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Is Starbucks Launching A New, Spooky Frappuccino?

Sunday  22:25,   15 october 2017

Well, they may not be as pretty and precious as a Unicorn Frappuccino, but let's all rejoice at the latest rumor that Starbucks will be offering Zombie Frappuccinos in celebration of Halloween. According to various photos of menus leaked by[...]

The Queen of England Eats the Least Royal Breakfast We Can Imagine (Video)

Sunday  22:25,   15 october 2017
Travel + Leisure

The Queen of England may be one of the most relatable women alive. Sure, she owns all the mute swans in the Thames River and all the whales in the English Channel, and yes, she lives inside Buckingham Palace. But she also has some[...]

Zac Posen Says These Are the Best Scrambled Eggs You'll Ever Have

Saturday  01:56,   14 october 2017
Rodale Wellness

Posen discovered the delicious recipe comes at the Hotel George V in ParisAdapted from Zac Posen's new cookbook, Cooking with Zac: Recipes From Rustic to[...]

We ate the world’s spiciest chip, cried for 45 minutes, then wrote this article about it

Friday  21:46,   13 october 2017
Popular Science

The Carolina Reaper Madness Tortilla Chip is a savory mix of not one, but two of the world’s hottest[...]

Cookie Monster Is Getting His Own Cooking Show

Friday  21:45,   13 october 2017
Food & Wine

<p>The only cooking show you'll want to watch is going to be on 'Sesame Street'.</p>It would be difficult to overstate the unsullied, undiminished, even after 48 seasons, charm of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. He is a passionate, [...]

Applebee's Bartender Says Those $1 Margaritas Are Mostly Water

Friday  21:21,   13 october 2017

*pretends to be[...]

This Is The Apple Crisp Recipe That Made Me Ditch My Mom's

Friday  20:31,   13 october 2017
Rodale's Organic Life

<p>Sorry, mom. I still love you.</p>For almost every single one of my 37 years on planet earth, I've had apple crisp on my[...]

Meghan Markle Shared Her "Ideal Food Day"

Friday  20:30,   13 october 2017
Marie Claire

"God, do I love wine."—Meghan Markle, and also us.First up, breakfast, which is "a Clean Cleanse vanilla shake blended with frozen Ontario blueberries." Like, yes, please, we'll have[...]

How to Score Free Dessert on National Dessert Day 2017

Friday  20:30,   13 october 2017

Find out where to get your sugar fix on National Dessert Day.Not only do you have the perfect excuse to dine on dessert all day, many restaurants and retailers are celebrating the occasion by offering free and cheap desserts. Calories don’t count on [...]

This Is Why Canned Broccoli Doesn't Exist

Friday  19:21,   13 october 2017
Spoon University

Take a long look at the canned food section of your grocery store. You may notice something is missing: canned broccoli. Why is that? They have everything else: corn, carrots, green beans, even creamed spinach. Yet broccoli is where canners drew the [...]

Lawsuit Claims Danny Meyer’s No-Tipping Movement Is a Plot to Overcharge Customers

Friday  19:05,   13 october 2017
Grub Street

It accuses about a dozen big-name restaurateurs of “horizontal price fixing.”The plaintiffs include several pages of quotes by Danny Meyer — the no-tipping movement’s ringleader — where he tells reporters and TV hosts that diners should expect his[...]

How to Eat Junk Food Like Microsoft Billionaire Bill Gates

Friday  18:33,   13 october 2017
The Street

For the richest man in the world, Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates sure doesn't eat like he's worth $86 billion. Gates, who isn't a stranger to the finer things in life, eschews caviar and Veuve Clicquot in favor of burgers and[...]

Alaska Fried Chicken? In the UK, Every State Is Fair Game for a KFC Knockoff

Friday  18:30,   13 october 2017
The Daily Meal

If you decide to open a fried chicken joint in the U.K., please don’t name it after a random U.S. state. Because, as a data scientist named Gwilym Lockwood recently discovered, it’s apparently been done to death. In a flurry of recent tweets,[...]

Oh deer! Arby's to roll out venison sandwiches nationwide

Friday  17:31,   13 october 2017

After a limited-edition run last year, Arby's is selling a venison sandwich at all of its 3,300 locations nationwide.Love venison but not really a fan of the[...]

Anthony Bourdains Favorite Chef's Knife

Friday  16:54,   13 october 2017
Town and Country

It also happens to be a bestseller on Amazon.The Unicorn Frappucino-hating chef has previously schooled us in the art of getting kids to try adventurous foods (his daughter was sucking down oysters at the age of three) and he's also taught us why[...]