There are more than 1,000 people on the waiting list for Cheetos' New York City restaurant that will be open for just three nights.  The Wall Street Journal reported all 300 openings at The Spotted Cheetah were filled within six[...]

6 Easy Ways To Enjoy Grapes, From Frozen To Roasted

Wednesday  01:26,   16 august 2017
Taste of Home

There's a lot more to grapes than an obligatory spot on a fruit[...]

The Real Reason Why Airplane Food Tastes So Bad

Wednesday  00:17,   16 august 2017

Gordon Ramsay would never eat airplane food.&nbsp;Gordon Ramsay would never eat airplane[...]