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The Secret To The Best Brussels Sprouts Ever

Monday  23:45,   06 november 2017

It takes less than 10 minutes.Start them in a cold[...]

Here's Where To Get Free Food For National Nachos Day [UPDATING]

Monday  21:35,   06 november 2017

<p>Nachos are potentially the greatest invention of the 20th[...]

Nestlé Acquires US Cold Brew Leader Chameleon

Monday  21:35,   06 november 2017

<p>The Austin-based coffee startup hits the big time</p>While coffee trends like Unicorn Frappucinos may come and go, it looks like cold brew is definitely here to stay. It’s a pretty standard offering at coffee outposts both big and small,[...]

What Is Instant Flour?

Monday  21:00,   06 november 2017

<p>Wondra no[...]

Paris's First Nude Restaurant Is Now Open

Monday  21:00,   06 november 2017

The Paris Naturist Association is thrilled.Per a translation from English-language outlet The Local, the new eatery is aptly named O'Naturel and is located in the City of Light's largely residential 12th arrondissement, on Rue de Gravelle. O'Naturel [...]

Trader Joe's Just Released the Perfect Holiday Drink

Monday  21:00,   06 november 2017

<p>The best part, it's dairy-free.</p>With the holiday season quickly approaching, we're eagerly anticipating this year's festivities—and, specifically, the seasonal food and drink. We can't wait to be gathered with friends, munching on[...]

Ask for These Secret Menu Items at Your Favorite Restaurants

Saturday  01:31,   04 november 2017

From Starbucks to Burger King, did you know your fast-food favorites have secret menu items? Check out our[...]

Chicken pot pie, smoked turkey and more: Oprah's Favorite (food) Things

Saturday  00:36,   04 november 2017

Need a gift for a food lover? From sweet to savory, these are Oprah's Favorite Things for people who love to eat.The holidays are just around the corner so it's time loosen up your pants and make room for those decadent seasonal[...]

What They Teach at Butterball University

Friday  23:47,   03 november 2017

<p>Starting from a kitchen in Naperville, Illinois in 1981, the Butterball Turkey Talk Hotline, has become a ubiquitous part of Thanksgiving, offering up real time help to those in desperate turkey need.</p>According to Beth Somers the most[...]

Anthony Bourdain Admits He Has Lost The War Against Pumpkin Spice

Friday  20:51,   03 november 2017

Anthony Bourdain knows that you know he has lots of opinions. He's famously (or infamously) shared his harsh, well-crafted thoughts on Yelp, airport food, and even the movie Baby Driver. The celeb chef is also vocal on more serious matters, like [...]

This Is The Secret To Panda Express' Famous Orange Chicken

Friday  20:36,   03 november 2017

And why it will ALWAYS be on Panda's menu.Former Executive Chef Andy Kao is said to have created the dish for Panda back in 1987 while opening a location in Hawaii. This week, Panda Express celebrated the 30th birthday of the menu item they call [...]

This Is the Weirdest-Best Way to Cook Short Ribs

Friday  19:38,   03 november 2017

Tired of the same old braise? This slow-roasted short ribs recipe is for you."And the rib, which Travis had taken from a cow, made he this dish, and brought it unto[...]

You'll Never Guess the Secret Behind Chick-fil-A's Sauce

Friday  19:36,   03 november 2017

Indeed, Chick-fil-A's original chicken sandwich is our beloved lunch companion. But there's an unsung hero of our Chick-fil-A experience: Chick-fil-A sauce. As a recent tweet reminded us, the zingy, yellow sauce is as craveable as our go-to [...]

The Neat, Pain-Free Way to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Friday  19:07,   03 november 2017

&nbsp;The best kitchen tips are passed along from friends, or parents, or—if you work in an office with an always-bustling test kitchen—from colleagues. And such is the case with eggs. We all learned to cook them from someone, somewhere;[...]

Gasp! Taco Bell Hints at Adding French Fries to Its Menu

Friday  19:07,   03 november 2017

Thanks to the viral ways of Twitter, Taco Bell may soon be fluent in fries. The Mexican chain is a place where fast food junkies come alive: Kit Kats can turn into quesadillas and fans can wear their pride, literally. But, in the eyes of former[...]