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The Daily Dish: Hitchhiker Travels Thousands of Miles Using Only Beer as Currency

Monday  17:15,   21 november 2016
The Daily Meal

<p>Learn more about what is hot and trending in the world of food and drink.</p>Innis &[...]

Oreo Candy Bars Are Here And We Are Freaking Out!

Monday  16:36,   21 november 2016


The History Behind Why Presidents Pardon the Thanksgiving Turkey

Friday  23:50,   18 november 2016
Spoon University

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate traditions, whether they be about the food we eat or the people we gather with. At the White House, Thanksgiving traditions include a Presidential Proclamation and the historic pardoning of the Thanksgiving[...]

McDonald's is rolling out table service at all US locations ($MCD)

Friday  22:16,   18 november 2016
Tech Insider

<p>McDonald's announced on Thursday that the fast-food giant plans to roll out table service at all locations across the US.</p> Hollis[...]

This Is The Most Popular Holiday Pie On Pinterest

Friday  20:01,   18 november 2016

It's been saved over 100,000 times.You're going to want to make this no-bake triple layer pumpkin pie that has been saved more than 100,000 times on Pinterest. Created by Laureen King, the blogger behind Art and the Kitchen, this is the most[...]

The Best Mail Order Pumpkin Pies, Ranked

Friday  19:55,   18 november 2016

Believe it or not, it’s not too late to order a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. The Eater team ordered nine pumpkin pies from bakeries with national distribution to find out which mail order pumpkin pies were the best tasting and which ones arrived[...]

The Daily Dish: Grubhub CEO Tells Employees to Resign if They Agree With Trump’s Xenophobic Views, Leading to Service Boycott

Friday  18:55,   18 november 2016
The Daily Meal

<p>Learn more about what is hot and trending in the world of food and[...]

Get a Free Scoop of Ice Cream Right Now

Friday  17:55,   18 november 2016

Your smartphone is the key to a free treat at Baskin-Robbins. Find out how to get your gratis scoop.Does your sweet tooth have a crush on ice cream? You can satisfy that longing with a free scoop at Baskin-Robbins[...]

How to Host Thanksgiving for the First Time

Friday  11:06,   18 november 2016
Southern Living

1. Make a Plan Take a deep breath. Get out some paper and a pen. Figure out the following: how many people will be attending? Where will the meal be served? What is your comfort level in the kitchen–do you have go-to recipes? If so, make them a part [...]

Epicurious Essentials: Cooking How-Tos - How to Wet-Brine a Turkey

Friday  11:05,   18 november 2016

<p>Want moist and juicy Thanksgiving turkey? Try wet-brining. Chef Kelly Senyei shows you how to pull off a perfectly brined holiday turkey in a few easy[...]

The 25 Best Things to Eat in Asia Before You Die

Friday  01:05,   18 november 2016
Spoon University

Traveling the world isn't only about fun and games, it's about discovering new learning opportunities and living through novel experiences. Wherever your interests lie—whether it be in the food, the people, or the sights—Asia is one of the[...]

This Coke Bottle Takes a Selfie of You While You Drink it

Thursday  21:35,   17 november 2016
The Daily Meal

<p>Some free advertising for Coke? Don’t mind if I do.</p>The picture is then automatically uploaded to Coca-Cola Israel’s social media accounts and the user’s own Snapchat account, creating free advertising for Coke and satisfying selfie[...]

The Butterball Turkey Text Line Answers Your Most Absurd Thanksgiving Questions

Thursday  19:50,   17 november 2016

Yes, you can put edible glitter on your turkey Whether it’s your first year making Thanksgiving dinner or you’re an old pro, there are inevitably going to be some questions that arise when cooking a turkey. (After all, most of us only prepare this[...]

The Daily Dish: Swedish Chef Claims He Was Beat Up for Looking Like Donald Trump

Thursday  19:20,   17 november 2016
The Daily Meal

<p>Learn more about what is hot and trending in the world of food and drink.</p>Anders[...]

Here's what the Pilgrims' Thanksgiving pumpkin pie actually looked like

Thursday  00:36,   17 november 2016

Did you know that the pumpkin pie we eat today is nothing like the pumpkin pie that the pilgrims served back then? Watch and[...]